New McDonald's Burger "Taste" What Does Everyone Think?

So Macca's have changed they way they cook their burgers

From now on, all patties cooked in McDonald’s Australia will be seared for precisely 40 seconds to ensure the meat is the “juiciest patty our customers have ever had”.

Restaurants will also cook onions on the same grill as the meat to add flavor, serve cheese “perfectly” melted and add an extra squeeze of special sauce to their famous Big Mac’s. All of this served on a softer, freshly toasted bun.

Interested to hear what people who have tried the new "taste" think.

i had a big mac last night and it def tasted juicer.. not sure if i am a fan overall though.

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  • +2

    Not a fan of the new bun, it's a lot sweeter, almost to the point I feel the cheeseburger is becoming a dessert

    • +1

      A few years ago, when we were travelling in the US, we kept hearing ads about the Diabetes foundation. When we started eating the food we understood why.

  • +2

    Have yet to try - but now I might

  • is this a trick question?

  • ummm, it still the same taste

  • -1

    McDonald nutritional value of menu:

    Looking at Big Mac, sugar added to bun, sugar added to sauce. Onion, as cheap as it is, is actually rehydrated?? Only beef pattie and lettuce does not have extra ingredients.

    • They've always used rehydrated onion for the diced onions.

  • +3

    I still prefer the burgers from Hungry Jacks, they are juicier and tastier (not necessarily healthier though).

  • +2

    Big Mac seemed a little bigger unless it was all in my head. Definitely crashed a bit sweeter. Saying that still destroyed the entire meal without taking a breath lol

  • Too oily. I think they underestimated how much oil/fat the patties have, which drained away as the old way of cooking.

    Now, I feel like drinking oil/fat with the burger.

  • How many seconds was it seared before?

    • +1

      Back when I worked at maccas many years ago big mac patties were cooked for 44 seconds.
      Fresh onion for McOz was cooked on the same grill as the meat, just behind it.

      Really not sure what's changed…

  • +2

    I found the burgers too 'juicy' anyway the last time I ate there. Not that McDonald's will miss my business, I wouldn't have it more than once every couple of years nowadays.

    One thing I did notice last time, is Maccas seem to be trying to give the impression that they are 'fancy' now, but try as they might, they really aren't. I think they are missing the reason they became popular in the first place. I go to Maccas for it to be cheap, fast and simple and go to a local burger joint for a 'proper' hamburger.

  • may contain traces of meat

    • +1

      and thats just the insects in the wheat to make the bun

  • +4

    From now on, all patties cooked in McDonald’s Australia will be seared for precisely 40 seconds to ensure the meat is the “juiciest patty our customers have ever had”.

    Which is totally meaningless without some frame of reference.

    How were they cooked before? Between butt cheeks for 20 seconds?

      • Stupid Sexy Flanders?

    • Between butt cheeks for 20 seconds?

      That's why the sauce is so Brown perhaps?

  • +1

    Onions were cooked on the same grill as patties, at my restaurant anyway.

    Good to see they’re adding extra sauce to burgers, I always put a little bit of extra sauce as I think the burgers are too dry with the amount of sauce they specify to put on

    • +4

      The issue is crew members and managers don’t follow the “cook less more often” which leads to drier, older patties. I’ve always liked to put the cheese on a patty while the bun was toasting to give it extra time to melt

      • +2

        Says the person who over melted the cheese! ;)

        • +5

          Repeat after me.

          It is not possible to over melt cheese.

          What were you thinking?

      • +1

        Oporto is lavishly terrible, isn't it?

  • Definitely noticed the onions in the past fortnight.

  • As someone who doesn't like onions I absolutely hate this change since even when you ask for no onions the meat still tastes of it and has little bits of it cooked onto them.

  • 19 votes who eats maccas in 2019… even if it was free on Uber Eats?

  • I don't have Macca's often but had it the other day and couldn't really tell the difference between the old and new

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