Huawei Phones to Cease Receiving Google Security & Android Updates

Huawei has been blacklisted for trade in the United States. The impact is that Google announced they will cease to provide Huawei phones with security & Android updates, and the phones will not be shipped with Google Play Services.

You might still be able to receive updates if Huawei launch their own OTA update system, but switching to that means that all your Google Play Services apps (including the play store) will likely cease to work. You could potentially side-load the play store, but it will be interesting to see if there are any certification issues with play Store access under such circumstances.


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    wow. That puts the brakes on my plans to upgrade to the P30 :(

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      Same.. was gonna get a P30 pro. Might have to rethink my choices now.

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      well, for the existing Huawei devices, Google will still provide proper support. It only impact the up coming new devices that not release to the marker yet~~

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        That's not guaranteed. Google doesn't plan to support Huawei at all.
        Sydney Morning Herald quoted: "But Google will stop providing Huawei with access, technical support and collaboration involving its proprietary apps and services going forward, the source said."

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            @hkmax721: Oh dang! That gives me a lot of hope for my P20 Pro. Thanks for the link!


            @hkmax721: Update:
            Looks like the concern is more on the Chinese ability to shut down or manipulate the infrastructure that they are building in other countries and less on spying on peoples' phones. So the US government eased the blacklisting conditions for Huawei customers. Then Huawei says, "US underestimated their abilities" I don't think this approach is business oriented. It more looks like the Chinese government show of power.
            Looks Chinese propaganda arm is working well. Security is more important than using a Huawei device but some people don't understand security.

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          Google can stop supplying Huawei, the company, with dev tools but still supply Huawei phones/users the security updates for Android.

          Especially given the latest versions of Android now do some separation of church and state hardware abstraction, I think updates will continue unless there's a Google statement explicitly stating that software updates to existing devices will cease.

          Google risks driving people to Apple if they prematurely dump support for phones people are already using just because of a minor issue of geopolitics…

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            @abb: It's not a minor issue of geopolitics…

            Google are complying with US Law after Washington placed Huawei on a list of foreign firms deemed to undermine American national security or foreign policy interests. Listed companies are barred from receiving components and software unless the trade is licensed.

            It's not a Google risk. It's an order from the administration…


              @Reubzy: You don't think Huawei was placed on that list for geopolitical reasons?

              My comment was meant as a joke in any case…

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              @Reubzy: There is NO evidence of any wrong doing by Huawei.. Thats why Germany and the UK said NO to Trump when he said to stop using Huawei for their networks.

              This is trump trying to win a trade war he started thats hurting AMERICANS! and making him look bad

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                @vid_ghost: Australia was the first country to ban Huawei and we have major ties with China.

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                  @kasp: Cause we're the American lap dog.

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                  @kasp: Here’s a thought, tin foil hat optional:
                  Affordable 5G would kill the NBN in Australia. So banning Huawei will keep the NBN competitive.
                  Perhaps it’s more than a coincidence that the push to ban Huawei started in Canberra?

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                    @RedHab: 5g is happening regardless. Wireless can't compete with wired even with our shit NBN.

                    The fact is Huawei have been doing very strange things for a company that is motivated by profits.

                    Just look at their goading of the US gov who has now slapped harsher restrictions. No company in their right mind would do that.

                    Also look at the fallout from that Huawei exec getting detained.

                    It's not like it's some crazy conspiracy that they are heavily influenced by the state.

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                @vid_ghost: and because US have no way to monitor the people using Huawei, cause they are not US company, and too many people using product from this non-US company.
                think about iPhone and Samsung user, yeah, looks secure enough, but Apple is US company, and Samsung is US funded company, and US can easily spy on it~~
                if Huawei is really that insecure, then why lots of countries, especially European countries, still trust Huawei?
                that's why US don't like Huawei at all~~ cause they have no way to get in there and get what they want~~

                all in all, just my opinion~~



                @vid_ghost: didnt ARM just announced that they wont be making cpus for Huawei aswell?


                  @sushimaster: ARM design SoC's and licence the designs to manufacturers.


                    @scubacoles: lol yes thats what i mean lol, so they wont be able to make their own cpu right?


