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[PC] Epic Mega Sale - $10US off Any Game Priced $14.99US or More (Includes Sale Items) - Epic Store


Pretty big sale from the Epic Store.
There seem to be some very well priced games in there such as Borderlands 3 for $49.99US and Heavy Rain for $9.99US.

John Wick Hex Pre-Purchase; $7.99US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/johnwickhex/ho...

Ashen: $19.99US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/ashen

Shakedown Hawaii: $10.99US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/shakedown-hawa...

Beyond: Two Souls: $9.99US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/beyond-two-sou...

Oxygen Not Included: $8.74US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/oxygen-not-inc...

Metro: Exodus: $38.74US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/metro-exodus/h...

Rollercoaster Tycoon Adventures: $9.49US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rollercoaster-...

The Walking Dead (Telltale) Final Season: $9.49US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/walking-dead-s...

Subnautica Below Zero: $9.99US: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/subnautica-bel...


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  • +13 votes

    Too bad the Aussie dollar is so sh!t at the moment :\

    • Please go somewhere else for fanboism. This is a place merely to discuss the deal - nothing else.

      • I mean it's worth mentioning the prices are still in USD, which means these "deals" are at a all time terrible price for us, why is it a deal again?

        • Because some of those games are only available on the Epic store, so they cost more when not discounted…

      • I'm sorry but how is this fanboism? Epic have some extremely concerning business practices, and it is prudent to call them out on it.

        Want to support a company that can't even implement a freaking email verification step on account creation? Go for it. But don't blind yourself to facts by calling it fanboism.

      • +4 votes

        I think its fair to warn people of a company with a good deal but not a good business. I understand that this is a deal platform but legitimate warnings getting scoffed at creates a bad discussion focused just on price and not quality. I think a good deal is both good price and quality. Just focusing on price is terrible.

        • But then be fair and keep in mind that Steam had to be FORCED to implement many of the features they are now applauded for, such as the refund.
          They did not do any of it voluntarily.
          This whole discussion is really pretty stupid - for gamers (consumers) there are no adverse consequences, only possibly lower prices.
          For developers it is advantageous as they can make more money and invest in making more/better games.
          The only people losing a portion of their enormous profits are Steam.
          I think it is double-faced to single out Epic as the only company being possibly unethical. Steam is not better and neither are all the other companies people happily by products from such as Apple, IBM/Lenovo, Acer etc.
          The fact that Epic is singled out and all of Steam's very bad sides are ignored makes this fanboism, not a meaningful objection.

          • @Lysander: I literally didn't even mention steam in the original comment and you called me a fanboy.

            What's up with that then?

            • @Ghosteye: As Steam really is the only other competitor you do not need to mention it by name - it was clear what you were alluding to. People here are not stupid.
              My original comment still stands: this is deal thread, not a thread to discuss this. And even if we discuss this, one has to be fair and unfortunately that is not the case with the arguments as somehow Epic is villified and Steam is glorified, for no good objective reasons.

              • @Lysander: Where in heaven's name did 'Wtf don't support Epic please. It is a deal but :( Just don't do it' allude anything to steam?

                They are Epic's main competitor yes, but I was basically just saying EPIC BAD. That was it, it was only in later comments did Steam come up. I even promoted DRM free games more than I did Steam, please don't twist the context.

          • @Lysander: @Lysander YES steam was FORCED to implement many of the features they are applauded for including the refund system, so Why in hell's name should we go through the same BS to get those basic features implemented in the EPIC store or another store for that matter day one. Not all features of steam need to be implemented, just the basic ones: regional pricing, refund, shopping cart, search games, security and may be a wishlist. Rather than talking about how we move forward, you saying: Oh boo hoo EPIC getting a lot of flak for not having those steam features but remember the time when steam didnt have that….if you dont see it this way your a fanboy….where's the damn sense in that? Do you have proof that this enormous loss in profit due to steam will be better used for other game development and not fill the publishers pocket? Link the proof to your reply of you're going to make one. (Dont mind Indie developers doing it). But no we should completely support EPIC for their exclusivity BS, lack lustre store and Tim Sweeney's BS every time he talks on twitter because " DONT FORGET THE REVENUE SPLIT GUYS dduuudhhh" Pfft weak thinking.

            • @darkoverlord: Do you really think Gabe Newell is any better than Sweeney?
              Epic voluntarily implements features Steam refused to do until forced.
              Where is Steam's refund the difference feature? Done voluntarily by Epic.
              All those features will come to store - Steam needed years to become what it is today and yet you seem to demand Epic needs to do it faster? Why?
              Please tell me honestly: if you spent two or three years making a game and then had to choose between keeping 88% of your sales or 70% of your sales, what would you choose?
              Remember, the incremental lowering of fees by Steam was a direct result of Epic competition - how is that bad?
              Look, I understand you don't like exclusivity but did you tell people how bad Steam was or is for forcing people to use Steam to play Half Life or blast Microsoft/Sony for the exclusivity on consoles? If you were fair you would do that as there is no difference?
              All Steam needs to do is to lower their fees to 10% and remove the incentive for publishers to do exclusivity deals.
              I think if this sale is an indication of what's to come I am happy as it signals great prices.

