Samsung Galaxy Tab 10; new vs 2016 model

Hi everyone,
I need some help finding out the real world performance issues between these two Samsung tabs.

The catch one is nearly 200 dollars cheaper. Is this worth buying vs the one from Amazon. I have not bought a tablet in eight years and cant find any reference point for what will go slow and what will not.

Thank you all in advance for your help.


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    Literally the first link when you google this question:

    EDIT: This was literally the first youtube link too:

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    Just an FYI, the Samsung T580 is from 2016 and is a pretty old tablet.

    The 2019 variant which you linked to (& you can buy at a discount here) should be quite a bit faster since it has two fast cores (Cortex-A73 @ 1.8ghz) paired with 6 slower ones (Cortex-A53 @ 1.6ghz) and ships out of the box with Android 9 Pie.

    The T580 (older tab) just has 8 Cortex A53 cores, 4 clocked at a higher speed (1.6ghz) and 4 at a lower speed (1ghz). It's still okay everyday usage, but you may notice some lag when it tries to load more complex webpages. Most 3d Games also out of the question and the most recent version of Android it'll update to via OTA is Android 8 Oreo.

    The battery on the T580 is masssive though, and it'll last you a long time before needing to recharge, but I still won't recommend the T580 since it's a fairly old device that won't see future OS updates.

    There is also the 2018 version of the tab, the Tab A 10.5 with a bigger screen and running a Snapdragon 450 with 3GB of RAM, which might be better for multitasking. You can still get this for under $300 on eBay with the PHOENIX coupon code.

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    The new one is 349, or less with ebay/Samsung app offers. Yes 2gb seems tight but according to reviews wasn't a biggie. Had a look at the t510 and s5e yesterday in on. Yes the s5e is better, but for web YouTube Skype etc the a 2019 is fine. Played asphalt 9 demo without frame drops. Will be picking one up to replace our original tab a snapdragon 400!!


    Thank you all very much for the help. I couldn't get my head around all the different tablet specs and their real world translation.

    After eight years i think anything will seem like a fast upgrade.


    Bing Lee Ebay have a 20% off sale and sell the 32gb version of the new tablet for $349-20% = $279, so same price like for like. They have expandable memory as well so you can slot in a microsd card ($47 for 256GB) for files/movies etc, and 32Gb gets you an OK amount of space for applications etc.

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