                      @sushimaster: Correct… I guess the workaround is to sell off the Kirin division of HiSilicon to a third party like Mediatek (Chinese) or TSMC (Taiwanese), or buy chips from Samsung or Mediatek..
                      Or Start headhunting for Chip Design specialists to bring the entire design process in-house, essentially "forking" from the most recent ARM design they have a licence for al-la AMD's divergence from Intel from the K5 onwards!
                      The decision by ARM Holdings is unusual given they're a British company, nobody expected this American law to affect them.


                @vid_ghost: Where do I state in my comment whether or not it's a legitimate ban?

                I'm merely stating that it's not geopolitics for Google, they have been ordered to do so.


      it wont affect existing customers. I think only the future manufactured phone will be forced to remove those contents

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        existing phone will lose google support and YouTube and other features if you update the os in the future.

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    It don't look like the NSA wants share the backdoor with the MSS.

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      It is more like the NSA is mad, they are not getting anything from Apple and also not getting anything from Huawei and Chinese Intelligence Service!

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    Expect heavily discounted Huawei phones with no updates soon?

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      Flash it with CM and its a bargain. Don't know about the vulnerability in its chips though.

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        P30 range has a locked bootloader and currently no rom support.
        I suspect this will end up in an international court and rule in Huawei's favour. However, it'll take years and the damage to their sales will be immense…bar in China

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          International court, with Trump as president…

          This should be fun


          International court? On what ground?

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          I suspect this will end up in an international court

          Even if you could somehow make this fit the jurisdiction of the ICC (good luck) the USA is not even a party to the statute that set up the ICC.

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        Bootloader can't be unlocked anymore in Huawei phones, they stopped it last year.

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          Bootloaders can be unlocked you just have to pay around $20 to get the unlock code. Unless you know someone who owns an unlocking machine then they may be able to generate the unlock code.

          You can generate a custom build for your device on Lineage Github page. (Do this at your own risk) Wrong device flags may brick the device.
          TWRP can also be built on their Github page.

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    TRUMPY. CHINA has been given a free ride for far too long.

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      trust me: you have not seen a theme park yet!

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        I don't despise Trump for being the President of his country and prioritising his national security. But the news of Huawei being the intelligence arm of the Chinese government and spying on our personal/national secrets, including but not limited to our fellow friends of Chinese background that might have slightly different opinions is scary.

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    Daigous take note.


      The note has been sent to help improve your phone! Thanks for paying for it!

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    This is GOOD news. Now only Huawei will spy us instead of Huawei AND Google. We should be happy.


    So much for open source.

    edit: nvm, have just read the article.

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    This makes Huawei phones completely unviable now right? Massive escalation in the trade war.

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      not necessarily. The huge impact of blocking Huawei to the US market may mean this won't last long.

      If China retaliates - restrict sale of rare metals to US etc for example - then this will be over before we notice anything.


        Rare earths are not rare.

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        No not really. Restricting rare earth minerals just made it a bit more expensive to buy.
        And lodging a complaint to the WTO was a logical cheaper route to take than starting up the old mines and sourcing from other countries.

        Here's a paper detailing it all:
        [Effect of Chinese policies on rare earth supply chain resilience]

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        Your comments only shows your stupidity.
        Rare earth is everywhere but the pollution issue to product is the major concern.

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        Rare earth is not China only. China produces it because they don't count environmental costs.
        If China bans the export of rare earth, there will be a price hack, but won't last very long.


          They are the biggest manufacturer of rare earth.

          The minerals themselves are everywhere, but due to high pollution costs, mining it is banned in most countries. China became the importer of the world's pollution when everyone who banned mining it for environmental reasons were more than happy to buy it from someone else, as long as that someone else is the one doing the polluting and having to deal with its effects.

          I'm curious to see what would happen if China restricts exports of it though. I imagine it would be a game of, this will hurt me, but it will hurt you even more, aka trade war philosophy.

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      Image China Ban sale of Iphone or even produce of iphone in China, what kind of chaos that will create

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      This is not up to Trump.

