Switch health insurance after 2 months?

Hi all,

Wasn’t happy with bupa, so joined in Medibank in March, it is alright, but have a molar tooth requires surgical extraction and was told the waiting period would be 1 year from March, now there is this nib offer which looks nice. Just would like to ask is it possible to switch to another health insurance after 2 months?


Edit: thanks for the reminding information, will check bupas docs. I actually don’t know much on private health insurance. Though have had it like 5 years, never use it.


  • Yes, you can switch as many times as you like. However, it seems your dental work is classified as major dental (or a pre-existing condition) - either way you will have to wait our the 12 month waiting period for major dental (or pre-existing condition).

  • Often when you switch health insurances, many insurers will Waive any waiting periods you've already served if you're switching to comparable cover

    Woild the dental surgery have been covered under your old plan?

  • What does the Transfer Certificate you got from Bupa say?

    A Transfer Certificate outlines details of your previous cover, including any waiting periods you’ve served, the type of cover you had and your claims history.