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Pedestal Fan Clearance - Fenici FFSW45C2G High Velocity 45cm $20 (Was $59) + more @ BIG W


From Price Hipster.

Stock is available in a lot of stores across Australia. (Except QLD.)

Using a 5% off WISH eGift Card, makes it $19.


  • 45cm
  • High Velocity (= noisy)
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Oscillation Function
  • Adjustable Height up to 130cm? (A lot of reviewers are saying it's either not or only slightly adjustable due to a design flaw 1.)
  • Tilt Adjustable

Also on clearance, though it seems very few stores have stock (a quick check only turned up one store with stock - Queen Victoria Village in the Melbourne area):

Kambrook KFA413B Pedestal Fan $20 (Was $39)

  • 40cm
  • Quiet Operation (= not high velocity)
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • 80° Oscillation
  • Height Adjustable
  • Tilt Adjustable

  1. Photo courtesy of BIG W reviewer Michael P 

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  • This fan is So good during summer time although noisy .

  • Had this model fan for the last 2 years. No issues other than the limited height adjustment. But thats no really an issue for me.

  • Bunnings sell/sold an similar one. Also loud but yes it pushes a lot of air.
    Tilt adjustment is problematic though.

  • Don't leave this on while you sleep

  • Can vouch for this one. Bought it for full price a year and half ago. Very powerful.

  • These are very good fans. I keep it in the bedroom. If you can sleep through noise, this is the one

  • check the base of the fan. I cannot remember which brand I bought years ago and returned it.
    The bottom of the plastic seems like mould on them.I thought it was one off but checked all of them tne same. So end up getting my money back.

  • We bought one but the base looked so cheap and nasty we returned it.

  • +3 votes

    This probably consumes just over 100watts compared to around 18w on the cheap all plastic pedestal fans. Might not be something you really want to leave running all day or night.

    • Good point. Plus there's another, related, reason not to run them continuously. If the house is closed up, fans don't actually cool it down. In fact, they very slightly heat it up! What they do do is cool you down by increasing the rate of evaporation of your sweat. So they should really only be used when you can actually feel the air circulating. If you leave the room for an extended period, it's a good idea to turn them off.

      The other use for fans is to flush the house of hot air in the evening when it's cooler outside and there's no breeze blowing. This is best done by positioning the fan at an open window/door facing outwards, and having one other such opening at the opposite end of the house. If you are using it for that (or in the bedroom when you are sleeping/going to sleep) to save on running costs you could use a plugin timer to automatically turn the fan off after a while.

  • Better and cheaper than Kogan DC fan

  • bought this on full price and regret it due to non adjustable height and also the speed controller does not fix properly.however it does have a decent air flow which is far better than the cheapo $10 or 15 bucks fans available..

    • I haven't actually seen the fan in real life, and it's hard to see exactly how it is attached from Michael's photo, but if possible, I would try detaching the controller and reattaching it lower down on the black shaft with a couple of zip ties. (Or better still, with a custom designed 3D printed clamp.) Assuming you have the skillz to do so, of course 😉

      Doing so should fix both issues.

  • I'm blown away by this deal.

  • Can't find stock anywhere in QLD

    • Yeah. Looks like that model is either not stocked there or has already sold out statewide. I'll update the deal.

  • Can finally Netflix and chill…

  • A couple of these left at cumberland pk SA: Fenici 40cm Retro Pedestal Fan Charcoal - FVS4A40BCR (60 watts), speed controller is integrated on top of the motor. Plenty of High Velocity Floor Fans copper finish FFE45CGC (100 watts).

  • Picked mine up yesterday. Took me about 40 minutes to put together. The control doesn’t sit flush on the pole and also sits quite high up (right under the fan guard). You can’t re-position it because it has to be screwed in to the pre-drilled hole. But it’s passable. The base seems secure. It’s quite heavy and I can’t see myself adjusting the height too often. It’s more powerful and louder than my $15 all-plastic Bunnings number (yes, at 8x the electricity usage). Overall happy with the purchase.

  • My two have been delivered and constructed. One was very clearly a customer return/demo (packaging/loose parts in box), but the other one was new. Both are fine and work well.

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