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Xiaomi 10L Small Backpack - 8 Colours $6.04 US (~ $8.47 AU) Shipped @ Banggood


Cheapest price available on this new backpack from Xiaomi. All colours are on sale too - Light Blue, Dark Red, Navy, Orange, Black, Yellow, Green and Pink. It's made from polyester fibre with water repelling fabric and has 3 compartments. Suitable for holding tablets, text books, power banks etc.

Currently selling for $9.59 US ex GST at AliExpress.

AU$ based on Banggoods exchange rate.

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  • +3

    Great little backpacks; would recommend.

    • Yes used one as a casual backpack through Vietnam recently.

  • US$5.82 with shipping insurance removed

  • +1

    15" MacBook? 😂

    • Wait until they get “Made for Mac” certificates.

  • Came out as $AU 8.47 as per title. Cheers

  • Good for kids?

    • +10

      Doubt it’d fit, they’re pretty small

  • Good for 15" laptop?

    • +1

      Doubt it'd fit, they're pretty small

  • why does it say 14.54 AUD how to make this 8 bucks

    • use the coupon code on the post

      • You have to go to the checkout page.

  • +3

    For reference, my 13"laptop fits very snug in one of these.

  • Does anyone know the expected shipping time with these items?

  • +2

    A bagpack for $8? Where can you get this in Oz? Cheap! Bought the orange colour !

  • +2

    How do they compare to the Decathlon 10L backpacks at $4.50?

  • Thanks bought two to add to my collection

  • -2

    love the size of these bags - bought 5, went overboard haha ^^;
    would make a nice mini gift for someone

  • "This coupon cannot be used on wholesale orders". Get that trying to order only one. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  • Can only be used for 1000 times. Seems expired

  • +1

    it says the coupon has been used 1000 times.

    damn, i missed out.

  • +1

    Please bring back the deal if you are listening Banggood

  • +1

    These ones from Decathlon goes for cheaper.

    • plus the $8.91 shipping…

      • If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, you can visit their stores. 365 days return policy too if you don't end up using it/don't like it.

  • Wife used one during our holiday in UK. Looks small but can fit all the necessities. Excellent value for the price.

    • How does it compare in terms of size to the mini swedish one?

  • this backpack has chinese backdoor

    • It's this cheap because Xiaomi sells all the data it collects

  • Has anyone started receiving their order?

    • Got mine today

    • Received 2 days ago

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