This was posted 1 year 5 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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535L Fridge $414 Delivered (50% off, Sold out) + More @ Astivita Amazon AU


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  • $428 for the fridge? It is showing $414 on Amazon.

  • Great price for the fridge. Any reviews anywhere?

  • I have the $299 fridge and it's great. No complaints at all for the price.

    • How long have you had it?

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        Agree with Belt. I too have the 268L fridge - had it since Nov, got it from this deal. Good unit - runs quiet, no leaks yet, spacious. Perfect for 1-2 people. Great value for money. Can vouch!

  • If only WA had free delivery.

  • Does the Fridge has wheel?

  • Hi rep, do you have the dimension for the 535L fridge?


      Sorry for the delay!
      535L: Product Dimensions (mm)(wxdxh) 750 x 832.5 x 1692
      268L: Product Dimensions(mm)(wxdxh) 545 x 623 x 1657

  • ya rep pls advise on the dimension of the 535L fridge


      Sorry for the delay!
      535L: Product Dimensions (mm)(wxdxh) 750 x 832.5 x 1692
      268L: Product Dimensions(mm)(wxdxh) 545 x 623 x 1657

  • Hi Rep,
    can you hold delivery till mid June if I order now?

  • Rep is taking some time to respond.
    I have checked for similar fridge on Kogan
    link is as below

    The dimensions are Dimensions: 755 × 760 × 1690 mm
    This should be , i guess, pretty close to the above dimension

    Kogan fridge is listed for $589 + delivery

    • Well spotted. That's it alright. Cheers.

    • Looks like a different model. The dimensions don't match

    • That Kogan fridge turned out to be the same fridge, except in white & dearer price + delivery. The specs sheet shows the same incorrect depth!

      A good fridge at an amazing price, but confusing Deal.

  • Anyone know if the 535L model has a reversible door?

  • In the absence of a response from the rep or any online reviews for the fridge, I checked out and was initially pleased by the positive reviews until it became apparent that most were from first (and only!) time reviewers and many were word for word copies. Of the seemingly genuine ones from reviewers with more than one review, there were reports of very early onset rusting and stainless steel appliances which they struggled to return after arriving looking green in complexion…

    Shame. It looked a very good price, but I couldn't roll the dice on a brand which has to lie to create an online history for itself…

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      Hi UncleRico,

      I agree with you if you look at the reviews on Product Review posted 3 years ago there do seem to be some suspicious looking ones and I would encourage you to report them to the site.
      Looking at all our recent positive reviews they seem to come from genuine buyers, and when you look at our Amazon reviews- that Amazon goes through great lengths to ensure they are verified, I do not think it is fair to say we lied to create our online history.

      If you have any other concerns please feel free to email us at [email protected]

      • Thanks Rep - appreciate the response.

        Can you elaborate on the information about the genuine online reviews at Amazon or elsewhere? I have been unable to locate a single review anywhere for the Astivita 535L fridge. Alternatively, can you advise any other brands it may be sold as so we can see what actual owners have to say?

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          No worries, appreciate giving me the opportunity to answer these questions!
          There are no reviews for us on this fridge as we have sold a hand few at the $828 price and management have now told me to discount them.
          The fridge is made by Midea so there should be some sold under other brands, from looking at Kogan they are purchasing an identical Midea fridge like us.
          Hope that answers your question?
 (same but with different handle)

          Thank you,

      • Why don't you delete the "suspicious looking ones" (your words) given they may be a false representation of your brand?

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    Apologies for the delay everyone!

    Below the dimensions for the 535L Fridge:

    Product Dimensions (mm)(wxdxh) 750 x 832.5 x 1692
    Energy Consumption (kwh/24h) 0.915kw/24h
    Energy Efficiency Class MEPS 4-star
    Gross Weight(kg) 85.0

    Below the dimensions for the 268L Fridge:
    Gross Weight(kg) 58.0
    Product Dimensions(mm)(wxdxh) 545 x 623 x 1657

  • Great price for the large fridge. I've taken a gamble and ordered one.

    I'm in Brisbane and they seem to be too in case there are any warranty issues.

    • That's handy for me. 81 Shettleston St, Rocklea

      Also bought the big fridge… moving in next 6 months, but old fridge has broken down - so need a fridge now. Should be able to resell without losing too much, given this price.

      Will just fit through front door - after unboxing.

      Seems a cheap option. Delivery from TGG etc is around $50 on top of their higher prices. Had earlier considered a 458L Samsung on sale plus 20% off making it twice this price + delivery.

  • $49 postage to SA

  • The 535L seems unusually deep at 832.5mm and shorter than most at 1692mm - comparing to similar volume range here

    Not that I know much about fridges …

    • Much deeper than fridge it replaces & others I've seen.

      Marked out fridge size on floor, allowing space around back & sides for ventilation (usually an efficient operation & warranty requirement)…

      Total depth with door open is around 832.5 + 750 + 50 for ventilation, less door thickness = ~1600mm.

      In my case… Fridge location is opposite island counter at entrance to kitchen. That constricts entry to kitchen (not a problem). But means door has just mm to clear corner of counter (1500mm from wall, but counter finishes short of fully open door) or won't open fully (1 crisper drawer may not pull all the way out)… It's a gamble.

      But bought at this price as need a cheap fridge asap for only 6 months then sell or shift. (Using a borrowed bar fridge after 45 year old fridge compressor failed.)

      Other options of 2nd hand & free fridges I checked were possibly faulty energy hogs & had to pay $50+ for delivery to find out. 2nd hand appliance sellers want around this price for smaller fridge with delivery. This fridge has much longer warranty & delivery included.

      • @infidel All good points. I might get one anyway. But we already lose stuff for months at the back of a 750mm deep fridge.

