How Did You Pay for Goods or Services without Money?

Don't be naughty! lol

Today, I went to a small sandwich shop and I forgot my wallet. She already made the 2 sandwiches, total came to $16. I live 15 minutes drive away. I said I will go home and get my wallet and apologised for my stupidity. She said no because she told me I will never come back and pay. But I will? She was nice but I guess she has alot of people that try to scam her, I don't know.

Anywhoo, I got in my car, I had a $31 JB HI FI gift card which I will not use as I don't need anything from there for a long time. I went back in and said will you take a $31 JB HI FI gift card? She looked at me for 5 seconds thinking….. "yes". I got my two sandwiches lol.

Was it my loss? Sure, but I got my belly full of food :)

Yes the gift card was valid and I didn't scam her, but she took the risk. Enjoy whatever you buy from JB :)

Have you guys paid for anything that isn't AUD?


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    I'm not sure I like the direction this web site and its forum is headed :/

  • How Did You Pay for Goods or Services without Money?

    Trust me, you don't want to know.

  • I don't understand her saying no to you going home and getting your wallet. Are you supposed to just stand there forever until money magically pops into your hand? The sandwiches are useless without the money, so she has nothing to lose by you leaving and POSSIBLY coming back.

    • Yeah, it was a weird talk. I mean, it was my fault for rushing out to get food (thus forgetting my wallet) cause I was really hungry and I usually just buy sandwiches from that place when I worked around that area.

      I mean, I could have offered to leave my phone with her until I came back but she was adamant that I would not come back lol.

      Either way that JB gift card was worthless to me. In the past 3 months, I looked inside JB and there's nothing I wanted.

      • I leave my wallet at work and walk to the Woolies 100m away all the time, thankfully I can pay with my card, mobile, or watch. I'm bound to have one of them.

      • So you dont have you licence and you are drving?

        • what a criminal act that would be

          a whopping $110 fine

        • If you are on your open license, you don't need to carry it with you. But if pulled over, you may need to present it at the police station within a 24-48 hour period.

      • bbbuuutt I mean you could have gone, got money, come back and paid for the sandwiches and then been given the sandwiches…. if the sandwiches were gone, she would've made new sandwiches.

        I mean she was right to demand payment or security. You were odd to expect she'd give you the sandwich first lol especially since your offer was to go and come back anyway.

        before I started using mobile pay apps, I'd forgotten my wallet and filled petrol. left my phone as security and come back to pay.

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    Why would you pay $16 for sandwiches?

    Please hand your Ozb membership back.

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    Stop living like an animal and enable contactless payments on your watch or phone!

  • Bye tuzii!

    Status In Penalty Box.

  • Just ask any Premium Snapchat model, professional chest streamer on Twitch or ASMR fetishists on Patreon.

  • I always keep a few dollars in my car for emergencies, parking fees etc.

    However I'd never pay $16 for 2 sandwiches unless they had smoked salmon or caviar in them so I can't see this ever happening to me.

  • have you ate them ?

    else why can't just leave the sandwiches with her for you to come back with money

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    How did she verify there was $31 on the JB card?

    • Don't you know how? Surely everyone knows how. It's so simple!

    • A judgement call… The sandwiches are a loss of a couple of dollars (in effort and produce), versus prospect of $31 gain. Besides, if she declined, she'd get no gain and end up with sandwiches she'd have to eat or dispose.

  • Had you ate them, assuming u did and didn't have money it's not a crime to leave on the promise of returning with the money, you don't have to get her consent?? If you didn't return then that would be a crime and she could report it to the police etc.
    Sounds like you got ripped off, $31 for two sandwiches.

  • Hope your drivers licence wasn't at home too.

  • sex, weed, beer, hugs, food and the list goes on………

  • You should get your bank's app that will allow you to get money out of ATMs without your bank card. You should also have an emergency stash of money in small bills and coins in your car - eg what if you started to run out of petrol then you realised you didn't have any money?

  • So many touche people on here.

    I really don't care about the hate or that I paid "$31" for a sandwich, that $31 wasn't out of my pocket nor has value to me. So technically I got the sandwiches for free.

    They were damn good sandwiches and damn yummy and damn I will go back again to get more one day.

    • I would have offered the gift card at the start if I knew it was an option.

      I think your solution was fine.

    • I would ask for 1.8 sandwiches more if I was you. Kudo to the lady for taking a risk from total stranger.


      Why do you appear to have the command of the English language equivalent to a 16 year old?

  • Lucky she didn't add any extras in your sandwich while you returned to your car.

  • Damn, I was hoping for some actual stories.

    Very good thinking OP.

  • Great move

    Both winners

  • I would have said 31 bucks gift card for promise of 2 more sandwiches another day, or the return of the gift card upon payment on 15 for the original sandwiches.

    Then claim you didn't believe her. And walk out.

  • My credit card and train ticket are in my phone. Dont need to carry wallet.

  • Why not use bank transfer? I lost my wallet in Bangkok (taxi) before i notice i order myself & my wife a beer.
    Went to pay the bill no money. She let us do a bank transfer.

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    You should have asked for 1.9 more sandwiches to get the value up to $31 so you’d have dinner too!

  • How is it a scam? Are there are a group of people going into sandwich shops, getting staff to make sandwich’s and then saying I’ve got no money. Promising to come back and don’t. Holy cow Batman.

  • This happened to me a few years back. It was my first time to the cafe. When I told the staff that I would come back in 5 minutes with my wallet, they told me to enjoy the coffee and pay when I visited them next time.

    Similar thing happened to people that I know. Just enjoy the food and pay in the next visit.

    It feels great when strangers trust you :)

  • Umm, I never bring my wallet too. But I have either my watch or phone to make payment.

    • Yep, Apple Pay on phone and watch have been a lifesaver a few times. Rarely carry wallet anymore. You can even use it at ATMs (ANZ Bank) to withdraw cash if required.

  • I leave my phone as collateral.

    Last time I filled up my car with petrol but didn’t realise I forgot my wallet. I went in the store and explained to the attendant and said I’ll come back but will leave my iPhone. He was fine with it.

    Another time I forgot to bring cash (cash only place) and I only realised after eating. I left my drivers license. Another time I left my iPhone.

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      Seems like a good plan, especially if you can use an iPhone you palmed from another customer. ;)

    • My dad has done the drivers licence thing before, it makes a lot of sense.

    • I leave my phone as collateral.

      Leave you iPhone with a stranger? lol So what happens if you come back and your 'collateral' is missing.

  • When I was a child my dad forgot his wallet after filling up at the servo, he left us kids as collateral - he did come back with the money though.

  • im assuming the next generation, when posed with any type of problem in real life, will stop, jump on an online forum, post the problem, wait for replies, and then deal with the issue.

    omg i asked for wholemeal and now the lady is staring at me expecting me to pay for white bread what do i do ive been standing here for 35 minutes already omg

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