VFF platinum suggested trips with 400k points.

So I've got virgin platinum and 400,000 points not really sure what to do with them.

Anyone got any inspiration ?

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  • How did you accumulate so many points? Any tips for a fellow point collector? I collect both VFF and QFF (though more of a QFF collector).

    Depends on where you want to go, the best route that Virgin flies is probably to US west coast, though award availability for flights to LAX is practically impossible with Virgin in business class unless you're really good at looking. In my experience, Qantas is a bit better (though not much), but because Qantas has direct flights to SFO as well, you can usually find award seats there (not as popular as LAX, it seems). You might have to settle for premium economy (which I personally think is still decent value if you're just keen on going to the US). You've also got a few destinations in Asia that might be interesting too - Singapore or Hong Kong stand out as potentially good.

    I'd say that probably the most "interesting" or unique redemption would be to Abu Dhabi with Etihad, they have probably the best first class cabin in the world. I've never flown first class personally, so I don't know if it's "worth it", but I find the pompousness and faux-luxury over business class more annoying than comfortable. I guess I just want a no-frills lie-flat seat!

    The great thing about Abu Dhabi is that you can connect with Etihad to most major destinations in Europe, which would probably be your best bet on making the most of a trip in that direction. Not much else I can think of though.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate you taking the time.

      Accumulation wise;

      • Amex platinum velocity signup bonus 120k
      • Flybuys and Velocity all the time
      • Always pay with the Amex velocity (double dip)
      • Always take advantage of points transfer promotions
      • Virgin platinum status increased earn

      I probably don't fly as much as some but I feel like it's a lot.

      I've just come back from UK via Abu Dhabi, so I guess it's Singapore or US.

      I think I get one guaranteed redemption each year with VFF platinum. So perhaps it's business class to US.

      • Virgin Plat guaranteed redemption is only in Economy only.

      • I've just come back from UK via Abu Dhabi, so I guess it's Singapore or US.

        Both are very good because Virgin partners with Singapore and Delta, so you'll be able to connect to a whole host of different places after getting your foot to the US or Singapore. Obviously the US is huge in and of itself and you could spend a lifetime exploring all of the different places you would want to go.

        Singapore is a great hub for exploring Asia. Personally I wouldn't just go to Singapore (not really enough there to fill a holiday), but you could connect to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan…etc., so you make the most of going in that direction. I do recall that there was recently a change with the redemption rates with Singapore having been significantly increased with Velocity points, so it might make this all worse value.

  • you can transfer them to me

  • Fly First Class Apartments with Etihad.

    • +1

      Used to be the best redemption by far … until EY/VA imposed a 300USD surcharge per SECTOR in First Class

      • still better than QFF lol

  • Transfer to SQ and get a F booking to wherever you like.

    • J and F can be booked with Velocity now too

      • I can never find F rewards on Velocity site. Y+/J flights are priced way above SQ saver, even after the conversion rate. What's the trick? Use SQ to search and then just call Velocity?

        • +1

          Yeah, SQ search gives you a good idea and I was successful in the 1 time I tried, but call centre's the only way to know.

          On the rates differences, it just depends on the route. Velocity charges you based on the miles on each sector so rates to SIN are good 65000 Velocity vs 62000 Krisflyer from BNE - imagine ADL is an even better deal for Velocity

          see https://thehighlife.com.au/how-to-use-velocity-points-for-am...

  • -2

    PM me

  • Still got the VFF points ?

  • If you want to use them for travel then I suggest booking Singapore airlines flights through Velocity. You can transfer to Kisflyer but you lose points due to the transfer rate. You would have enough for 2 x Business class flights to Europe.

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