expired [PS4] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $13.45 (71% off) @ Playstation Store AU


Price is for the standard edition. The digital GOTY edition has been as low as $17.95 before, so if you want all of the expansions, it might be worth waiting.

If you have already bought the standard edition, then the expansions have also been discounted:

Full expansion pass $14.95

Hearts of Stone $5.95

Blood and Wine $11.95

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    Winds howling!

  • +4 votes

    Riding a unicorn makes me feel like a kid again!

    Geralt:. Reminds me of something else entirely.


    cant believe how cheap its gotten.

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      Well it is 4 years old. Still well worth it though, 30 hours into a re-play at the moment.


    I was quite disappointed by this game when I finally got around to playing it. The controls feel cumbersome and there's too much faffing around and not enough fun. I might have been spoiled by Horizon: Zero Dawn, however…


      Weird. It was the exact opposite for me. I was spoiled by the Witcher. I got HZD with great expectations and got bored quite soon. Very short main story and the Sidequests were dumb and few in number. I would rate the Witcher's story, sidequests, lore, dialogues etc above HZD. But HZD has the Witcher beat in terms of visuals.


        Ah, interesting! I found the story in HZD quite interesting and engaging. Actually, I liked the story for Witcher, too, which I think is why I was disappointed that I found it less playable…


      go into the settings and change the movement control scheme to "alternate"
      It still sucks and is clunky compared to HZD, but it is much better than standard


    Oh nice. Have the main game but not the expansions. Thanks for this!


    You reckon they will have the GOTY on sale too for a sick price?