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2 Cases of Doss Blockos Pale Ale for $59 with Free Delivery from CC Liquor


Similar to recent deals from vendor.

This time the beer is relatively short-dated with best before date being August 2019.

Orders will be dispatched on Monday 27 May.

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Craft Cartel

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  • The beer is nothing special but can't complain at $30 a case.

  • thanks op! $30 a case is cheap enough to kill the liver and brain a bit more!

  • Great deal at $30 a case! thanks OP!

  • Ordered, thanks.

  • Solid deal, havent tried these, but a big fan of the Pale Lager

  • Ordered, thanks OP

  • +5 votes

    Never had it, but I'm down to buy a sampler of TWO CASES.

    • Haha. Yeah you can't go wrong when it costs 30 bucks a case. It's a bonus that it's a solid Pale Ale. Thanks for shopping with us :)

      • If you're open to feedback, it would be great to see PayPal as a payment option for new customers you retain from this deal. Cheers

  • Ordered for friend’s party on 1/06 and hope it will be delivered on time

    • Thanks for taking up this deal. Your beer will be dispatched on Monday, May 27.

      I hope we can get it to you for your friend's party. Here is our shipping info:

      For Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Metropolitan allow 7 working days. For all other locations please allow 10 working days. Really remote areas may take a few more days.


    • My last order came within 2 days. SHOULD be good.

  • does best by date matter? these would be stored for a few months

    • We like to drink our beer as fresh as possible and can only go on what the brewery recommends to us.

      This beer will definitely taste great up until the Best Before date, so we recommend cracking open these cans before August.

      In saying that, it should taste okay after the BB too but we can't guarantee it.


  • Thanks OP, purchased two to shower my liver with goodness.

  • Still working… more stock added.

  • Got some!
    Well played craft cartel! Well played

  • Not a great pale ale but 59 hmmmmmm

  • Ordered, lets hope its a good drop!

  • A pale ale nearing expiry?!

  • I've just tried ordering on two different cards and had both cards rejected - yet there is more than sufficient funds available on both of them?

  • Cheers, got mine.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP for the great deals!

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP, ordered!
    No dramas on the delivery time frame, I’ve still got 3/4 a case or 8bit to get through anyway!

  • Ordered. Thanks OP!

  • Got some, thanks OP and thanks cartel!

  • Thanks Ben, grabbed a pair. Let's see how it tastes!

  • I’ll have a try also – ordered and hope it’s a good drop

  • Ordered. Thank you so much :)

  • It won’t let me add more than a 6 pack. :(

  • Out of cases??

  • I also tried to order but could not ☹️

  • As long as it's better than Coopers Pale Ale.

  • Thanks OP ordered two cases yesterday for the work bois 🤙

    Cracking deal

  • Did not think much of the Mr Fruju at all. Hope this is better, its definitely better value.

  • I've had this beer before. It's not my favourite by a long shot. It has a very flat head and a rather odd aftertaste. Seems to have a wheat driven style (german). I like hoppy but approachable beer. Like Modus Sonic Prayer, Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA or Balter XPA/IPA. However…. at $29.50 a case it's cheaper than XXXX gold and it's certainly session-able for a BBQ.

  • Anyone get a dispatch notice?

  • Just got an email saying my order has been cancelled due to expiry dates of the beer being out of date.

    They did provide a $15 voucher + free postage. The free postage makes this compensation okay.

  • I got the cancellation too

    If it affected 110 cases and we all ordered at least 2, means there should only be at most 55 of us unfortunates but we’ll see

    I’m on a bad streak, Dan Murphy’s cancelled my kopparberg gift pack now this!

  • +2 votes

    No cancellation email or dispatch notice. Anyone have experience with these gents?

  • No email at all..

