Had an Accident. What to do next? Write OFF or Repairable?

Hi All,
I had an accident today. I T-Boned a guy who didnt stop on STOP sign. I did brake hard when I saw the car but still hit him.

We exchanged details. No AIR BAGS deployed.

There was a TOW truck just behind us. He towed my vehicle. He gave me the details of tow company. According to him(tow guy), my car is write off.

I have a virgin comprehensive car insurance obtained from the deal posted on ozbargain. I already made a claim with my insurance and provided all the details.

How long do insurance company normally take to inspect my car and decide if it is Repairable or Writeoff?

What are the things I must be carefull about?

HONDA HRV Purchased Feb 2018.

car pic:


Thank You


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    I ain't falling for this sh!t.

    Edit: dang

    Edit 2: always believe a tow truck driver


    No airbags deployed? At all?

    Insurance companies normally take up to a week.


      Yeah, everyone was surprised as no airbags deployed.


        I had a car hit me from behind at a roundabout once, I was front of the line, she was second, she was watching traffic on the roundabout and not me, she saw a stupidly small gap, hit accelerator but only had a few metres between me and her, and she STILL copped the airbag to the face.

        Anyway, see about a rental car while insurance works their stuff out. Do you have new-for-old on your policy?


          Yes, I do have New for Old on my policy. I have a witness and my dashcam footage to prove the guy at fault.

          Damage was pretty bad, there was leakage and so on. Lucky no injury to both drivers.

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            @4kbargain: Well if you have New for Old, pray for a write-off. Last thing you want is a heavily repaired car, now worth a lot less.

            Go to the tow yard and smack the airbag sensor with a hammer, that'll help your chances.


          Maybe airbags have a stupid sensor, so if you do something stupid they punch you in the face…

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    MS paint diagram?

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    i think ozbargain has changed to ozsmashrepairs


    Hard to tell from that picture. Since it is such a new car, they may not write it off.

    If airbags didn't deploy, the impact may not be as bad as the panel damage suggests.

    If it is only the exterior that's a bonnet, headlights, grill, bumper and probably radiator.

    It may cost $12k to repair and could actually be under the threshold to write off.

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    I feel like this is a participation award* and I feel disgusted giving it out but…

    Here's an award for having comprehensive insurance and a dashcam.

    *Not an actual award


    Unlikely to be a write off though hard to tell from one pic. The fact it's fairly new, air bags didn't deploy, and you have new for old means the repair is going to have to cost more than a new car for them to write it off. My guess is it'll be about $16k repair. You should know within a week.


      Most likely, I would have to drive the heavily repaired car then.

      I am curious of what would happen to my honda warranty. Will it be void? Can Honda say NO to any problems later on.

      Too bad, when you are not at fault and have to go through this.


        Getting into a big grey area there. It really depends on your insurer and what they allow. This is why there's more to insurance than simply going with the cheapest one you can find. Honda won't automatically void your warranty but you could still run into issues.

        eg say your insurer is one of those that insists on the cheapest repair possible and will authorise the use of non genuine or even refurbished parts. Your radiator gets replaced but it's not up to spec and the engine overheats and cracks the head. Honda is unlikely to warranty the engine because it wasn't there part or fault that led to the failure. So you'd have to argue it out with your insurer. Unlikely but not impossible scenario.

        Bottom line is know what you're paying for with your insurer and call them and discuss your concerns. Odds are it'll be fine.


    If the airbags didn’t deploy then maybe the chassis hasn’t been impacted. If the chassis is fine, then it’s just panel/cosmetic damage and easy to repair. Ie all bolt on stuff, no welding. Either way, hope for write off and a new one.

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    Yeah doesn't look like a write off to me unless the chassis is bent. Next time continue acceleration until the engine blows up to confirm write off.

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