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No, nearest safe country that is signatory to the convention. Some countries are not and will not allow asylum claims at all, the refugee...
13/12/2018 - 18:20
'Claiming asylum legally' doesn't make sense as a sentence. We are signatory to the convention of human rights - people can claim asylum...
13/12/2018 - 18:19
Out of interest, how do you determine fitness? Because the current crowd, in spite of years of tradition, support, education, privilege,...
13/12/2018 - 18:16
I think it is important because the guy was threatening to fight in the carpark. He's not saying women can't be rude, I interpreted it the...
12/12/2018 - 11:58
+1. Bad behaviour. Those poor kids having parents like that. Someone mentioned culture, this isn't cultural, there are knobs all over the...
12/12/2018 - 11:55
This is why I come to Ozbargain, forever learning stuff I never knew.
10/12/2018 - 07:03
They are evil deathbirds of evil.
10/12/2018 - 07:01
I find the mental health of someone who actively encourages the presence of evil birds that literally would punch a hole in your head given...
09/12/2018 - 19:57
This wins the Internet for the day. 😂
09/12/2018 - 19:56
If your conscience is bothering you that much why don't you just tell your employer and see if they can give you a bit of a payrise? Or...
05/12/2018 - 19:40
There's often no hierarchy and with specialists, often no practice manager. Just tell them, they'd want to know.
05/12/2018 - 10:56
Here's some thoughts (I work in the hospital system which is a very specific microcosm but some of this might be transferrable), take what...
04/12/2018 - 21:06
Tell the doctor. She is costing them business. There's no room for that shit these days. I say this having worked as a medical receptionist...
04/12/2018 - 19:32
I don't love most Australian comedians but Kath and Kim are hilarious. And the guys from Superwog. And the girls from The Katering Show....
01/12/2018 - 21:56
Definitely time for a right wing tech forum then!
30/11/2018 - 22:11
Perhaps there's a gap in the market so to speak then, maybe someone needs to start a tech forum? Aussie tech forums or some such.
30/11/2018 - 21:58
Whirlpool spun off from Bigpond users, the old Telstra cable Internet forum from the late 90s. It. was. vicious. (Although also hilarious)....
30/11/2018 - 21:47
Trust me Whirlpool is an improvement from the forum it originally spun off from.
30/11/2018 - 21:40
17/11/2018 - 20:44
Mecca gift card. Endota Spa gift card. (Edit: One or the other, not 50/50 both) Also hot tip tell her to keep a Pinterest wishlist. My...
17/11/2018 - 18:09
....but what are the streamers for? (I'm not sure I want to know....but I do).
17/11/2018 - 18:08
Oooh I'd love an AMA on this.
14/11/2018 - 18:53
Human mechanic.
14/11/2018 - 18:51
But the level of effort required to keep up the lie...why not just get in flamewars on Twitter instead?
13/11/2018 - 21:01
I struggle to understand these troll threads. Why do they happen?
12/11/2018 - 09:00
Just on the FB front - there's some identity theft thing going on at the moment where someone will create an identical account to yours...
08/11/2018 - 20:05
The mistrust in their government while at the same time espousing their great democracy is something I find particularly amazing. Every...
08/11/2018 - 20:03
I just can't even begin to describe how (profanity) up it is that the Navy are training their doctors in civilian emergency departments,...
08/11/2018 - 17:38
You don't add risk and cost increases to a system over something that might happen to most likely a small proportion of society. I'd rather...
08/11/2018 - 17:36
It will repeat itself if we arm a section of society. Which is what will happen if you allow the 'well' (at the moment) and no criminal...
08/11/2018 - 17:16