Free 10 Day Foxtel Now Trial (Includes Game of Thrones Season 8)


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If you still haven't got around to watching Game Of Thrones because you can't afford Foxtel, we've got some very good news. For a limited time, Foxtel is offering free, on-demand access to every single episode of the hit series. (And yes, that includes all of Season 8!)
To watch every episode of Game Of Thrones for free, simply sign up to Foxtel Now's 10-day trial. This will grant you on-demand access to all Foxtel shows, including Game Of Thrones. Because the trial lasts for ten days, you'll be able to watch the series' finale on May 20 without paying a cent.

Just make sure you cancel your subscription after the final episode airs - otherwise you will be charged $25 per month. Sadly, the free trial is only available to new Foxtel customers, but you should be able to get around this by using a different email address and credit card. Enjoy!

To those who have somehow managed to avoid the cultural phenomenon, Game Of Thrones is a HBO fantasy drama based on the novels by George R R Martin. It follows the plight of warring feudal families in a meticulously crafted world filled with betrayal, bloodshed and dark magic.

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  • +35 votes

    Free trials are not bargains

  • +63 votes

    Don't bother. Season 8 is a mess.

    • -5 votes

      It's your view. Please share your views on each season to give balance perspective for your comment

      • +56 votes

        Usually, you'd be right, and perspective on other seasons would help. That is not needed in this case. Season 8 is utter trash and the work of two half-hearted writers who simply want to wrap up the pursuit. Gone is the use of foreshadowing, welcomed is the bastardisation of a story that used to embrace character development and complex plot points. This is not an opinion, but evident throughout s08. Even on the premise of it being an opinion, it is the only acceptable opinion at this time. Do not reward shitty writers.

        Edit: I don't deny this is a deal, and still believe it is worth watching to witness the grand failure of a franchise.

        • +8 votes

          Thought I was alone in thinking this. I’m almost expecting a “and it was all a dream” waking up sequence. It’s sloppy and lazy, nothing like the earlier seasons.

        • +2 votes

          Wholeheartedly agree. It was a borefest watching the dragon spit out fire destroying and killing everything for God knows how long.
          They completely ruined the plot as well. It's like the characters suddenly forgot everything from the past 7 seasons and all of a sudden decided to become someone else.

        • +11 votes

          Personally, I don't understand why people say there hasn't been enough foreshadowing for the events of yesterday's episode. She has been foreshadowed as becoming evil since pretty much S3. Plus the event at the end of last week's episode gave her a motive to become completely unhinged.

          It was certainly not out of character for her, it's just that we didn't see a complete transformation on camera. But she's been heading to this point ever since she was planning to sail to Westeros. If it had been any more explicit about it heading here, it would have been extremely boring for me - the suddenness of how quickly she seemingly flipped was exciting to me. About as much foreshadowing as the other characters would have seen of her turning into this.

          I was expecting this to happen to some extent (taking out civilians in the Red Keep), but not to the extremity which occurred last night, which is what made me enjoy the episode.

        • +2 votes

          It had to end sometime or else it would have just died. By the time of season eight, most of the plot arcs had been tied up, the remaining cast of characters was limited, and the end was in sight. There was no way it was going to have the same feel as the previous seasons. There was really not much left to foreshadow. I loved the night-before-the-fight episode. Old friends and foes sitting around a fire, mostly. Many would have found it boring as batshit. Last night's episode was gut-wrenching. Some of the best (but hardest to watch) television I've ever seen.


          The after episode interview of D&D is so frustrating watch :'(

          Compare Red Wedding to S8E5/S8E4
          Even comparing reveal of Hodor to S8E5/S8E4

          Its sad to see such a great tv show fizzle out like this. I rather wish we never got S8…as Neil Young said, "its better to burn out than fade away".

      • +6 votes

        True GoT fans don't actually enjoy watching GoT. It's more about getting on to the forums or Reddit after each episode and complaining about it.

