expired Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $64.59 Delivered @ Ausriver eBay


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Long time lurker, first time posting :)

Page says "Limited quantity available" at time of posting, but there should be more than 10…

Hiding beneath a heap of bedding, homeware and pool accessory deals is… a gaming mouse deal!

MSRP is USD 60. Not even $15 more expensive than the cheapest example of its wired cousin (G102/G203) on ebay, I decided to pull the trigger and share the love.

The super efficient Lightspeed wireless technology officially allows for 250 hours of use per charge in "performance mode". Combine this with the acclaimed Hero sensor, its small size, and relatively low weight, the G305 is ranked highly by Rocket Jump Ninja as an FPS mouse. Very well received by other Youtube reviewers too.

It weighes 99 grams with the included single AA Nickel-based battery. Replacing that with a lighter and stronger Lithium battery brings the weight down to 89 grams. Using a AAA battery converter would get it down further to 85 grams. Apparently the white one weighes 2 grams more. This no Model O, but it doesn't cost $90 either and there's no cable to worry about.

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    Waiting on a g502 deal PepeHands


    Know whats crazy? I bought the G303 a few years ago and they can go as high as $400 on eBay now.


    It's $65.68 here and has been this price very often so this isn't a crazy cheap price you made it seem to be not that people should not buy, it's never been cheaper just often around the $65 price.

    Awesome mouse, what OP doesn't mention is that the best way to get the weight down is using aluminum foil instead of a converter which saves a couple grams in weight getting it withing 1-2g of a G pro wireless's 80g weight.

    Also the Model O can be had for $84 aud for the matte version if you buy direct from Glorious compared to PCCG just slower postage, waiting for mine to get delivered atm.


    I believe the G304 is the G305 with 1 less number, such that it can be sold in Asia for less without appearing in Google searches.

    So I bought one from Joybuy for AU$50.99

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    UPDATE: I received my copy of the mouse and it's the G304 (Asian version, with bilingual packaging). It's the exact same thing as the G305, but I think they should have called it the the "G304" or "G304/G305" in the listing. It is otherwise in brand new condition and works fine. Just a heads up.

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