How much is everyone paying for comprehensive car insurance?

State your annual premium + company.
Does it include windscreen and hire car?

Just wanted to get an idea of what everyone's paying in today's market. Feel free to comment on the quality of your company, such as customer service, ease of making a claim etc.


  • $1488 - RACV

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    Uninsured drivers lurking

    • make sure you they say Hi if they bump into you :P

    • That's me. Both my vehicles are uninsured. After 20 years of paying for insurance, I can no longer justify the costs which keep rising every year.

      • what would you do if you crashed into another vehicle and their insurance company sent you a 50k bill? Just curious

        • either payment plan or username might give you a hint :P

        • what would you do if you crashed into another vehicle and their insurance company sent you a 50k bill?

          I'd be stuffed.

          Life is a game of chance. Over 20 years of driving and never been in a single car accident in my life. On that basis, I consider myself a pretty good driver and unlikely that I would cause a car crash.

          In retrospect, I wish I never got car insurance, I'd be able to buy myself a very nice brand new car with the money I've spent on it for so many years.

      • @PleasureMe I did the reverse, 15 years without insurance first now have since wife just got her license and I have a normal family car now.

  • $733 RACQ

    • Wow! Is that with windscreen and hire car?

      • Yes.

        MY2018 Elantra Elite. Male, QLD, market value.

        • How do you find the Elantra? Looked at the 2017 model a while back and it felt a little small, but Hyundai rep as a reliable maker is pretty much concrete now methinks.

          • @Jawanzar: I find it quite comfy, and I'm 175cm, 130kg, plus I hate driving with bend knees, so I have the chair back and legs out, and still find it comfy.

            Coming from a VY Commodore, I find interior space quite comparable.

            • @AdosHouse: Fair enough, I can definitely relate to driving with bent knees.

              I’m a little taller but not much so maybe that’s why I found it a bit constricting, but flat to hear that you’re enjoying the car :)

              Edit: *glad to hear.

          • @Jawanzar: I've had massive radio issues that Hyundai is unable/refuses to fix. That's with a 2016 base model.

            I'll be driving along and the radio gets more and more staticy before it randomly clears up. Some days it won't happen. Other days the radio becomes basically unusable, and then 10 mins later it's crystal clear.

            Auxiliary, bluetooth and USB all work fine. But a radio that's occasionally unusable on what was a new car isn't acceptable to me.

            I've had it serviced numerous times. First time they did a software reset, second time they pulled everything apart and found nothing, third time they ordered in an entirely new head unit which took over a month and still didn't fix it. Eventually they said it's a known issue and they've done everything they can, and that all I can do is wait and see if Hyundai fixes it.

        • Hey just bought this car last week. So far so good.

          Paying $580. Allianz. Male SA. Agreed value. No windscreen or hire

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    There are so many variables it's not really comparable.

    Excess amount, age, state, type and value of car, market value vs agreed, choice of repairer etc etc….

    The amount I pay in VIC is nearly 40% more than what I pay in SA. And I had nearly half the excess in SA on top of that.

  • $600 GIO 2016 car.

    • Incredible

      • Car is garaged, does 10-20,000ks per year, it is GIO's Platinum cover and includes new-for-old for the lifetime of the policy - not just two years like most policies. I don't think they offer the lifetime new-for-old anymore. Two named drivers 30+ M and F. It's awesome and I will not be switching any time soon. We've been with them since we purchased it. Excess is either 650 or 850, can't remember.

        We also live in the sticks and there is no crime. Before we moved from Melbourne the same car was over $1600 per year.

  • About $500 2013 Renault Megane RS265 Budget direct. No windscreen protection. By the way this post wouldn't really help anyone unless they lived in my area etc.

    • Go the frogs - Did you get the market value? (Which I find drops dramatically) or did you do agreed value + mods?

      • Yeah resale value and market value of these cars are dreadful. Hence the cheap insurance

  • $440 per year for a 2017 Honda Civic, Woolworths Insurance, stated KM.

  • $1152 bingle, 2015 car 23 year old with hire car and windscreen.
    Only used bingle for windscreen replacement, was sorted and installed same day. Love them.

  • $1200 Youi bmw 3 series 2014. Doesn’t include hire car though.

  • $2500 a year, 27 years old. All mods covered.
    2014 Toyota 86 with "high performance mods" under Famous Insurance

  • $500 odd with windscreen, woolworths

  • $2400 RACV, insured value of $50k - no windscreen or hire car.

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    $247 coles (does not include -windscreen, hire car, etc)

    originally got it with that "name your price" deal. since renewed twice.

    actually moved to a better neighbourhood just before the last renewal and the price dropped $45.

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    I'll take "Totally irrelevant and out of context replies" for $500…

    This thread isn't helpful or relevant at all. People just saying "$xxx with Wxyz" tells us nothing. There is no context to a lot of replies to use as benchmarks.