      5 eyes have been banning Huawei to cripple China's influence.
      A total ban (infra + consumer device) is always on the table.

      Only Europe is still adopting Huawei's gear.

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      This isn't Trump. Hillary would have done the same.

      Huawei make competitive and innovative network hardware. They have been first to market for a few recent back bone technologies, and unlike NTT, they are willing to sell outside of their home country.

      Huawei is a problem to the US, as when they take sales they also gain control. Almost all modern hardware has remote firmware update capabilities. This is a problem for the US as on paper it allows China the ability to remotely disable foreign networks and not just the US. Huawei is also a threat to US sales and profits.

      Huawei phone's don't spy on you anymore than Apple's. The issue is presented as spying because the real issue can't be reduced to a catchphrase so easily (just look at other posts here) and for many it is conscientious.

      Trump is doing exactly what he promised. Building walls to protect US jobs.

      Of cause there is more to it than this.

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        except the US industries dependent on Huawei and China for sales, will now be at risk because they can't sell their products. One estimate had over 80% of chips manufactured in the Us were destined for Chinese manufacturers. That's a large chunk of your sales to lose overnight.

        That's not even touching on any retaliation that China may invoke.

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          Can u speak English?

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          are you 50 cent army?

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          I don't disagree with you. Currently most of the risk is from Trump's newly announced China import duty of 25%

          Many manufacturers are expanding their south east Asian operations to other countries right now for final assembly to bypass it (as far as I know Foxcon and Pegatron have already started staffing these new factories).

          If China wanted to respond, the strongest message they could send is to set strong sanctions against a certain US teleco company. That would have to get the US's attention as all this trouble seems to be coming from that companies potential loss in market share.

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        Even the Democrats agree with TRUMP on China.

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          The Huawei ban isn't about being 'hard on China'. The increase to the import tax is.

          Huawei is owned by it's Chinese employees, not their government. This ban is purely about control of nation state 'capabilities' and hardware sales.


        Yes, I have to admit what you said is correct but one thing should never be ignored. No doubt they need to protect itself, but he gave a cheating excuse to the world and it is the point. If you like to beat down someone, would you feel shame on doing this at other's back?
        Therefore, yes, what Trump has done is to protect US, at least looks so. But will you trust a nation or ppl who will do whatever to achieve its own purpose by giving up all the rules, especially the rules is called fair and built by itself? What a joke though! He might get what he wants but lose his ethics.

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      He is no labor (profanity). He is entitled to show his balls to the bitter end. In the long term anything might happen. Wait till India teams up with the Russians! Perhaps a good idea to start on Sanskrit or Russian lessons!

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      Lol orange man bad right? Trumps policy on China has been the best things he's done. The West's addiction to cheap products out of China has gone out of control and they're rampant disregard for IP and international trade laws has carried on for way too fking long. China deserves everything they're about to get.

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        If you support Trumps policy on China, then you probably shouldn't be lurking on this website, lol


        No one asks how you can get free shipping from CHINA on a $1 item. Apparently the USA and others as part of the HELP CHINA agreement from 20 years ago, subsidise shipping.

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          It is part of the Universal Postal Union arrangement, not some secret. Best you study up on it if you are going to make claims about it.


            @mskeggs: No secret, you are right. All countries classified as developing countries can do cheap postage if they want to. One of many reasons why China refuses to be re-classified.

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              @Repi: Why should China be reclassified when their GDP per capita is so low? Should India be re-classified too since they have a higher GDP than Australia?

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        Can't understand why Aussies are licking Trump's balls like Republicans in the US are. The cognitive dissonance with you people is astounding.

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    Ok at first we were all laughing at Trump, but now things aren't quite so funny anymore, I'm guessing there is more to come….

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    This mob has CIA in your phone and the other mob has the Chinese Intelligence in your phone.
    CIA killing everyone left right and center. Chinese killing their people left right and center.
    Hmmmmm which to choose…
    FK IT!
    Back to using pigeons.

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      When the Chinese start killing people other than Chinese citizens then it's an issue. At the moment, one government spying on me is no worse than another, in fact you could argue that it's better to be spied on by the company which has no jurisdiction over you.

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