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[NSW] Breville BES878BSS The Barista Pro $679.20 | BES870 $559.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


Barista-quality performance with a new intuitive interface that provides all the information you need to create caf quality coffee at home. The built-in grinder delivers the right amount of ground coffee on demand, for full flavour. With a 3 second heat up time and precise espresso extraction, you go from bean to cup, faster than ever before.

Original PBLEE 20% off Selected Items at Bing Lee on eBay Deal Post

Note: Items may appear to be sold out if you are not in a state / city that Bing Lee doesn't ship to

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  • I've got the BES870 It makes great coffee with the right beans. However I'd get the Pro at this fantastic price.

  • Damn 3 second heat up time is crazy

    • I think I read that as transition time between group head and steam wand. I find it hard to believe compared to my old dual boiler which was 1-2mins until ready-to-extract.

      Happy to be corrected as I was looking to down size to this when I got rid of my dual boiler but stopped researching when I decided to go Italian instead.

  • It would be wise for Bing Lee to offer delivery to other states. At these prices I'd be happy to pay a higher delivery fee for the Pro to Adelaide.

  • I can't see the Breville BES878BSS The Barista Pro at all on Bing Lee ebay

    • think they block certain states

    • I saw it until I logged in to ebay. You can change the postcode to 2000 or similar at the top right corner of the search results next to where it says "Guaranteed 3-day delivery".

  • that a pretty good deal! Just bought my BES878 barista pro 1 month ago and loved it. I had several coffee machine previously including sunbeam em7100 and BES920 dual boiler, this wins both of them in terms of speed. This is the only one among these 3 that cant steam and brew at same time but I dont find that troublesome at all because the startup time is just so short. I am able to turn it on, grind, brew, pour milk and then steam it without waiting in between steps. Both sunbeam em7100 and BES920 will take some time to warm up before its ready to go. The quality of coffee is still good enough for general use for a mildly picky coffee snob like myself. One small complaint is that I need to dial grinder down to 1 to get good pour (on supermarket beans like Aldi’s Lazzia Peru), and I havent found a way to adjust it yet. I expect a good quality beans would do just fine.

  • Whats the main difference between the 870 and 878? Worth the extra $120? I thought the 870 was meant to be pretty good already?

    • I didnt own a 870 before, but based on what Ive read, here are the differences:
      1. 878 is newer, i believed it came out on March, and 870 came out years ago.
      2. Faster starting up and steaming on 878
      3. Volume based extraction instead of time based, means more consistent in your espresso pull and less affected by grind and bean freshness.
      Just by point 2 and 3 I’d say its definitely worth the $120

      • Thanks for the differences. Where did you hear about the Volume based extraction? I tried googling for further info on that specific to the bes878 but couldn't find it.

  • I bought the one with the touch screen, Barista Touch for about $1075with the shopback and an ebay code stacking.

    No one has mentioned that you also get a bunch of free beans for buying from a participating dealer: https://promotions.breville.com.au/2019-coffee-beans

    My beans should arrive any day, in the meantime I have used Aldi beans, first time buying real beans, the Peru was good, now onto Brazil which isn't as good. We dial it down to about 5 to get a good extraction.

    I don't know what I'm doing, but now I have very, very good coffee every morning. The milk frother is the best. Can't go back to pods.

  • Worth to update from sunbeam em7000?

    • Same question both are thermo block, is it worth using Phoenix15 and get the Breville 920 dual boiler for $850?

      • In same boat

        • Don’t have EM7000 to compare with, but I have EM7100 at my gf’s place. Volume extraction is equally good. But startup time is way way faster. It’s almost like there’s no warming required on BES878. Only downside is cant brew and steam same time, but it’s not big fuss with minimal start up.

          Had BES920 previously, still have slow startup time, but the brew and steam quality definitely above them all. Get this if you are a fussy drinker. Also with seperate grinder, you can go around to shop for a ceramic flat burr grinder to up your game. Breville’s conical burr is just an entry by all means.

  • I used to have one of these but sold it when we moved house. Since then I decided to join the True Ozbargainers and went with the pour-over option from Daiso. $3 for the coffee dripper and a bag if 50 filters from your local Daiso. You can add frothed milk but I haven't looked back since converting to straight pour over. Combined with the red bags of coffee from Aldi and this is an extremely cost effective semi-coffee-snob option.

  • Just put a new pump in my 860 for $50, that I bought cheap when the 870 came out, hoping for another 7 years of great coffees in the morning. Fingers crossed.

    • Where did you get a pump from? And how did you know you needed a one one. my 860 has started to make some interesting noises

      • The common problem is that the plastic bead in the top end of the pump gets smaller over time. the symptom was the pump would make a high pitched rattling noise instead of the deep pump noise, I only got it installed 2 days ago and soo happy since I had almost written off the machine. (also stuff can get caught in the top of the pump which you can clean out and use same pump)

        I bought https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Coffee-Machine-Pump-for-BREVILLE...

        Note it needs to be the 230V one, there are lower and 120V ones around but they are different colours.