              As someone on Reddit said:
              "I am not one of those people who get an existential crisis merely because I have to click on a different icon on my destop to play a game."

              All the hate against the Epic store is meaningless anyway - the Epic store is here to stay.

              With that goodnight and a happy weekend.

              • @Lysander: @Lysander Couple of points to note:

                "All Steam needs to do is to lower their fees to 10% and remove the incentive for publishers to do exclusivity deals"

                • This is never gonna happen both on Steam side and Epic's side. Steam is never gonna lower their fees to 10%, they been doing the 30% to indie devs and 20% to major AAA pubs for years and just because EPIC just jumped into the mix, they'd be pressured to do so. They're a business not a charity. Tim Sweeney is just a straight up con man and if u followed his tweets since the store launch he says something and does another a couple of weeks down the track for example the whole metro exodus saga not happening again and then he does a 180 and says its upto the publishers to decide and epic will support their decision (Right the publishers wont take free money and always think of the game's fan base, brings tears to my eyes). That tweet that Epic would stop the exclusivity deal if steam matches their devs split is just horseshit as Tim knows steam wont go down that path nor will he keep his side of the deal if they do so.

                Blast microsoft/sony for exclusivity on consoles?

                • Mate, are you serious? First party exclusives on those consoles are 100% funded by the platform creator so why the hell would they host their products on the competitor's platform. The few AAA exclusivity deals just content gates a part of the content for a max of 1 month so far and the community did shit on them for doing that. EPIC just offers money to a publisher/developer who have a finished product aka complete content gating for 6-12 months/ indefinitely.

                As someone on Reddit said: "I am not one of those people who get an existential crisis merely because I have to click on a different icon on my destop to play a game."

                • And as Naive as that the reddit user sounds, You seem sorely misinformed/ignorant of the situation and just going of what the epic store sympathizers lists out. It still amazes me there are people who support half baked releases whether it's a game or a store front because some other game or store front had those issues 5-6 years in the past lol. For a company that could build a battle royale mode from a base game (fortnite) in less than 6 months but cant deliver on those features I mentioned earlier at release, just makes the situation sounds more of a joke.

                I don't mind people who don't give a damn and just use the launcher blindly but advocating the EPIC store to others with baseless reasons however deserves some criticism. Personally I would be inclined to use the store had, it had those features at launch and brought proper competition via competitive prices rather than force the customer to purchase a product on their store which btw only recently got a search bar added to their store.

                Whether Epic store dissolves or stay, makes no difference to me. Its the way they are negatively impacting the PC playerbases with their policies, is what stands out as a big issue. Have a good day.

  • is the rollercoaster tycoon game good?

  • I was hoping Anno 1800 would be discounted lol.. Oh well, picking up borderlands 3

    Satisfactory $19,99

    • Borderland 3 for $19.99?
      Where do you get that?

      • I suspect they may be a victim of the account breaches earlier this year. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/your-fortnite-account-coul...

        It actually happened to a friend of mine and he just found out now. His prices were different, trying to make a purchase gave him a wrong region error message, then he checked account details and found they had clearly been tampered with.

        In case anyone else is experiencing same issue and wants to confirm; In the Epic launcher, click your username in the bottom left, click manage account, then it'll show your details.

  • Best price on "My Time at Portia" in a long time in this deal, works out at AUD$20.xx if you've been interested in it…. Best price for the last few months has been AUD$30+ and is currently AUD$40+ on just released consoles….

    Also, been playing Oxygen Not Included for 6 months now and for AUD$11 (US$8) grab it, i've spent alot of time in this game and can recommend for those that like Stardew Valley / Graveyard Keeper type games….

    • I searched for Oxygen not Included but I can't find it on the store. What the heck am I missing? Do I need a VPN? You're the second person I have said saying it was on sale but it doesn't seem to be in the store at all.

      Edit: NVM its been pulled…

  • Anyone else find the Oxygen Not Included link not working? Also getting no results when I search for it on the store.

  • Grabbed pre-order Heavy Rain and Beyond. Were my favourite games on PS3. Hopefully PC ports bring graphical goods.

  • Has anyone got World War Z? just wondering what the multiplayer is like if it even has players or not?

    • Most likely you will team up other players, if not you will have up to 3 bot teammate

  • Metro Exodus seems to be available for lesser now: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/metro-exodus/h...
    Standard Edition: 14.99 USD (4.99 USD after EPIC discount)
    Gold Edition: 24.99 USD (14.99 after EPIC discount)

    • Are you using a VPN to get those prices?

      • Not on a vpn, I browsed from a facebook advert and price was listed as reported here, did not complete the purchase though. I see an error now when trying to complete the purchase. "Please make purchase in your own country, if this is wrong for you, please contact admin for help"

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