Join a Combined Cover Online and Skip The 2 & 6 Month Wait on Extras & Get a $200 VISA eGift Card @ nib


As described, may be better than the Medibank one if you don't care about AMCAL Gift Card:

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    Just be careful you will most likely end up with more out of pocket costs with NIB which will make this initial bonus trivial.

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      Not if you don't usually buy PHI

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      Everyone of your 18 posts is about cua. Are you a paid troll for them?

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        Good pickup… troll account. Bye Bye danpop.


        First is toyota.

        Some more info Toyota Extra Care

        The Toyota Extra Care program can be purchased for $60 standard cover or $75 premium cover. I believe it is provided by Mondial Assistance, who do all of the manufacturer roadside programs. You need to call to purchase over the phone.
        This is what I found on the Toyota website….

        Some of the standard benefits include: (premium provides accommodation and other benefits)
        unlimited call outs;
        jump-starting and battery replacement;
        changing flat tyres;
        help with lost or locked-in keys;
        unlimited towing to a Toyota Dealer or authorised repairer;
        medical and legal advice;
        expert technical advice and diagnosis over the phone;
        transferability to the new owner if you sell your car privately.
        Hope it helps.


    Cheapest policy is about 130 for two months. Not worth it for 70 dollars

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      Worth it if you have phi with other providers already. Time to move back to Nib.


    I just changed to medibank? how long till i get the amcal card? could it be possible to get the amcal card, then switch to this one?


      You have to be in your policy holder for 65 days before you get your gift card.

      Also, for the 4 weeks free, you only get it after the 2nd month as well.


    Does anyone swap between the major providers every 3-6 months with these offers? Are there consequences with this? Other than paperwork, I don’t see major issues here but I must be missing something (within the big PHIs they all seem fairly similar, there’s definitely no one special/outstanding worth staying with)

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