expired [Android] Free - PDF Converter - PDF Reader, Editor PRO @ Google Play


Usually $7.99.

PDF Convertor - PDF Reader,Editor-PRO will allow to make PDF file from images preset in your phone. It is supports most type of images like jpeg, png etc.

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    Any feedback?

    7.99 is expensive for normal price


    Any app or programe that has the same functionality as Adobe Edit… so useful v.expensive

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    Can this app see me when I take pee?

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    It doesn't really say you can edit pdf files and mainly focused on creating a PDF from an image.
    If this is the case, why wouldn't i just use the print to PDF functionality that comes with Android or of the Box?



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    malware. see above '"Allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call"…yeah…nah.


      so immediate uninstall?


        id say so. might be too late by then; i have no idea. that being said, i probably have some form of malware on my devices too. a few years ago i had a 'free flashlight' app installed that went years undetected as malware, even by google play themselves. it was a popular app, too.

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    How did that post get 100+ upvote and yet only 16 comments?
    Can't you do the same from within Dropbox?


    Crashes when converting to pdf

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    This looks really dodgy and I would counsel against using it.

    In the first place, this is not "really" worth $8. Search in the store for PDF converters and editors: you'll get screen after screen of free apps. There are a handful of paid tools, generally in the vicinity of one or two dollars. There is nothing to suggest that this app (which has only been downloaded a thousand or so times, many of them no doubt as a result of this post) is so much better than the other apps out there. The "regular" price is grossly misleading.

    Combine that with the completely unjustifiable permissions sought, and you have to consider the very strong possibility that the app has an ulterior purpose behind it.


    many of them no doubt as a result of this post

    This app has also been posted on the Pepper sites and Slickdeals.


    Wow this app is so popular! 500 ozbargain clicks

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