PSA: Apple Pay Now Supported by NAB and UBank

NAB is finally offering Apple Pay as a payment option leaving Westpac as the last remaining holdout of the big 4:

NAB's subsidiary UBank is also offering Apple Pay as well:

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    Cheers for the heads up.


    It’s lunchtime, and the big banks are out playing in the play ground.
    The new comers Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are getting along well with the big banks, all except for Westpac.
    Westpac sits alone under a tree, arms crossed and in silence.
    Westpac claims it refuses to play with Apple Pay for personal reasons, while pondering everyday how to beat up Apple Pay for its lunch money.

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    Once UBank has NPP looks like they might be worth switching to…


    Not a big deal for me, my Ultra account is mostly for sticking money in rather than out.