        • Have you found the door at the back leading to Nanania? The lion ate your food🐅

          Had a holiday job once looking for meals lost in a vast walk-in hospital freezer - made up my own sign "Missing Food Dept"😀

          Depth of unit may not be related to depth of interior with coils etc on back (but is likely - to have the 535L capacity). Total volume of exterior is 624L. Most fridges of this capacity are too wide to fit my kitchen.

          By the comments, these seem to be selling to Ozbargainers like us from Brissie!

    • Agreed.

      Now I know why they are half price…

      Sadly it's too deep to replace my old fridge

  • I agree with JH100 the depth of 832.5mm seem abnormal. For me i will have to pass due to space restriction (on depth).

  • Do you have a natural gas version of the hot water heater? Thanks

  • Is it possible they've got the depth and width around the wrong way?
    Also can anyone confirm that the doors are reversible please?

    • Hope not, I can't fit a 832.5mm wide fridge. Pity photos don't give side detail.

      As few have ever been sold according to the rep, & no one reports they have one, likely only the rep can answer that.

  • Astivita: what are the requirements for space around the 535L fridge?

    This is usually an efficient operation & warranty requirement.

    I have ordered, but am concerned operation & warranty may be compromised by a larger ventilation space required by this fridge, given the larger than usual depth.

    (Online answers with other fridges are 25mm min, with preferably 50mm at the back. I can meet / exceed those measurements.)

  • Is 535L fridge out of stock? Can't seem to add it.

  • Should be set to expired since theres nothing left.

  • 535L fridge has sold out yeah?

  • This does not appear to be frost free. The Kogan 535L is "Frost-resistant design" and since the amazon listing does not specify, it is probably the later.


      Our Fridge is total frost free - have update amazon listing thank you!

      • Do you have more stock rep? Your listing on Amazon now says 663L.

        I might go with Kogan if that is the case since their 10% TAXTIME discount is expiring today.

  • 535L fridge UPDATE:
    The correct dimensions and size:
    663L (Fridge Size: 512L Freezer Size: 151L)
    750×785×1692 mm
    (The depth is reduced slightly as the 832.5mm is including a handle.)

    Our Sincere apologies for the mistake and confusion cause, if anyone would like to cancel their order they are welcome to do so.


      Thank you!

      • Fits my space better

        Was replacing a 450L fridge - 535L was good, now 663L…??
        At least the depth has shrunk back to a more usual 785mm!

        But what requirements (dimensions) are there for space around fridge for ventilation - a usual warranty condition. (Often quoted online as 25mm min & 50mm at back.)

      • Is the energy rating shown in Amazon images of this fridge correct??
        4 star 333KWh/yr
        That was crucial in my earlier decision to purchase.

        • +1 vote

          The 4 star 33KWh/ yr rating is correct!

          For space Midea recommends either:

          5mm on each side and 50mm at the back, or;
          50mm on each side and 5mm at the back

          • @Astivita: Great!
            Good rating. My power meter will be keeping watch 👁

            Have ample space all round, now it's not as deep.
            Had an empty 750mm wide TV carton standing where front of fridge would be, to see if it fits & door opens. Now moved back 50mm.
            Thought… if only it wasn't so deep it wouldn't be an issue. You delivered👍

      • Are you certain this is a 663L fridge?
        Now I'll be buying too many supermarket deals.

  • Just added the smaller fridge to my cart but by the time I got to the next page, it said it was no longer available. I think I just missed out by 1 minute :(

    Good deals anyway rep!

  • Bought the 268L Fridge in September last year in a previous deal.

    Can't vouch for it enough, great value overall, pretty efficient and isn't noisy. Very easy to unpack and move too. Highly recommend!

  • How long will this last for? I will need a fridge in about a month..

  • looks like the prices have gone back up

    • No. Only 1 price has increased.
      Small fridge became unavailable 3.5 hours ago, then increased to $499.
      Large fridge sold out 7 hours ago.
      Other 10 prices haven't gone up.

      • Now that we have specs, big friedge has gone up to $599.

        • Deal expired yesterday.
          Like the small fridge - was unavailable, now price increased.

          My big fridge is on its way.

          • @the INFIDEL: Nice work.

            Great deal deserved a better outcome than the clusterf#ck of specs and information drip fed over the first 24 hours.

            Did you order knowing it was a 663l fridge, or thinking it was the 84cm deep 535l fridge initially posted?

            Either way, please post a review once received. It will be great to hear what these units are really like.

            • @UncleRico: Boughy based on original 535L specs.
              Wanted a cheap fridge likely for short time, to replace failed 450L fridge.
              Needed to fit in space a bit wider than 750mm.
              Depth was a concern as I discussed. Much better depth now (concerned door might not open fully).
              But didn't really need such a big fridge😱

              • @the INFIDEL: Like a gun, it's better to have a big fridge and not need it, than to need a big fridge and not have it…

                May your veges be crisp and your beers cold.

                • @UncleRico: Thanks.
                  My beers are always cold🍺
                  But my veggies have not been crisp without a proper fridge😢
                  I really need a fridge.

                  I was more concerned about running costs of large fridge - which I was assured are as listed on Amazon (est 333kWh seems good for a fridge this size).
                  Was running a large freezer for food storage - which burnt through money💸 Won't need it now😀

                  Will post my thoughts on the fridge…

                  🎉Update: order shipped, arriving tomorrow🎉
                  (Am close to Brisbane warehouse)
                  Delivery by TNT

            • @UncleRico: Kogan 535L fridge manual lists the same incorrect depth info. So fault lies with the manufacturer for that mistake.

  • Can anyone review the clothes dryer? Need one for indoors but will not cost a ton to operate. Will need to use it roughly 20-30 times a year.

  • OP, do you have 600mm vanities?