        • +2 votes

          ehh reddit is pretty hyped about last nights ep.

          Discussion should go both ways always. you like it give your reasons why, you don't same.

          anything else offers nothing.

          I liked how last night's ep wasnt dark, I didn't like how every character has forgotten their overall progression.

          Although I have to say worldbuilding is much easier than tying everything up.

          • +1 vote

            @abuch47: R/gameofthrones is not an accurate representation. R/freefolk is.

            The gameofthrones subs love hyping up with every possible theories and cupcakes and drawings.

            • +3 votes

              @yummycoot: yeah true but its had some good discussion either way this season and seems to be middle ground for love/loathe.

              lel from freefolk:
              "The golden company were paid a large amount of money and were completely useless at their job, this is a subtle nod to the writers of the show"
              have to get on there more

    • +1 vote

      the storyline is sacrificed when you're only given 6 episodes to wrap it up .. it's unfortunate


        Yeah but each episode has a very long runtime so they could still have done a better job. Episode five was 1hr 20mins long


          Yeah but you have to account for the half hour of long pointless panning shots in each episode, with nothing but a character's still face in them.

      • +13 votes

        D&D declined HBO's offer to do an extra season, or ten episodes in this season. It's entirely their own fault.


        I agree. Most of this season seems rushed. The immense enjoyment of seeing certain characters killed off in the past has been seriously lacking in season 8. I'm disappointed.

    • -3 votes

      Compared to seasons 1-6 sure, but who cares it's the official end to the biggest TV event since the moon landing. If you don't watch it the day it comes out, or the moment it airs, then you will miss out a lot of hype. Don't come crying to me when you watch it months from now and there's no hype left.

      • +3 votes

        why the (profanity) should we care about hype? Hype is always fleeting, no good tv show should need it to be enjoyable.


          exactly I think he means discussion from its populartity which is in part due to hype.

          When you watch old shows even the dedicated subs are poor for discussion but at the same time its easier to follow all the comments.

        • -1 vote

          without hype you may as well just watch reruns of Gunsmoke every night, that's where TV peaked


        You enjoy the hype?

        I've not found that missing an episode resulted in social exclusion in any water cooler conversations…

        That and I need to actually work when it airs lol.

      • +3 votes

        I finally finished watching breaking bad last month, one of the best pieces of TV viewing in my life.
        Did I just miss the hype train on that one?


    Thanks op! Signed up

  • +9 votes

    Why not a deal? Can you share a legal way to watch high quality episodes of GOT ( from season 1 to latest ) without paying a cent?

    • +19 votes

      Trials have always been deals at OzBargain. People just have double standards here.


        Yeah they neg deals for not adding “hidden” cost of club catch but post costco deals themselves without mentioning anything about membership.
        When too many personal attacks are posted in one deal they get ignored by mods but if you neg a deal for valid reason after that then that’s “trolling”


        People are eventually going to wish Foxtel would come back when it does inevitably fold given every network is releasing their own app and their own subscription. A la carte? You got it, but it's going to be expensive. Foxtel look-back is free while streaming services are expecting 10 dollars a month extra for the same luxury.

    • +2 votes

      Is Foxtel Now high quality? Even if it is 1080p, I have always found it subpar quality.

    • +1 vote

      If you already have a GetFlix or other DNS unblocker, you can watch GOT on a free 7-day trial of HBO via a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Video US.

      Almost the same as this deal, but with drastically better video/sound quality.

  • +13 votes

    Foxtel's service has been pretty terrible in my opinion. I've paid for it just because it's "the right thing to do" but I'm still getting my episodes through other means because Foxtel's streaming quality just isn't acceptable. If someone really wants to watch them for free I wouldn't recommend Foxtel to them.

    • +8 votes

      You pay for Foxtel but don’t use it? That’s not gonna help the problem.

      • +2 votes

        I agree it won't help, but I do it too.

        If I didn't watch WWE live, Foxtel would have got the boot long ago.

