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Samsung 34" UWQHD VA Monitor 3440x1440 (LS34J550WQEXXY) $499 + Shipping @ Umart


I, know it is not the best 34 inch display money can buy but i am pretty sure i haven't seen a Samsung 34 inch with 3440x1440 resolution for under $500 yet.

Samsung 34.1inch
FreeSync Ultra WQHD Monitor,
4ms GTG,
3000:1 Contrast,
21:9 Aspect,
2x HDMI,
Slim Design,

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  • Could 1 x ultrawide 34 inch replace my 27 and 24 inch dual display…..or is two monitors still superior. With the speakers etc on the desk I am a little cramped for room lol.

    • 1x 34 inch with a monitor arm mounted to the desk and you have all the space you need

    • I made this switch a few months ago and it's been mostly excellent, except that I can no longer run Xbox one one screen and PC on the other (obviously) which I used to do

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        Why not? PBP?

        • Ah. The monitor I bought doesn't have it (Alienware)

      • The model in this deal supports PBP/PIP so it would be possible to do that.

    • Two monitors are easier to control … just drag apps between screens. It takes some getting used to resizing on an ultrawide. That being said its still not all that difficult.

      • add you iPad using Duet and you have 3 monitors

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        Have you tried the hotkey - Win + left/right arrow?

        It automatically moves and adjust window size of an app to fit to left/right half of the screen.
        (FYI - Win + up/down arrow toggles between max/restore/min window size)

        Very useful for this sort of monitor.

    • Not really, 49" 5120x1440 might though.

    • I used to run two 24”. But I got an LG 34” ultrawide for simplicity’s sake. One monitor, one display cable, one stand.

      Sometimes I miss the higher resolution of the two 24”s but I’m mainly doing work in Word etc so it’s not a big deal.

      Hope this helps.

    • I use my two 24"s (portrait or landscape, one landscape is still good for videos ) to the sides of my 34".

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    75h, only 1440p and a VA panel.

    I really don't think these are a great investment.

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      What do you recommend instead for similar price range?

    • Not curved either… I was a little hesitant cos I thought curved screen would be odd, but it makes the edges so easy to see

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      I think it's already quite cheap for a VA 34 UWQHD. An IPS monitor, like U3419W, is like 2-3 times the price of this one, although the Dell one has USB-C and is curved but doesn't support VSync and is only 60hz.

    • 75hz is meh for sure wish it was at least 100hz.

      Only 1440p? It's an ultrawide.

      VA pannels are definitely some of the better pannels.

  • Trying to work out if Kogan is any better or same same? As same price.


    • Kogan model is curved. The Samsung in this deal is flat.
      From specs in link “Flat / Curved: Flat”.

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      Depends, do you want 100hz and a curved pannel or 75hz and a flat pannel?