Buying a pet from another state

Hi guys,

I found a seller online but is in another state for a puppy. I was going to fly there to pick up the pup but the seller said it would be cheaper and easier for him to ship it. I have gotten current photos and videos. He has said he could provide contacts for the other pups that he has sold and his daco number.

Do you think it is safe to make the purchase?

Can I get some advice from how I would make the payment so that I won't get scammed?



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    obviously a scam if you cant pick up……………
    and the seller is saying that its easier and cheaper.


      "Cheaper" for the seller if they ship it rather than you go to them sounds dodge..
      Cheaper collectively - sure

      I've had great success with a breeder called Happy Canines, they are from Dubbo, but they regularly make trips to Sydney, so as dodgy as it sounds, we met up in a Maccas carpark.

      Best if you could actually see the puppy in person, but also check if the seller has a heart for animals.. there's many horror stories where there's dodgy breeders, or really doing it unethically purely for money with no thoughts of the dogs in mind.

      They (Happy Canines) really care about their puppies!

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    Bad place to post anything regarding buying pets. You'd be met with lots of "adopt if you care about animals" response.

    In your case specifically, you're buying from someone who would sell sight unseen to someone who is willing to buy sight unseen. Sounds like a puppy mill.

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    Buying a puppy (relatively) sight unseen just sounds fraught with issues.

    It's not like it's a TV you can return or something

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    You should always meet the parents of an animal you are buying from a breeder (unless they're like really well known or something - maybe this daco number thing can tell you?), so you can make sure they're very well looked after and are healthy and have a good temperament (if they're aggressive with strangers you don't really want a puppy that could grow up like that) and meet the animal itself you so can check how healthy it is and if you really want to add it to your family.

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      What kind of dog ? Are they registered with the owners club of your state ? Nothing wrong with buying interstate however buying unsighted isn’t something I’d recommend. If they are a known breeder they’ll have a decent website and/or instagram site.

      Personally I would fly up to meet it. You should always meet the parents of the pub (at least the mother) and check out the environment the pups are living in. Also who doesn’t like a morning playing with puppies!

      Tell the breeder you’ve got a mate in the interstate city and you’ll fly up for the weekend. If they push back on that eg “oh I’m away, can’t do the entire weekend etc etc” I’d tell them to forget it.

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    There are so many dogs available why buy from interstate? Unless the breed is very specific and the breeders reputation is outstanding I would stay local.

    I'm a firm believer that dogs choose their owners. I would never buy a dog without visiting and having a play with it.

    Source: have 3 dogs

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    wait, is this buying an ipad or pet? just ship it done dusted move to the next one?


    It's not difficult if you trust the breeder but it seems you dont. They send, you pick up at Qantas freight.

    NOTE: The dog may forever hate Hi-Vis workers…

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      If I'm a hi vis worker, I'd be playing with the pup and giving it treats. The pup will love the reflective people.


    how did you find the breeder online? research your breeder, are they registered, how's their reputation, how's the puppy's lineage, are they screened for common issues related to the breed? did the breeder screen YOU as a pet owner?
    watch out for back yard breeders and puppy mills.

    technically it would be easier and cheaper to ship. but if you want to go pick it up, it should still be possible.

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    Go in person and choose your favourite. You know you want to.


    Try Jetpets for freight.

    Once jetpets confirms pick up details with the breeder, pay the remaining balance.

    Ive done this for SYD>BNE for our pup.


    Would be best to fly up, check the puppy first then organise transport.


    Standard procedure for those who want a very specific breed, especially if in smaller state (eg WA)

    Just down the dog park this morning and had this exact conversation with some guy who had done exactly this, and several other dog-park regulars chipped in with similar stories.

    Obviously take care and make sure all is above-board and confirm every detail that you can but, in itself, this is not unusual.

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    please pay the extra for express post…

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    I think its alright to buy from a breeder interstate (Only if you are after a specific breed) - Provided you have done the background search about the breeder, licenses, reputation, possible online feedback!

    We found ours online after 4 months of searching because we were after a specific breed, scoped out all her feedback, talked to her multiple times over the phone for about 4 months (we were waiting for the next litter) and drove 11 hours each way to go and get the puppy (even though she suggested she would be happy to fly him to us) because we wanted to meet the breeder, the puppies parents and the other pups in the litter.

    Awesome breeder though and our puppy is fantastic! Cant even think of getting a pup without meeting him/her!


    OP, how much was the dog?


    Looks dodge


    My friends bought a pup from Queensland and he was shipped to Melbourne. They were pretty happy with the whole process, especially how well he was shipped. Not being a pet person I feigned intrest when they were going into details, so I can't recollect much to go into exact details. But letting you know that yes, there are positive reviews.

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    We got our Golden Retriever from interstate and flew her up. But, we got her from this particular breeder that a friend of ours has had two dogs from. They have been breeding since 1975 and are on the board of NSW breeder association etc. very reputable. We received photo updates and many calls between her birth and receiving her. We had her checked by our vet upon arrival and he said she was one of the best dogs he’d ever seen in this breed in terms of health. Her hip and eye certificates were excellent too. And she came with papers and all vet certificates.


    Flew up my shih tzu from Albury to Sydney. The only issue was that she was stuck at Albury airport for a few hours.

    Besides, the average breeder is usually a middle aged woman who lives regionally. You're either up for a long drive or flight either way.