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Kaspersky Total Security 2019 1 Device 1 Year $12 @ SaveOnIt


Good price for a good pruduct

Kaspersky Total Security Features:

Kaspersky Total Security delivers our highest protection for your PCs, Mac computers & Android devices.

Protects your digital life against today’s Internet threats
Delivers our ultimate protection – for PC, Mac or Android
Helps protect your privacy – from webcam spies & more
Safeguards your money when you’re online banking & shopping
Secures your identity, photos, files & other digital assets
Protects your children against online dangers
Simplifies security management – across all your devices
Delivers efficient protection – so your devices can perform

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  • Good price? What price?

  • hahaha

  • Has anyone used this before ?

    • Millions. In the early nineties, there was this chappie in the comp.virus and alt.virus newsgroups with a crazy idea lots of hackers were paying him out for, which proposed that you could get a reasonable chance of preventing "zero day" exploits by monitoring the behavior of any new code and predicting what it was trying to achieve. The term for such a strategy is " Heuristic".

      He wrote his first AV program to rid his own system of a virus, and shared it with friends. His ideas have stood the test of time, and they are usually the first to identify and counter new viruses found in the wild.

      There was an attempt last year to label his company as risky, on the basis that he was trained at the KGB school and worked for Russian military intelligence. This was based on his having trained at the KGB school and he worked for Russian military intelligence.

      He and his company have never been shown to spy on or provide their users data to the Russian\Other Government authorities, except for the purpose of counteracting genuine threats. He is respected by all in the industry.

      I know it sound like a puff piece, but I used to read his posts, and they were the ones that were clear, concise, made sense and were about addressing the threats, not building himself up. His company is still standing.
      I don't usually bother with third party AV - my data is domestic, backed up three ways, and most information I would like to keep privates is already open to Google, Facebook [ completely against my wishes and all attempts to prevent it], Microsoft and probably 7 or 8 state actors should they ever be bored enough to take a random peek, but if I was using my system commercially, or still needed to keep other's personal data safe this program would be at or near the top of the list along with Malware bytes…

      • Ah how I miss the viruses of the early 90s, when we’d write our own in computer science class and see who could cause most damage with least coding and not using format c: /y

        • To be honest, my high point was being able to change a warning to " GOOD filename" and edit MS-DOS to DR-DOS in command.com so Win 3.11 would run…

      • Because the company is based in Russia, there is a risk in the future the govt there might impose new rules on data sharing etc.

        Would be great if the company moved it’s HQ say to US/UK where govt regulation is more transparent and monitored.

        • The holding company is headquartered in the U.K., where the government monitoring and regulations are more transparent and overt.

  • nod32 is better

  • still no 2 year offerings - for multiple devices the 3 at 24 is obviously better value and remains not fully discounted.

  • Bitdefender off of ebay usa. Multi device including mobile phones for multi years.

  • Great deal, first time I've ever had to pay a surcharge for using Paypal but understand why they need to charge it.

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