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[XB1] Game Pass New Games - Metal Gear Survive, Dead by Daylight, Superhot, Outer Wilds + More @ Microsoft


New games being added to Game Pass -

  • Metal Gear Survive - 5/23
  • The Banner Saga - 5/23
  • Void Bastards - 5/29
  • Dead by Daylight - 5/30
  • Outer Wilds - 5/30
  • Full Metal Furies - 6/6
  • The Banner Saga 2 - 6/6
  • Superhot - 6/6

Games leaving Game pass on the 31/05/2019-

Xbox One
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition
JumpJet Rex
Knight Squad
Laser League
Layers of Fear
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings
Super Time Force

Xbox 360
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Original Xbox
STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic

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  • Superhot & Banner Saga 2 were both Games with Gold at one point - I've already got them permanently.

    • Only so long as you're subbed to Gold.

      But then, you'd only have them here so long as you're subbed to GP.

      So I guess they're both equally not permanent.

      Except they'll be taken from the GP library eventually, and won't be taken from your stack of GWG.

      So then, I guess you have them more permanently, but still not really permanently.

      Wow, that was a long way of saying "you just rent your GWG"

  • +1

    Lego starwars is leaving, weak.

  • +2

    Hmm. I just watched a video of “10 worst games on Xbox One” and had Metal Gear Survive on the list

  • I forgot that MGS Survive was even a game. Well done EA and Activision for helping us forget that one.

  • Void Bastards on game pass is just awesome - FPS roguelike in space setting with the voice actor of the Stanley parable featured

  • +1

    I didnt realise games leave :(

    • Same as Netflix, which is no surprise.

      • But I didn't know content left Netflix either!! :( :(

  • +1

    Superhot is fantastic, but I already have it. Still happy for anyone else to enjoy it for the first time, it's great. Well worth a quick Google / YouTube clip to check it out.

  • +1

    It took me a little too long to realise those were dates and not some whack ass ranking system

    Edit: I am not associated… Can a mod remove this?

    • +4

      It’s too late now. Ozbargains has spoken. You are now an employee of Microsoft

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