  • The company came on Ozbargain for that day only, haven’t been back online since

    Seemed like the aim here was to get new customers

    Cancelling orders and giving a $15 voucher (while good to get some compensation, but can’t get anything close to this deal with that) while keeping others in the dark isn’t really my idea of treating new customers well


      CC Liquor has been posting here since 2017. No one here has lost anything, there is no compensation required. It's just a great deal that fell through - it happens.

      • Ok I was unaware, hadn’t seen their deals before as this deal was much more popular

        As a brand new customer I was disappointed, and having had the same thing with Dan Murphys in the last few days may have impacted my reaction

  • No cancellation email for me yet.

  • +4 votes

    ** Doss Blockos Pale Ale Deal Update **

    As you will be aware, we have had to refund 10% of customers who took up the recent Doss Blockos Pale Ale deal.

    The reason for this is because our supplier sent us 110 cases that were marked ‘Best Before May’ instead of the agreed upon ‘Best Before August’.

    We will never send ‘out of date’ beer to our customers and as our supplier could not source replacement stock for us, we had to make the decision to refund the last customers to purchase the deal and provide compensation.

    Our team works hard to source strong beer deals and recently we have run successful sales with Kona Brewing and Stockade Brewing Co. In future, we will be further reinforcing to our suppliers the importance of providing ALL stock as specified.

    We hope you understand that what occurred with the Doss Blockos Pale Ale deal was out of our control. All we can do is be transparent and shout the affected customers a couple of beers on us.

    On Monday, May 27, we dispatched the Doss Blockos Pale Ale cases to the 90% of customers who took up the deal.

    If you have any concerns please email: [email protected]

    Once again I'm very sorry if we had to refund your order.


    • do you know if the supplier or you’ll sell these out of date beers? I was looking forward to a great Friday night. Now my mates and I are disappointed. We agreed that even with it expiring in May we would have loved to buy the beers of you.

  • Out of curiosity has anyone actually received their beer?

  • Just read rep comments 😖

  • Sorry to be a pest - should we have received an email about our orders being shipped?

    • I seem to have just received one, saying my order has been collected today with delivery on friday.

      (which is annoying, because I won't be driving in to work on friday)

  • Just got my tracking number and eta is 11th of june… Still worth it for the price just keen on on trying this

  • placed 2 orders (one fo myself and one for friend) and received 1 order today without any email notifications. Hope the other one is coming as well

  • Still waiting for a dispatch email.


    For those who haven't gotten any notification, maybe shoot them an email with your order number. I was going to do that at COB today, but the beer beat me to it.

    • Update: The first sip tasted like DEFQON 1 festival ~2009 in Sydney. Looks like I'll be enjoying these 2 slabs.

  • Not getting any email correspondence. Just the initial "order received". Is that normal?

    I'm almost getting thirsty.

  • Beer delivered today. Had received an email from courier yesterday (no order update from CC about shipment)

    Thanks OP & store rep!

  • Good news. I received my email yesterday as well so hopefully will receive my beer this afternoon, or tomorrow at the latest.

  • Received today…sipping on a Doss Blockos now and a very nice drop I must say.

  • Beer received yesterday, better than expected. Great session beer.


  • Beer received today, thanks Craft Cartel!

  • Also received my beer today, Thankyou!

  • I had no shipping email - but beer did arrive late last week. And definitely was worth it - this tastes fantastic. Very fruity, almost has a New England IPA thing going on for me.

  • It's nice beer, very refreshing but not a whole lot of flavour, certainly would not be paying anywhere near the normal price for it.

  • Took a little over two weeks to arrive, but has arrived today I've been informed.

  • Only 1 of two cases received. Considering payment dispute… Now did I pay via PayPal or credit card???

    • Nevermind, I'm an idiot.

      I don't want to talk about it.

      • cases are surprisingly small. I did a double take myself. haha

        • Yeah I hate when brewers do 330ml cans. It's stupid.

          Still, not complaining for the price. Definitely would not buy at full price though which is ~$68 when you adjust to 375ml cans.