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Optus Oppo AX7 64GB/4GB Smartphone $279 @ Kmart


Office works sell these awesome phones for $369. Kmart has it for $279.

Office works will beat this by 5% taking it to $265.

Awesome deal for an unlocked phone that is better spec than an iPhone 7.
Comes with pre installed screen protector and clear case.

My 13yo wanted this phone for ages. Bought 2 yesterday so the wife got one too

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  • unlocked phone?

  • You got lucky with the Officeworks Price Beat. Kmart is selling the Optus Locked Oppo AX7, which you manage to price beat with unlocked Officeworks one.

  • Yes, but target one is locked to optus

  • Office works didnt pick that up. Either did I! Still worth trying as they might do same as my buy.

  • Is this dual sim?

    • Yes dual sim, memory card expandable to 256gb, facial recognition and good cameras too.

      • Question on memory, when we download apps onto the phone, does it take up memory on the phone or memory on the sd card?

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        • In recent versions of Android you can format the external card as part of internal storage, or choose to leave it as removable storage.

          I believe the first option would give more room for apps, but would be slightly slower, not removable, and it would possibly be encrypted, so if anything happened to the phone there would be no chance Ti get the data off it.

          There used to be other options like making a symbolic link/symlink from the internal storage to the external so a folder on the external card looked to the system as if it was a folder on the internal storage, but I think you need root privileges even if it's still around.

          • @rygle: How do you format the external card as part of internal storage?

            • @ilovefullprice: @ilovefullprice The first time you insert an SD Card it should ask you how to format it. Otherwise, you can go to Settings->Storage, select the card, then (at least on mine, which is a MotoG5SPlus running a custom ROM - MSM Extended - based on AOSP & similar to Lineage/stock) it will open a File Explorer (called "Files" on mine), then click the three dots in the top right and select "Storage Settings". Then in the settings window it gives me the options to "Format" or "Format as Internal". Either option will wipe the contents, but the second will format as if part of the internal storage.

    • pretty sure unlocked is dual sim and optus is single

  • imo i would prefer this rather than an iphone XR anyday. Better display, better battery, better RAM, better cpu, cheaper price= better product. And people still wanna throw away $1000 hahaha

    • I'm sorry are we looking at the same phone?

      Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
      Battery: 4230mAh
      RAM: 4GB
      Storage: 64GB Expandable Up to 256GB
      Size: 6.2 inches
      Resolution: HD+ (1520 by 720 pixels)

      Better battery yes, better storage options yes, RAM isn't applicable because it's iOS vs Android. Everything else is worse.

    • the processor is one of the slowest SD processors you can have. I don't personally like apple, but the XR is better than this

      • Oh so for $1000 more it's better? $50 more you can have better than this

        • Or the same or even lower you could pick up a Xiaomi Mi A1 or A2, or one from the Redmi Note line for a similar price. Which are very good devices, and comparable to an older gen iPhone.

        • We aren't talking about price. You said it has better display, better ram and better cpu. That is not true. It clearly does not

  • How to unlock your Mobile device from the Optus network:
    Have you recharged your service to a minimum / accumulated amount of $80.00?

    Yes: There is no fee to network unlock your handset
    No: How long has your service been active?
        Less than 6 months: There is an $80 fee
        More than 6 months: There is a $25 fee
    • I think the main concern with locked phones is the possible preinstalled bloatware that you cannot remove without rooting the phone.

      • What concerns me is this listing on ebay for UNLOCKING, where the seller states "Please Note : Phone doesn't work with Telstra network sim even after unlocking"

        • That’s for their $20 code. You will be paying Optus $80, so no worries :)

          • @loropy9: lol.

            No. Optus locks out the 850MHz 3G band.

            As per Optus site

            3G Network
            Band 1/2/4/8 (2100/1900/1700/900)

            4G Network
            FDD-LTE: Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/18/19/20/26/28
            TD-LTE: Bands 38/39/40/41

            Telstra voice is over 3G band 850Mhz AFAIK. (2100 was shut down in March)

  • This would be almost perfect for me but no NFC. Moto G5 Plus still rules 1.5 years on. Great value here though.

  • Oppo has developed well in recent years.

  • unlocked phone that is better spec than an iPhone 7.

    Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
    Battery: 4230mAh
    RAM: 4GB
    Storage: 64GB Expandable Up to 256GB
    Size: 6.2 inches
    Resolution: HD+ (1520 by 720 pixels)
    Rear Camera: 13MP & 2MP
    Front Camera: 16MP

    Better spec than the iPhone 7 is a gross exaggeration. This thing will most likely be quite slow, the screen is only 720p and at 6.2" that's going to be noticeable. To be fair
    though, it should have pretty decent battery life though with such a big battery and low powered processor.

    • Not the best screen but it has more pixels than an iPhone 7.

      • Eh yeah but the siD difference will make or break it. This Oppo has 270ppi, compared to 326ppi on the iPhone 7.
        And I'm an android fan so I'm not trying to defend the iPhone too much, just isn't really comparable to a budget phone such as this.

    • Yep, this phone is definitely not better than the iPhone 7. Some people might be getting it confused with the Oppo A7X which is a higher end device sold in China. I think outside Australia the AX7 is sold as the A7. The only good thing about the AX7 is the battery.

  • If only these spec phones have iOS!!!

  • The Optus one (Target, kmart etc)is definitely single sim and locked to Optus.
    Only the factory unlocked one (OW, JB) is dual sim.

    All prepaid phones from any Australian carriers are single sim. No exception.

    For the phone itself, if you use Optus, at $229.00 (Target), this is absolutely the best phone you can find with official warranty.
    What's good on it is a high capacity battery, loud speaker, better quality display at 6.2", 4GB ram.
    Processor a little bit weaker, but fair at this price.

    But if you schedule to unlock it and use it with other carriers, please be careful.
    There's still no unlocking solution for this phone from 3rd party.
    Also although Optus promise a free unlock after you recharge $80 as mentioned above, the unlock code of this model still not in Optus's database. It means you can not get code online directly even recharge $80 and could have lots hassles for code by contacting Optus directly.

    • Optus has disabled the Telstra 3G Voice frequency band (ie 3G 850MHz).
      Even if you unlock, you can't make calls on the Telstra network.
      There are a number of threads out there about this including this one on the YESCROWD (Optus) Help forum: https://yescrowd.optus.com.au/t5/Mobile/Can-t-make-or-receiv...

      which states: "prepaid devices that we sell can only support certain frequencies on the 3G network, and as Telstra uses different frequencies, this may impact your ability to make and receive calls."

  • Target in at least in parts of Victoria still has stock at $229, I got one set aside for my daughter at 7.30pm on 14 May. Just needed to ring around.

  • I can't see how this is a good deal when you can get various SDM630 and SDM636 cheaper or similar price. Heck you can get a SDM660 phone for this price, imported of course

  • I'm on Optus Postpaid Sim only plan
    If I purchase this do you think Optus will unlock it for free so I can use on their plan?