To Replace Runflat Tyres with Non RFT

I’m replacing my runflat tyres with regular non RFT but some shops (bobjane, jaxtyre) refuse to do that saying it’s illegal to replace RFTs with non RFTs and that you must carry a spare tyre in your vehicle.
I read online that it’s not a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and it’s fine to replace RFT with regular tyre.
Is there a reference material that I can have misinformed sales people to read? I’m in Brisbane and the vehicle is Mercedes. One shop (Beaurepaires) I went to said it was ok, but they didn’t carry the brand I was after….


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    My understanding is that a vehicle must either have a spare tyre or have run-flat tyres. Too late on a Friday to find the regulations or whatever.

    But, if you do replace them (which is fine) wouldn't you want some form of back-up for a flat tyre anyway?

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      There is no such requirement.

      From VIC Roadworthiness Requirements:

      There is no requirement for a spare wheel to be carried on a vehicle and the standards for registration exclude wheels not normally used in service from any requirements.

      • Which makes sense. In the example that you get a flat tyre and replace it with your spare, your spare now becomes unusable and your car would be considered unroadworthy.

    • No requirement. Lots of brand new cars come with neither run flats not spares. They come with a can of goo and a compressor.

      Non runflats ride so much better than runflats

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    Pretty sure they're just trying to sell you more expensive tyres. Plenty of cars don't have a spare OR run runflats and it's definitely not a RWC requirement in Vic.

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      I know right? They are tying to sell me 5 tyres or make me purchase more expensive RFTs. Pfft
      Our other vehicle came with non RFTs and doesn’t have a spare 🤷‍♀️ Just a repair kit. I read that it’s not a RWC requirement in QLD and in NSW as well.

      I might as well just say that I have a spare at home, so just fit 4 new regular tyres.

      • I might as well just say that I have a spare at home, so just fit 4 new regular tyres.

        I'm not sure you actually know what you're getting yourself into. What do you intend to do when you get a flat tyre on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, with nothing in sight for 100km? This is not an inconceivable situation. When myself and a mate drove MEL-SYD a few years ago, we had a flat on the middle of the Hume Hwy. These things happen - that's why basically every car includes a spare. The cars that don't are the Euro cars trying to save the little bit of weight to pass emissions standards.

        If you're going to rely on a tyre repair kit, know what that means - it'll usually pump a gooey substance into the tyre that will seal any leaks from the inside, but it's not a permanent solution, it'll permanently damage the tyre (meaning you HAVE to replace it, not just plug the leak), and most shops will be annoyed with you because of how disgusting it is to clean up on the inside.

        I’m in Brisbane and the vehicle is Mercedes.

        If you can afford to drive a Mercedes, you can afford the ~$150 for the spare tyre that will last for the life of the car until you need to use it. Don't be silly.

      • We bought our car new and it has non RFT and no spare tyre but it did come with a can of slime & compressor so I doubt it's a requirement (VIC)

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    Just keep a Tyre Mobility Kit in the boot, replaced my runflats with no spare.

    If they say its illegal, tell them to refer to the specific section of the specific act they rely upon.

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    Unless they can show you from an official source that you must either have RFT or a spare tire, just go elsewhere.

    The number of people that cannot change a tire/have a flat spare makes the aforementioned rule a bit of a laugh.

    What brand/model are you after and for what car?

  • You can replace runflat tyres with regular non RFT.

  • Change them to runflats then buy a can of tyre goo and keep that in the boot in case you get a puncture.

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    Probably ask your insurance company in case you change them over, might be seen as a modification.
    Tyre goo will eat your inner liner making it a throw away and a temp fix to get you to a tyre shop.
    Some tyre sizes will be similar in prices to a normal tyre, shop around.
    As long as your happy to go home on a tow truck if your goo doesn't seal I'm usually happy to install whatever the customer wants as long as it's the same dimension and load ratings.
    All the best.