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Baseus 30W USB Car Charger - 2 for $12.75, SanDisk Ultra 64GB SD - 2 for $15.77 + Delivery (Free w/eBay Plus) @ Shopping Sq eBay


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SanDisk 64GB Micro SD $15.77 for 2

SanDisk 32GB High Endurance Micro SD $22.91 for 2 OOS

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  • "This adapter will destroy your car"


    Rev up your engines!

    • This actually needs upvotes.
      There is plenty of truth to this even though the bloke sounds a bit bonkers and the title is click baity.
      Switch mode DC/DC conversion circuitry does cause EMI/RFI, and needs to be built well and filtered well to minimise it.
      Whilst most of us might have been lucky so far it's worth keeping in mind.

      BTW, this applies to ALL switchmode supplies, not just these USB adaptors.

      Not blaming this specific product.
      Can happen with anything, but chances increase with sloppy and cheap manufacture, and decrease with products that have legit approvals like FCC, CE, UL etc…

      ::edit:: Addressing the title specifically, it is extremely unlikely to cause permanent damage to your car.
      If you get a bad one the usual worst case is weird stuff happening with the cars electronics.

      • +3 votes

        He waffles on way too much. Is there a tl;dw?

        • tl;dw
          Ciggie lighter chargers contain switch mode circuitry, prone to causing interference.
          Good design and quality parts suppresses the interference.
          Not all of these are of a good design or made of quality parts.
          The do radiate RFI and EMF, some more than others, 'may' cause interference with systems, unlikely to damage car.

          • @virtual81: Oh, thanks!
            I'd be surprised if the low amount of RFI and EMF from a charger would "destroy" a car. A car's electrical system is already so noisy, all the onboard electronics would already be very well-filtered.

            • @eug: Just clickbait i reckon.
              Pity ppl resort to this.
              I had and IMPCO LPG system installed on a BA Falcon wagon a while back.
              Lost all ability to listen to AM radio after that.
              EMI/RFI issues can pop up anywhere, any time.
              Can often be a pain to track down in a 3rd party product.
              Not always so bad to figure out on the bench tho, would be nice if other engineers paid as much attention at the design / prototype stages.

      • ::edit2:: The suggestion of an inverter in the video is stupid.
        Anything with switching circuitry can cause issues, and a bad inverter would likely be worse than a bad ciggie lighter charger.

      • Switch mode DC/DC conversion circuitry does cause EMI/RFI

        I've got 2 cig lighters in my car … so I bought two chargers & put them in facing opposite directions.
        The RFI cancels itself out & the car starts fine. ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

    • Interesting. I've seen this guys videos before, he creates headaches in no time :)


    • Scotty Kilmer is a joke. Take everything he says with a grain of salt; he has a few nuggets of wisdom (mostly related to basic principles he learnt in the 70s that still apply, but NOT related to anything modern) but also puts out 100% incorrect information. Like that time where he worked under a car only supported by a jack.

      He is basically "old man yells at cloud" in YT clickbait fearmongering format, where the clouds are all cars other than 90s Toyotas. He is the last person I would listen to for electronics advice. Seriously, he thinks no one understands EM?? Or that you can 'overdraw' a USB charger? Or that using an inverter is the best way to do things?

      Worst thing that will happen with a bad charger is that it will blow a fuse, which is unlikely since cig fuses are normally rated at 10A or higher. That or it catches on fire..

      • Despite his ranty method i has a vagur nugget of respect for his wisdom….. that came crashing down as the video went on.
        As you say, most cig sockets are 10A fused, 120W rated, how in the hell is a charger that shoves 30W (and that's pretty high, most are less) into the ass of a phone.

        Then the inverter suggestion?
        Guy is broken.

  • I bought one of these recently. Charges the phone pretty quickly. My car hasn't blow up yet.

    • Thankfully you get two with this deal. If your car blows up and takes one out - got a spare to use with the next car! 😂

  • Bought these from the previous sales and they have been amazing.

  • I highly recommend this eBay seller. Bought 2 x iPhone cable during the buy 1 free 1 promotion. One of the cable became faulty after 2 weeks of usage, wrote then a message and they sent me a replacement.

    Didn't expect to get a replacement since I paid only $1.50 for 2 cables shipped.

    Therefore, highly recommend this seller with good aftersale service

  • How are the Sandisk 64gb SD cards suited for a dashcam?

    • …because they fit in them? ;)

      The high-endurance cards are back in stock btw. They should last longer than the 64GB one in a dashcam.

  • Great chargers if you use the suitable cable

  • $30 postage?!

  • Lol $15 postage to Perth.

  • There is stock of the 32GB high endurance card, I just bought two!

  • i good one. sawright…

  • +3 votes

    The postage is a joke.

  • I ordered the 64GB cards last night and shortly afterwards I realised I only ordered 1 and not 2 to take advantage of the 2 for 1 promo.

    When I realised, I sent a message to them through eBay asking if they could either send the other card, or cancel my order so I can reorder properly.

    I didn't get a reply at all today, I really hope they don't just send 1.

  • How are these chargers different from the ones with the round top - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Baseus-Quick-Charge-4-0-3-0-USB-...