How Did You Pay for Goods or Services without Money?

Don't be naughty! lol

Today, I went to a small sandwich shop and I forgot my wallet. She already made the 2 sandwiches, total came to $16. I live 15 minutes drive away. I said I will go home and get my wallet and apologised for my stupidity. She said no because she told me I will never come back and pay. But I will? She was nice but I guess she has alot of people that try to scam her, I don't know.

Anywhoo, I got in my car, I had a $31 JB HI FI gift card which I will not use as I don't need anything from there for a long time. I went back in and said will you take a $31 JB HI FI gift card? She looked at me for 5 seconds thinking….. "yes". I got my two sandwiches lol.

Was it my loss? Sure, but I got my belly full of food :)

Yes the gift card was valid and I didn't scam her, but she took the risk. Enjoy whatever you buy from JB :)

Have you guys paid for anything that isn't AUD?


  • Forgot to bring wallet 10 years ago, went to bank and withdraw $100 at counter without ID.

  • These nonsense questions have gotta stop.

  • lol that is a trade.

  • I am confused as to how you think a gift card was not AUD!

  • Boy oh boy. If this isn't an appropriate time to say my username checks out, I don't know when it will be.

  • I work at a supermarket and this sort of stuff happens ALL. THE. TIME. People forget their wallets. Part of life.

    I'm annoyed at how she was so adamant you wouldn't come back. I've dealt with scenarios where people will leave an entire trolley's worth of shopping and say "I live 5 minutes away, just need to duck home and get my wallet." 5 hours later, they still haven't returned.

    As long as you weren't trying to take the sandwiches and say "I'll come back", I can't understand why she was so weird about the whole thing.

  • When I used to have an Apple the contactless payments never worked, they just kept locking it and couldn't tell me why. I kept a debit card with no money on it in my bag (you could leave one in your car or phone case) that had pay ID so I could instantly send it money. NAB is good for this, accounts don't cost anything, has PayID and can seemingly have as many accounts as you like that you can setup in the app.

    Now I have a Nokia and the contactless payment always works.

  • I paid nothing, I got to a quick food place a few times a week thats near my work.

    One day I realized i didn't have any cash ( they only take cash) so I went to the closest ATM and got out 50 then went to buy the foods.

    They said they coudln't split the $50 and to just pay for my meal and my next meal the following time, I asked if they were sure and she said yes so I did just that ( and made sure I had smaller notes next time)

    TLDR: I didn't have correct change so they said to pay for my meal and my next meal another day.

  • One Asian grocery store around my place accepts direct deposit. Could have also used pay pal, or gone to a bank if there was a branch near by.

  • I had a similar situation of mistrust when buying something at the chemist. It wasn't that long ago when the checkout operators believed a customer on the price of something (in most cases), but I had to wait about 4 minutes and hold up the queue while they had a manager double check and verify I wasn't trying to scam them out of less than $1.

    It's unfortunately, Australia used to be a high trust society. Things are changing.

  • I let a guy slide for $20 once, said he'd be back, super regular, every day for years. Hasn't been back in 6 months. I've seen him a couple of times since, now I think he's modified his bus stop.

  • Why anyone would carry a wallet in 2019 is beyond me

    Phone + Google Pay / Apply Pay / Samsung Pay / Bank App Payment…. (NFC)

    All the options that you should have

    And before someone goes on about how unsafe it is… well no it's not

    Protected by Fingerprint or IRIS and it uses a virtual CC number to hide your real CC number.

    I barely carry my wallet. I am waiting for QLD to bring digital drivers license so I can be done with the physical cards.

  • Without the mandatory mspaint it is hard to comment

    Also did you already eat the sandwich that she refused to let you go? Did you offer to leave the sandwich in the shop or wanted to take it with you?

  • I did something somewhat similar, my fiancé and I were at dinner and the waitress was so engaging the whole night and was really deserving of a tip. She was on a working visa and you could just tell she was so happy to be in Australia even if just waiting tables. We were paying for the meal with card and didn't have any cash on us but since it was my birthday the week prior my employer always provides $25 Coles Myer gift cards. So I ended up giving her that, she was kind of confused but grateful for it.

    When we saw her a couple months later she totally remembered us was very grateful for the tip, apparently she was nervous that there'd be no money available on the card when she was buying some groceries as she wouldn't have been able to afford them otherwise. I wouldn't normally tip $25 for a $60 meal but considering everything I'm really glad we did.

  • Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, anything from you smart devices. I use Samsung Pay as it can be used on older terminals with no NFC readers. Or like it has been mentioned, you can draw money with cardless cash offered by many big banks.

  • Could you not have used the JB Hifi as a deposit, then drive home, get the money, come back, hand over set money and get your deposit back. Saving you $15

  • I couldn't pay for fuel for my bike once and the lady at Coles express let me leave as I said I'd come back with money. Came back in about half an hour with money and she said she didn't expect to see me again.

    Also have had an employee of a carwash lend me a dollar to finish rinsing a car. I came back later to repay then.

    So I suppose I have had to pay with promises which thankfully employees have taken the risk on with me.

  • +1 vote

    A young woman fell asleep on my shoulder on the train ride to the city this morning. At first, I tried to gently nudge her awake, but in vain.

    She finally woke up as we were approaching Flinders St station and was completely embarrassed. Even more so, when she realised that I was wearing a wedding ring. She apologised profusely and offered me a block of Cadbury Oreo chocolate. Not wanting to draw more attention to us or miss my stop, I thanked her and grabbed it on my way out.

    So I got paid in chocolate for letting a stranger nap on my shoulder :)

    Came home with a sore shoulder and my lovely wife offered to give me a massage.. . and found a blonde strand of hair on my coat😲 Said wife is a brunette!

    I had to share the chocolate with her :( So really, I got half a block of chocolate and a pretty decent massage for my good deed. Can't complain 😎

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