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Xiaomi MIX 2 6GB/64GB 4G Dual Sim - Black $314 + Delivery (HK) @ Tecobuy


$314 Mi mix 2, though shipping looks like it might take a while.

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    A Xiaomi phone with NFC and Band 28 ! Full specs here

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    Any experience with the seller, good or bad?

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    Chiese version? or original global version?

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    No headphone jack

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      Comes with a Jack to type c adapter.

      • And compatible with the Google adaptors. The Xiaomi NC type C headphones are also pretty decent.

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    Xiaomi did the no-bezel, huge chin thing way before it was cool.

    I would probably try and hold out for a Mi Mix 2S if possible but $314 AUD is a deal.

    • There isn't much difference in the 2 and the 2s. If you're gonna wait, rather wait for the 3 to come around at a better price. I have the 2. It's amazing. Even the camera is great.

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        I thought the camera was much better in the 2s?

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          I've also got the Mix 2 and have to disagree with the other comment- the 2S is definitely worth a reasonable increase in price.

          SD845 is a decent upgrade, comes with wireless charging, and a big increase in camera quality.

          Both front and rear cameras on the Mix 2 are pure junk. Even gcam can't save them- that are honestly worse than my 3 year old LG G5 on all fronts. Extremely soft, lacking in detail even in good light. One of the worst I've used in a 'flagship' in a long time.

          Though the 2S didn't change the front camera so you'll have to live with that. The front camera placement is also terrible for video calls- you can flip it for regular selfies but it doesn't work with most/all messaging apps. Keep in mind if you video call often

          • @johnn: why is it terrible placement of front camera?

            how good is the speaker for music, video watching and calls?

            • @pinkybrain: [Mix 2S]It's on the bottom right of the phone - so you have to turn the phone over for selfies. However the rear cameras + GCam makes it a powerhouse in the photography department. Mix 3 is same SD845 so not sure if it's that big an improvement.

              • @willyroo: still don't understand why camera at bottom right of the phone affects your ability to take a selfie…

                the camera will still point at your face, so why you need to turn the phone over for selfies?

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    Great phone. A powerhouse

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    In house warranty, so for those reasons I'm out.

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    Does Xiaomi come with built-in advertisement banners throughout the apps? That's what I've heard recently. They try to have some extra income as the phones don't bring much profit for the company.

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      I've had a few since switching from Samsung and Huawei. Yeah they do have advertisements but they can be turned off. There's a few videos on YouTube showing how to do this.

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      That would be modded firmware by the seller. Not xiaomi itself.

      Typing on the mix 2 now. It's a great phone! No advertisement to be seen.

      • That's the problem. How would you make sure that firmware is not modded when buying Xiaomi? I remember my sister back in Russia couldn't install Sberbank app (it is the biggest bank in Russia). The Sberbank app said that you can't install banking app on rooted device for security reasons.

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          Magisk might help your sister for banking app

        • lineageos is rock solid on my Mix 2. It still get weekly OTA updates too.

          • @bobbieb: are you able to use google pay?

            • @panda120: I've been using the CommBank app's contactless payments without any issue.

              I have the bare minimum of the Google app suite installed, so I had to install Google Pay to try it.

              I went through the process of adding a card to Google Pay and all seems ok, so I don't imagine you'll have any issues.

              Edit: Oh… I have no need or desire to root my main daily use phone, so if that's your thing, the answers may be different.

        • I've currently got a Mi Mix 2 and from my understanding, you can flash their global rom on your phone and it will be treated as a clean install with default firmware. If you are concerned then you should do that when you get the phone.

      • Regrettably no they do come from Xiaomi - I have Redmi Note 5 / MIUI 10 global

        It wasn’t a big thing but it was confusing when they appeared. They weren't in MIUI as such just on the music player app and a file utility app, easy to turn off under “recommendations” or some other sneakily named setting

        • Yeah I have the same MIUI 10 running on my Mi Max 2. Only the last 2 updates or so added this unwanted stuff. Before that it was all ad free. I bought mine during the 2017 black Friday sales. Great phones they are.

          • @habib23q: Yeah I think they're great, not a single complaint about performance (well NFC would be good)

            Most of all I love the price - no way I could ever relax if I had a $1000+ phone in my pocket

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              @nith265: Yeah your right on all accounts. As someone who used to have phones worth well over that price point id rather these ones anyday.

              NFC is really the only thing missed. I went from a Huawei Mate 7 which isn't a bad phone by any account to the Mi Max 2 and haven't looked back. Not to mention it cost me nearly three times as much when I bought that from JBHIFI.

        • I now recall what you mean, the folders would pop up with recommended apps based on what you put into the folder.

          But yes you can turn it off and I did just that n forgot about it :)

          Global rom though disabled a function which allows virtual sim and their cloudsim service where u can pay to have internet access around the globe without a sim…

          And if you flash to Chinese rom… Obviously you lose all the Google apps including Google pay.

          So happy days haha.

    • Is there such a thing? I have had 3 xiaomi phones, redmi 3, note 5 and 4x. Never experienced anything like that. All came with global ROM.

  • Showing AU$298.30 when I go to deal

    • $15 shipping as standard, so basically should be ~$314 delivered. It's back up again.

  • How big is the battery

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      3400mah is not good for those specs and size. 4000mah standard for xiaomi

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    Have this and it is so awesome for the price
    Not sure about the seller

  • I have this phone and use it daily. It's a great and good looking (almost) bezelles phone.
    Comes with B28 and NFC. The only thing I don't like about it is the front camera which is located at the bottom. So when you take a selfie, you're always looking up, the only workaround is to rotate the phone. If you're a Snapchat user, this is not the phone for you as the app doesn't rotate automatically so your selfie photos will always look odd. Other than that it's a great phone.

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    The phone that started the revolution!

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    I have this phone with lineageos15.1 and swipe gestures (Fluid N.G) for a true bezelless treat!

    I also use magisk and have too/adblock/YouTube red for free

    • Genniune question

      Xiaomi stock has the gesture mimicking iPhone. What's the difference?

      YouTube vanced unrooted gives me ad block on YouTube.what is too?

      • I'm with you? What is too? Can't find anything online.

        • There is no difference. Xiaomi stock gestures are great, and you can just download Youtube Vanced, no root required.

  • what's it like trying to video call on one of these?

    • Not that good as you have to rotate the phone, see my comment above. but it's a great phone if you can live with that.

      • is it doable? or should I just wait for the Mix 3 to go down in price?

        • Yeah doable except for apps that doesn't auto rotate like snapchat. You will wait for a while till Mix3 will get to this price point.

          • @johnyBgood: I don't use snapchat but I use Skype a fair bit.

            • @pat0809: If Skype app auto rotates then you're all good. I only use messenger for video call and works well when rotating the phone.

  • Get the mix 3, got mine recently and loving it.
    Don't think I can go back to a mobile with a notch.

  • Note: The warranty will be void if the phone is rooted or the bootloader unlocked.

    Can't you un-root it and return if warranty is needed?

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