[XB1] Battlefield 1 Revolution Inc. Battlefield 1943 $2.79 @ Cdkeys



Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition for Xbox One Includes:
Battlefield 1 Base Game
Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition Content
Battlefield 1 Hellfighther Pack
Battlefield 1943 Full Game

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    Bought and redeemed. Cheers

  • +1 vote

    Is 1943 a separate code?

    Already have BF1 and would happily throw the code up here or something. Damn cheap.


    Shows the code only for 1943 when I click the download link.

  • +1 vote

    Cheap, but already have the base game and all the dlc for free. I guess id only be getting the 1943 game - how is the online for that? People still playing?

  • +2 votes

    Does anyone know how large the total download is? I'm at 6GB and the progress bar is only filled in a few mm.. no I'm not going to measure it.


    Bloody cheap! Got myself a copy. Thanks OP.


    Thanks op


    Is it possible to buy this online now and not activate it till later? Reason i ask is i have a xbox one but still havent set it up or anything and probably wont for a while.

    • +1 vote

      Yes, you can also activate it through your web browser rather than needing to use the console.


    Cheers OP :)


    Anyone know what the standard bf1 goes for at EB? Probably never gonna touch this game again but may aswell go digital.


    Feels good. Bought a few copies for some mates and sent them the codes without telling them what it was. Don't even know if this game still have au servers


    This has single player campaign as well right? Thats the part i will probably play, Reading up on it, it seems like it does but wanted to confirm.

    • -3 votes

      It does, I hated it. Loathed it actually because it is a terrible experience as far as I'm concerned.

      Graphics are great but the AI is abysmal, and it is so bloody easy. The level is you driving a tank against humans with guns, that cannot hurt you, you can stay still, surrounded by the enemy shooting at you, leave to go have some food and do a poo, and they'll be shooting your tank. You then slowly aim at each one and fire, they wait their turn to die. The you turn a corner a turret damages you tank, you shoot it, jump out the tank, press repair, jump back in and move on to more uselss humans and gun turrets around corners.

      On another level, you are a pilot, in a plane, and one of your missions is to take out anti air craft weapons.

      I never finished it.

    • -1 vote

      The campaign is great fun, anyone complaining about it are just the multiplayer crew that were never going to enjoy it anyway because (obviously) versing AI is not the same as versing humans, which is what they want.
      Personally i get far more enjoyment playing developers carefully crafted/scripted campaigns than shooting other idiots online running/jumping around like headless chickens.


        I clearly didn't like it, I don't regularly play online multiplayer, and I never played the multiplayer aspect to this game. I sold it two days after buying it, which I got on day 1 release, and I purchased it specifically as I wanted a first person first world war game.

        The AI is worse than the AI in Half-Life released in 1998, it is for cinematic experiences only.