        It's sad when you can download something illegally at double the bitrate of the legal source. Also, half the drama shows I watch that Foxtel broadcast, don't broadcast in 5.1 surround either, but suprise; the illegal source has that too.

    • +5 votes

      Agreed. I signed up just for legally available GoT but it's atrocious that pirates get better service than paying customers do. Whether you love or hate them, Steam is the perfect model for reducing piracy. They made much easier (and cheaper) to buy games than pirate them and you can see the results. Most people would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for content if they get quality and ease of use in return.

      Wrote the above in my cancellation message to them as well. I don't doubt that they'll simply ignore it but one can hope.


      I had Foxtel Now for 12 months with Telstra, with three content packs. And it looked okay but I never used it, I gave the password to some friends but they never used it either. Hard to get excited about Foxtel Now, even though with their $45 three pack it was at least as good as Netflix from what I saw. I don't use Netflix either, there's nothing on there anymore.

  • +4 votes

    Thanks OP, good way to watch it, why negging?

  • +8 votes

    Free trial is not a bargain.

    Not according to those that signed up to the Kayo trial.

  • +6 votes

    To gain access to something without having to pay otherwise cost money is a bargain in my book. Thanks for posting 👍

  • +2 votes

    Thanks that’s how I have been watching GOT. Using different trial accounts. Quality was surprisingly good compared to when I used it last year.


      Same, I tried Foxtel Now two years ago and it was barely SD and stereo sound. Much better now. They still havent fixed their buffering issues though, I still get the occassional buffer.

  • +5 votes

    Just remember you can cancel straight away after signing up for free trial. You will still get your 10 days trial.

  • +3 votes

    Be aware there has been ongoing issues over the past month or so with cancelling Foxtel Now (apparently their "IT teams are heavily investigating this issue"), so you may have to go through some pain to cancel:

    • +2 votes

      I was informed by a member of the Foxtel support team that Foxtel Now is an online-only service and, hence, must be entirely managed online; there is no apparent way for a customer to speak to a person to cancel this. So good luck if there's a problem with your account and it doesn't show the cancel/deactivate link on your account settings (like mine did).
      **Ended up going up the chain of support to get them to cancel it = 30mins on the phone.


      This is when you talk to your bank and get them to reverse any charges. Just document all the times you tried to cancel and the bank will handle the rest. They will fix those issues straight away when banks are charging them reverse charge fees.

  • -2 votes

    Inspite of all the season 8 disappointment.. its still worth watching..
    And besides its not over year we still have 80 mins of unknown story…



    • +1 vote

      Unknown story, I mean Varys spent all day writing those letters telling the realm that Jon was their true king. Why anyone else in the realm would support the mad queen and her handful of surviving Unsullied and Dothraki riders I don't know, the dragon and Dani herself must need to sleep sometimes.


      Here's your unknown story:

      Dany will walk down amidst cheers of her small left over followers…she will start giving big talks about her being the queen of seven kingdoms. Camera pans to distance, shows banners of northmen, pans to the sea, banners of greyjoy, pans to another angle and banners of Dorne, camera zooms out and we see thousands of folks approaching shouting Jon's name, "King of the North!" "King of Seven Kingdoms!".

      From here you get ending A:
      Arya magically appears behind Danny and stabs her…. Drogon tries to go crazy but Jon commands him. Drogon listens to the only targarian left.

      Ending B:
      Danny gets mad, yells Drakaris, burns everyone. Majority of her followers die in dragon breath crossfire. Camera pans across vast fields of death and destruction…shows Jon dead, Tyrion dead etc…Danny slowly walks to the broken throne room….alone..touches the throne and realizes she has become exactly what she promised she wouldn't be…and there's no one left to rule over..

      credits roll.


    They done fkd it up

  • +6 votes

    This is 1080i at best, averages somewhere in the 720 range.

    The audio falls out of sync with the video often.


    Vale Varys, Master of Whispers

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