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Nokia 1 $88 + Delivery or Free C&C @ Harvey Norman


This deal is not for everyone, but might be for someone who really wants to avoid looking into their smart phone all the time (like me 🙁). I recently downgraded from s9 to s5. I can see now I'm spending less time on phone. Want to buy a phone with terrible screen but still on android. This runs on android go. Will pickup mine on Monday

Edit: this is a single SIM version. So i will cancel my order and order from grey market.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • This Nokia is not a dumbphone.

  • They might be clearing this out to make way for the updated Nokia 1 Plus (with Android 9 Pie, Go edition) which has a bigger screen and a faster clocked CPU. It still only has 1GB of RAM though.

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    480 x 854
    Android 9.
    1 GB of RAM.
    2150 mAh

    I do think the 99bucks Huawei some times on special at Woolworths is better than this…

  • So instead of having phone screen time you are now just having tablet/laptop screen time?

    Or are you just ruining your eyesight looking at a terrible screen?

    You can put on things like time limits for apps, can shift it to be B&W but I'm not sure if this is the best way of cutting back screen time… Oh well I guess if it works for you?

    • Looking at a lower quality screen does nothing to eyesight.

      • Ok maybe not eyesight as such, but eye strain. I've experienced that myself with lower quality screens.


          How did you survive back in the era of CGA graphics?

          I certainly didn’t go blind staring at a low-res screen.

          • @DisabledUser77742: Where did I say you would go blind looking at a low-res screen?

            High resolution (and quality) screens are better for your eyes than low resolution screens. That's a fact.


              @pennypincher98: Can you point me to some peer-reviewed evidence on that?

              • @DisabledUser77742:

                “Increasing screen resolution so it exceeds the discriminating ability of the eye lowers the risk of strain,” Dr. Heiting said

                Very top result in Google. If you are actually after a full research article, I suggest you Google it yourself before being a troll.

                How did you survive back in the days questions are all funny to ask. The ones that survived well.. survived. The ones that didn't can't write about their experience.

    • Spending more time with family and house hold work

  • I’m tossing between an Samsung S10 and this there both Android? 🤔

    Why is Samsung so exspensive?

    • That's like saying you're trying to choose between a $15,000 Suzuki 4WD and a $150,000 Land Rover.

      • I take the Suzy as after 5 years Suzy will still usable. The land rover more faults then Elvis had hits

    • I get customers like this all the time where I work.. some of the older generations just can't wrap their head around the idea that better phones cost more.

    • Don't think it's a fair comparison here. This is way beyond the league in which the S10 is

    • I can't believe you all think this comment wasn't a joke..

  • I know what you mean, just traded my tesla for a go-cart. Enjoying life so much more now that I hate my car.

    • I heard the trade in rates for teslas are shocking, did you break even on the go-cart at least?

    • The go-cart has feature parity with the tesla in a lot of ways and several improvements

      • Both have pedals and a steering wheel
      • 4 wheels
      • a seat

      And the go-cart is easier to park, cheaper to run, costs less and is less distracting.

      Only real downside is you can't drive it on a road, which just means it's less distracting and better for the environment

  • I am going back from Samsung S5 Android to Windows phone next week when all my data transferred to windows , the lumia 950 XL just gone an major software upgrade 2019 , new battery , all apps I need is available on Windows phones, and upgraded as well , all I miss is google maps , may be I am retard but I like windows more than I do in android .

    • I also want to go back to my windows phone - but the problem for me is that whatsapp no longer works on windows phones!

      • That sucks. I miss my Lumia 640.

      • Whatsapp is not working , in my case I only use one note , viber , skype , facebook now become web base , and I do not bank on phone , sometime use as music player ( it work with blue tooth and external USB dac ( limit to PCM ) ) , screen is a lot better than S5 , and windows is still update , sometime I temp to buy better android phone , but even with S5 I still use same app as android , and now the battery getting cheaper , I bought one and it become like new phone.

  • OP next downgrade get that Alcatel $19 one from Coles/wollies you be looking less at that little screen. Oh and texting is a nightmare.. win. I use it as my backup phone on the plus side it works and battery life is good also easy fit in pocket, light and can take a drop.

  • Which deals are for everyone?

  • Just an FYI Hopper, Nokia 1 Dual SIM is 4G/2G so effectively not Dual SIM in Australia.

    • Yep, ordering one from overseas which has 4g/4g. Fingerscrossed

      • You misunderstand. I have a Dual SIM Nokia 1. It is 4G/2G Dual SIM. The microchips it uses is simply not capable of 4G/3G or 4G/4G Dual SIM.

        To put it another way the superior Nokia 3.1? 4G/2G. Nokia 8? 4G/3G Nokia 6.1? 4G/3G.

        Not a chance that there is a 4G/4G Nokia 1.

  • Ultimate downgrade - unlimited free calls, no SIM required - comes with complimentary condiments for you and a friend:
    2 x https://shop.coles.com.au/a/a-qld-fnq-cairns-westcourt/produ...
    1 x https://shop.coles.com.au/a/a-qld-fnq-cairns-westcourt/produ...

  • Amateur! I downgraded to 2 paper cups and a piece of string!


    • So advanced. I downgraded to sending smoke signals.

      Hold on. Let me order a pizza for delivery.

  • This deal is not for everyone

    Clearly, it's showing $99 for me.

  • If you want to cut down on time, why not just use "Android Digital Wellbeing" which is specifically designed for this by Google. You can then set timers for each app, as well as monitor your usage. You can limit time per app and once the limit is reached you cannot open the app. Saves you buying another phone.

    Same concept as Apple's "Screen Time".

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