        It is 230V so take care :) unplug it

        I couldn't find a specific video but it seems most coffee machines are the same inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an_pZ27tNqk

        Worth watching a couple of videos before attempting and take a photo of the wires before start pulling apart, I remembered the wiring colours but I got lost with the plumbing the first time I pulled what apart before I knew it was going on.

        Take care the the bottom silicon pipe, I accidently put a cut in mine but fortunately when I put it back together the replacement zip tie covered it and it doesn't seem to be leaking.

        You need 2 small zip ties :)

        Good Luck!

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    Just as a side note to some of the comments about Aldi/supermarkets beans. If your using those then your missing out entirely on the taste and beauty of freshly roasted beans.

    Ozbargain has has some great offers on fresh beans like Manna Beans and Two Cracks Coffee. I was with Manna for years but switched to Two Cracks last year and 1 kg of single origin coffee arrives on my doorstep freshly roasted each month for $35.
    If your enjoying supermarket coffee then your in for a huge enjoyable surprise when you start using fresh beans instead of stale shelf beans from those stores.(which explains having to crank your grind(grinder) back to 1's or 2's. It's the opposite with fresh beans)


    • Best comment I've seen on this site 👍

    • Note to self

    • So you're saying with fresh beans the grind is opposite so for example 10-12 grind?
      Making these notes for when I get my grinder

      • Closer to roast date, the more air they retain = more crema. About 2 weeks post-roast is a good balance as rule of thumb and yes, the grind doesn't need to be as find. You might find as the bean ages, you'll need to dial the grind DOWN to compensate.

        If you get into a routine of using fresh beans you'll find you'll only fluctuate a few points from coarse to fine and then back to a coarse(r) setting when replacing with fresh beans again

        My first dual boiler and smart grinder used to live anywhere between 11-7 from memory but YMMV depending on taste, shot amount, etc.

    • You’re right, I’m just being stingy haha. When I feel like being fancy I tends to go to Brisbane West End’s coffee roaster, which they do kilo roast with your favourite green beans. I would then go home and put it in freezer until time to consume.

      • Freezing beans doesnt mess up the taste at all? Never thought about freezing beans, I freeze other food,but never thought of freezing beans

        • Even though I do this I’m not entirely sure as well. It’s recommended by my local roaster, with the idea that the aromatic oil r more stable under low temp and last longer. Read about some theories that it also affect the moisture content in some way.

    • I usually buy good beans from Melbourne roasters. Recently ran out and picked up some as a stopgap from the Supermarket. 2 cups later, supermarket beans in the bin and went to the roasters. Massive difference in flavour and freshness between the two.

      Might check out that Two cracks, I'm paying 50/55 a KG these days.

  • So has anyone worked out how to do C&C for stores outside Sydney? I can change my postcode to 2000 to see BES878 stock (as per GamblorAU's comment above), then I'm even able to select a local store (Belconnen, in stock) for C&C, but as soon as I put it in my cart it says unavailable.

    Might try ringing the store later to see if they'll price match, but I'm not hopeful.

    • Found a fix. If you're in an area that is excluded from postage / delivery, but want to C&C from a local store: Change the postcode (only) in your ebay account / Addresses / Registration Address to 2161 (others may work, dunno). Then you're able to select your local store for C&C, add to cart, purchase, etc.

      • …and just to add to the above: Placed the order at 2:16, got the 'ready to pickup' email at 3:27. That's 71 minutes - well done Bing Lee.

    • postage to melbourne was $10, not sure about Sydney suburbs, but delivery might be cheaper than C&C considering the price of petrol, possible road tolls, and your time.

  • Is it possible to use a VPN for purchase and the item can shipped interstate?

  • went with the BES920, used phoenix code, $859 delivered to melbourne. Currently have an em7000, and works fine, but time to try something new and my some gets the em7000. Not the cheapest it has been, but cheapest at the moment, and back then the aussie dollar was stronger.

    tricky thing is the bundles, good guys only had the bes920 and grinder bundles, and I already have the grinder. they told me the bundles are based on how breville supply them, not TGG adding or deleting items. Maybe Bing Lee split the packs hence cheap grinders and machines. TGG said maybe breville will have BES920 without grinder as EOFY deal, but they have had no notice, and then its still what discount, they are made in china, and the aussie dollar isn't dazzling.

    • Can I ask where did you buy it from for $859 with code phoenix?

      I'm in Melbourne and bing Lee has the bes920 for $999 and with the code phoenix (10% off) it comes down to $900 (not including delivery). I'd be keen to buy it for $850

  • The bss version is out of stock but I see that there's a btr version which is black in colour. I'm not familiar with coffee machines but thinking of getting one. Does anyone know what the difference between the bss and btr version is?

    Thank you

  • I have been tempted to grab a rebuilt Oracle cheap but already have an 870 I just bought quite cheap on ebay 2nd hand… I had a look at everything in my machine and just ended up grabbing a Breville Milk Frother ($111) to 'finish' my collection.

    Not the cheapest the frother has ever been but a decent special on it is very few and far between

    I'm happy with what I've got and have already learnt alot!