Best use of Go MasterCard points?

Those who have the Go MasterCard , what's the best use of the points?

I personally get the $300 Coles Myer (they still call it that lol) gift card.

Probably not the best use as I worked out gaining $1 in gift cards is spending $127-$128.


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    I'm not familiar with the Go MasterCard rewards system, but I would say that in general, gift cards tend to be pretty poor redemption value. Generally, with rewards points, the best use would be on flights, especially longer distance flights.

    I don't do a terrible lot of international travel, but I do travel domestically very often. I tend to use my points for routes like MEL-SYD. Some people tend to view this as pretty bad value (and in general, it is), but I travel at peak periods pretty often (basically Mon-Fri trips), so flights end up being $200+ on budget carriers and $300+ on Qantas. However, it's still 8,000 points (the same price as any other flight), so basically, it works out to around ~ 3 cents per point, which is about as good as you can get.

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