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Free Scoop of Ice Cream for Voting on Climate Change @ Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops


So this popped up on my facebook and you need to fill out the form to show your support for climate change and then you get an email for a free scoop which you just show at any Ben & Jerry's shop. No barcodes or anything. 350 free scoops per shop.

From the email:
A little thank you for pledging to #VoteClimate
To say thank you for pledging to #VoteClimate we have partnered with our friends at Ben & Jerry’s to give you a free scoop of ice cream from any Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop – just show this email when you order. Only 350 scoops will be given out at each Scoop Shop between Monday 13th May to Friday 17th May (both days included) so find your nearest Scoop Shop today.

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  • The Climate is our #1 issue!

    Also, let's mass import people who previously lived an extremely low environmental footprint into our very high footprint country. Let's give the whole world McMansions and SUVs!

    • Exactly. Global warmists are typically for mass immigration. Never heard them square that circle.

    • Nice, you somehow connected free ice cream with anti immigration nonsense. Impressive!

      • OP is also about climate change.

        Lovely that you couldn't deny the fact that he is right.

  • I wonder what scientific consensus will be subject to the views of political parties next. Perhaps recognising that cancer exists will be considered a "leftist" position.

    • That's some serious critical thinking you have going on…about your own strawman argument.

      • Perhaps the anti-vax movement would be a better comparison, layperson disagreement with doctors.

        You could see the right supporting anti vax movement, as Trump did until just recently.

        • If you are drawing a parallel between climate scientists and doctors, did their climate models factor in the Hungarian large scale selling of used carbon credits? How exactly do you measure precisely the carbon output of illegal logging in Indonesia and Brazil? How many scientists measured the many hundreds of thousands of hectares burnt in bushfires in Australia and Canada? Why would Russia and Canada participate to stem climate change when they are projected to profit handsomely from oilfields in the thawing permafrost? It's reasonably likely Putin is the world's richest man, just undeclared, and a major shareholder of GazProm. What's the science behind a solution when Putin stands to get even richer through global warming.

        • The anti-vaxer movement is not a right or left thing. Plenty of lefty middle class inner-city green types who like organic, natural therapies, etc, are anti-vaxers.

    • what scientific consensus will be subject to the views of political parties next

      Already, biology is a conservative position, the left are biology-deniers. Given the amount of climate change hyperbole that is divorced from the actual science - in time, as the evidence builds (rather, fails to), the left's claim of being the party of science will be completely bankrupt.

  • You guys are ridiculous, how does this have more negs than those dumb "meatless maccas burger" posts.

    • Unilever's 2018 carbon output was 61,000,000 tonnes and they think giving a scoop of icecream gives them environmental cred.

    • Climate change deniers are rabid on the internet because no-one gives em the time of day in real life.

      • Not really. Just a proponent why the polarity of the Earth reverses periodically, then you'll see how little science is involved. Maybe you can share your thoughts on it. Maybe you can explain how much CO2 is released during a significant volcanic eruption and how it is measured accurately.

  • I love coal #StartAdani . Then again… free ice cream for lying to to an ice cream company… sign me up.

  • Lefty Lunacy at its best.

  • There's plenty of evidence that science won't change the views of people who don't accept climate science for ideological reasons, but for anyone interested, a good list of common myths and responses is here: https://skepticalscience.com/

    • Drake believes in climate change. In other news, he fitted out a 767 private jumbo jet and showed it off this week.

    • And there is plenty of evidence that many people are prone to embrace end of the world scares. Just look at history. Human nature doesn't change, only the form of scare.

  • +2 votes

    I think B&j's are missing a trick here. I mean if the world got hotter, wouldn't they sell more of their cool hippy sludge?

  • This smells of bribery

  • Regardless, Ben & Jerry's is one of the worst ice cream brands in the market. Overpriced crap !!
    This sort of propaganda goes to show where they stand.

  • You sell ice cream. (profanity) off with your political bs. Major issue with retailer.

  • Oh the hypocrisy.
    If this isn't a major issue with a retailer I don't know what is.
    Pledging against climate change and receiving a product contributing to carbon emissions.

    Leaving politics out of it, I found it hilarious. Adverse effects.

  • There is no such thing as global warming or climate change. It took God billions of years to built earth so perfect that it will not cause any chaos. God knew all these first hand so He made it perfect. That still doesn’t mean we don’t look after it. But “climate change” is a total myth.

    All these “climate change” has something sinister going on behind it. First it was global warming, now they changing it to “climate change” after seeing that the world is actually getting colder. The world has been like this since the beginning and nothing happened to it. It has been like this cold and hot for thousand of years. Go with the negs!

    • You talk about climate change being a myth and then cite god as proof? Bahaha You clowns should start a comedy show, the jokes write themselves!

  • I note how it does not mention the FREE scoop on the page… it's almost like they know it's dodgy.

  • FREE SCOOP of Ice Cream from George Soros himself!!


    350.org does not disclose its donors. However, it has admitted to receiving funding from the Tides Foundation, a San Francisco-based donor-advised fund that has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to liberal groups from donors and foundations wishing to remain anonymous. [24] Groups linked to George Soros and Tom Steyer have also contributed extensively to 350.org. [25]"


  • I'd love to know how many people who believe the "experts" that we are 100% responsible for aclimate change, and that it's going to cause the end of the earth as we know it, also believed the "experts" about y2k. The end of the world was coming then as well, what a joke.

  • This deal would have a lot more negative votes but some have been revoked what a ridiculous system where negative votes are suppressed.

  • Since now liberals won, will Ben&Jerry charge me back? ahahhaha

  • Climate change cost Labor votes and Ben & Jerry's customers. WIN/WIN!

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