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[SA] Philips DreamStation Go $1,399.20, ResMed AirMini $1,680 + Bonus Travel Case @ CLM SleepCo at Adelaide Convention Centre


20% off the latest travel CPAP devices - Philips Respironics DreamStation Go and ResMed AirMini. Receive a free Philips mask with the DreamStation Go and a free travel case for the machine. Also receive a free travel case for the AirMini. On top of that, enjoy 10% off all travel CPAP accessories. Exclusive promo at the Live Life and Travel Expo at Adelaide Convention Centre only.

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  • What's the actual price at the expo?

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      DreamStation Go Fixed Pressure Machine - RRP$1,749, now $1,399.20 (and receive free mask worth $299 and free travel case worth $79)

      DreamStation Go Auto machine - RRP$2,399, now $1,919.20
      (also receive free mask worth $299 and free travel case worth $79)

      AirMini Starter Kit - RRP$2,100, now $1,680
      (and receive free travel bag worth $90)

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    Gasp. This deal nearly took my breath away

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      For the price….You’re dream’in already….

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    no price no deal

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    Sorry OP, I know you're listed as "Associated" but no way should anyone be buying CPAP machines in Australia.

    We get ripped off big time. And I'm not just talking about a few hundred bucks 'Australia tax' markup, I'm talking over double the price than buying from the US directly.

    I'll buy my filters and replacement masks here as needed, but the machines?!? No chance in hell.

    I'm not going to plug particular vendors here, but it takes a couple of minutes of Googling to very quickly see the price differences between here and there.

    Common arguments like "no local warranty" and "but the power plug is different", is completely irrational considering it'll cost you double to buy it here for such piece of mind.

    I strongly encourage anyone looking to buy a CPAP machine to by all means rent a unit from a recommended supplier upon doing your overnight tests, but don't be tempted to just sign up to the same supplier on purchase. Test different masks, different machines etc… and by all means pay for that service because its very beneficial. But when you're ready to commit to a particular unit, buy from the US. And get it in a combo with your chosen mask.

    My personal preference is the Philips Dreamstation Pro (full auto with humidifier), and my preferred mask is the Philips Dreamwear nasal pillow. It's a low profile mask that allows you to still sleep more on your cheek into the pillow, and its air tube coming out of the top of your head provides less tangling than a front of face hose position.

    Anyway… I'm not going to neg because when compared to normal AU pricing this is technically a discount. But when compared to what you can buy this unit for OS, it's still more than double and an absolute ripoff.

    • Hey do you buy your equipment in the US, in person or is there a good Web site you use?

    • Agree with you about buying from the US but the $ difference is not as big as it used to be, Canada is also good. I buy all of my accessories from o/seas as well. My prefered machine is the Resmed Airmini due to its suitability to travelling and camping. Size is great and power usage very low compared to all the other machines making it ideal for self sufficent camping also there is no need to mess around with water as it does not need any.

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      Hi UFO, it’s good to hear from you! It’s true you can get the machines at a lower price from the US online, and you are also definitely correct on the point that local warranty doesn’t cover any damages or machine issues that come up.

      On that point, if something was amiss on your machine, you are likely to have to pay for the shipping back to the US for the machine to be fixed, and it will likely be weeks you will have to do without your CPAP machine whilst they investigate the issue with your machine. Depending on whether they replace yours with a new machine or fix it to be shipped back to you, you will have gone a few weeks without a restful night. What we offer is not just peace of mind, but we ensure you have a replacement machine whilst your machine is being sent back to the manufacturer for their checks and repairs. This means you don’t have to go without your CPAP machine in the meantime.

      The other thing to consider is your CPAP machine is a medical device, for a medical condition. We provide these regular follow-ups as part of our service and keep track of our patients’ therapy, and keep our patients’ doctors updated of their therapy progress in order to ensure our patients’ health are being managed holistically alongside CPAP therapy. As a CPAP clinic, this is an advantage we have over an online store.

      It is great advice you have shared regarding trialling different machines and masks; it is definitely what we encourage to find the best fit for each individual.

      At the end of it, it comes down to the cost vs the ongoing support you can receive from your provider, so it’s something every buyer should consider in making an informed decision.

      Btw we’re glad you found the best fit for you! We wish you luck with your ongoing therapy.

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    https://www.1800cpap.com/dreamstation-auto-cpap-machine-with... only 808.00 USD (1,177.50 AU), masks 158.00 AU w/approx 43.00 AU shipping total cost = 1379.00 AU

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