    • The enquiry is not targeted towards a specific situation. Knowing that there are numerous variables, it's a general enquiry, hence the general responses. If you need to discuss something more specific, feel free to message that user.
      It's always good to know how much people are paying for their cover in the current market.

      • Not really, depends on the vehicle, age, sedan/wagon/sports/classic, suburb you live in, is it garaged/driveway/on the street. Do you drive it to work, is it in secure parking at work, do you do 500km a year or 50,000. Are you male or female, 18 or 80? Just a price is completely irrelevant, as we can see from this thread.

    • I'll take "Totally irrelevant and out of context replies" for $500…

      For all the chocolates, "How long is a piece of string?"

  • RAA (SA) - Mitsi 2014 Outlander manual - $900 odd, with (I think) a $300 excess.

  • Agreed value ~$80k (don't say high yield investment ><). 2014 vehicle.

    $1,400pa. RACV. All options included. $600 excess.

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    RAC (WA) 2018 Corolla ZR Hybrid - Agreed value $35k - $500 excess - Postcode 6009 - Male, 40+ yo - ~10K driving p.a. - $450 (windscreen)
    RAC (WA) 2017 Tesla Model S - Agreed value $93k - $500 excess - Postcode 6009 - Male, 40+ yo - ~10K driving p.a. - $765 (windscreen)

  • $830 Comprehensive NRMA + Windscreen Cover + Hire car if not at fault. Roadside separately paid. Agreed value $12.2K insured $850 excess 15K mileage per annum.

    This jumped by $130 from last year with $2.3K drop in agreed value.. :(

  • $339 AAMI. I doubt it covers windscreen/hire car.

  • around $800 with aami comprehensive + windshield. In addition you get Suncorp app membership that gives you discounted gift cards with everyday retailers…

  • $630 RACWA 30k agreed value and protected no claims
    $400 RACWA 4k agreed value and protected no claims

  • The best deal is through a broker right now. Free hire car, excess free windscreen is very cheap and the premiums right now are as unbeatable as you can get.

    Of course the broker is working for your interests as well, not the insurers interests.

  • So now you're thinking of getting insurance after being rear-ended? What's the update with that anyway?

  • 09 Honda accord 650/year with aami
    14 bmw 3 series 1750/year youi

    Both under 30 y/o

    • you are paying insanely high for the beamer, I have the same car and pay almost half that with youi and I'm 22.

      • He could be in Blacktown and you could be in vaucluse. He could have lost his licence 3 times in the last 3 years, while you have a spotless record. He parks on the road, you in a secure garage with alarm. Perfect example of why this is a stupid thread.

      • Not sure how I could have gotten it cheaper. Budget direct refused to cover under 30s with euro car. The policy was also under my dads name with wife as secondary driver, who both have a spotless driving record.

        Under wife's name only, the quotes ranges from 2250 to 3000. Ended up with youi for 145/month with 30000 agreed value, 1000 excess.

  • RAC - WA
    17' wrx
    $885 ish

  • $930.

    Had an incident a few years ago, hence why so dear.

  • Way too f-ing much

  • Real men dont need no insurance, with all the i save from bargaining, way more than enough to pay out of my pocket yo

    • I went 15 years without insurance due to choice of car. My wife just got her license and is a bit crazy behind the wheel, so needless to say I purchased the best insurance I could buy :P

      • Not even third party?

        • nop, they didnt want to cover me for 3rd party due to driving a sports car that had a little bit of power. I was 19 at the time, response was come back when your over 25. Then when Im 25 I upgraded to a grey imported sports car then response from Shannons was come back when your over 32, only shannons & justcars dealt with grey imports. Justcars said yeah sure that will be $4000 for full comp for that twin turbo car. I said my car isn't turbo, they came naturally aspirated as well.. On hold for 10 mins, yeah your right for naturally aspirated we can do it for $1800 full comp.. I take bus/train M-F and dont go out much so I took the risk.

          • @darkage: $1800 for a full comp insurance on a "sports car" that nobody else will cover doesn't sound all that bad. What car is that, if I may ask?

            • @aussieolfaction: Damn you're game. I had a high powered import back when I was 22 and paid a fortune for 3rd party.

              Was worth it, accidentally bumped a near new BMW M3. Small indent. Couldn't prove who merged into who. Insurance covered it but was told the entire bumper was replaced at a cost of 7k+ eck!

            • @aussieolfaction: it was a Nissan z32. Grey import was the main problem. I couldn't justify $1800 at the time, I've pretty much saved the value of the whole car by not having insurance for the duration I had it. Lucky I only had 1 incident in the car where someone had scrapped my bumper. Was able to get a cash settlement from the other driver directly for that one.

          • @darkage: Damn, thought they hand out third party to anyone.

            • @apptrack: As soon as it was grey imported car, it reduced my choice to 2 insurance companies. Cant remember if I was offered 3rd party. I may or may not have been.. if I was it would have been a silly price.

      • You're not alone!

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