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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Wi-Fi 32GB 2019 Model - $279.20 @ Samsung Education Store and EPP Store


The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch 2019 models are 35% off at the Samsung Education store and EPP.


32GB RRP: $349 Now: 279.20 SM-T510NZKDXSA
128GB RRP: $469 Now: 375.20 SM-T510NZKGXSA


32GB RRP: $499 Now: 399.20 SM-T515NZKDXSA
128GB RRP: $619 Now: 495.20 SM-T515NZKGXSA

Samsung Educaiton Store link:

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    Don't forget the 65" QLED 8K UHD TV - QA65Q900RBWXXY - $6,499.35 - Save $3,500.00 (Was $9,999.00) - perfect for those on a student budget :)

    • Back in the days when I was on a student budget, the only thing I could think of was how am I gonna afford my uni books!!

  • is it good? Im fanboy of SS phone but always hate their tablet. Apple tables are really so robust

    • Depends on what you're going to use the tablet for. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, but it's purely for web browsing, light gaming, streaming and putting movies on (it has expandable storage) and it's fine for that. If you're going to do more than that, go for the iPad.

      • 2 gb ram enough for Web and videos? Any noticeable lag

        • Not for web and videos. But you definitely notice it if you try to play a game like PUBG or Fortnite.

        • Yes it will run it 2GB, but Android is getting fatter and distinctly slows down. My 3GB tablet is slowing but ok for web and videos.

    • Bought an ipad pro 2017 on a previous deal and a galaxy tab s4 for my parents … the screen on the tab s4 is really so much better

  • this thing has 2gb of Ram for a 2019 release, id jump on it if it wasnt the case but samsung still stuck in the past

    • Yeah, that's weak. Probably fall over opening imgur. Shame, I need a tablet.

    • Yep, absolutely lame. I guess that's what we get when everyone abandons the tablet space.

      • 2GB is plenty for people who aren't gaming and can avoid multitasking too much. $279 for a tablet of this quality and with the rest of it's specs is good value any way you look at it. Don't knock it just because it doesn't suit your needs. Sure it would be nice to have 3gb just to give it a bit more head room but at this price point you won't find a nicer tablet for general web and video use. So quit complaining and spend more for a higher price bracket model if that's what you need.

  • any good pricing on tab s4>

  • Do you have price on the 42mm watch? Samsung or my education email is hopeless, i got an account but couldn't get passwords every time I tried to reaet, the email came outside the 30min windows

  • I don't know why this year's model has less RAM than the previous 10.5" model… Only real upside I can see to the 2019 version (T510) is that is runs Android 9 and has a newer processor. The previous version (T590) has a larger screen, better pixel density and more RAM.

    T510 2019 model
    T590 previous model

  • What about Samsung 43”, 50”, 55” UHD Smart TVs?

  • Tab a is $296 in the australian government store, not $279

  • Went into the Samsung store in Sydney George St today to buy this, they said that they could only do the standard 15% education discount so it was $296.65. Showed them the education website and the price but they still couldn't match it? They called the increase to a 20% discount a "price error", but it seems that Samsung has increased the % education discount across the board for its products. Asked them to show me the in-store education discount for galaxy buds and galaxy watch active and they were both the increased prices they were a couple weeks ago on education site, not the current prices.

    In the end was told to buy it from the education website and they couldn't do anything to match, so i just walked out.

    TLDR: in-store education discount is currently less then the website, in-store cannot match website prices.

    Also to OP its a 20% discount not 35%

  • I could only get this price by following the link above. When I logged into the student site and the EPP site (.gov.au email) I got the 349 price.
    32gb wifi is sold out, only 128gb version and the 4G versions left.

  • FYI this deal is not expired and they keep replenishing stock every so often. The 32gb just came back in stock.

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