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Asahi Soukai Premium Beer 330mL $10.00 Per Pack of 6 @ Dan Murphy's (Members Only)


Member Offer $10.00 per pack of 6.
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  • +14

    Mid-strength 3.5% for anyone wondering.

    • Not my thing, 4% or higher for me thanks

      Thanks for posting tho

    • +1

      thank you next

  • Made in Japan?

    • +4

      Made in China these bottles..

      • +34

        Good investigation, username checks out

        • -11

          The FBI is better known for inventing conspiracy theories.

          For example Robert Mueller happily got up in front of the world's cameras and the United Nations and claimed that Iraq attacked America on 911 and that it was producing WMD.

          This was in an effort to gain UN approval for the illegal Iraq war - in order to legitimise it. After the UN failed to believe the conspiracy theory the USA and Australia attacked anyway.

          Which was a war crime.

          • +7

            @Diji1: Yeah, but is an Ozbargain post about discounted beer the best place to talk about it?

      • +4

        I believe soukai is brewed in Australia, super dry stubbies in China, and black/super dry cans all in Japan. Unless soukai has now moved to China.

      • Soukai and Super Dry are brewed in Australia

        • Super dry original (stubbies) is from china. It tastes nothing like the Japanese cans… Do yourself a favour and try!

    • According to the very first review it's China.

      • -1

        Thanks, the latest review should be correct.

    • +7

      Brewed in Australia according to the Asahi website and Dan Murphy's.

    • +1

      You won’t even find these in Japan

  • Looks too cheap to taste good?

    • +5

      I like them. It is quite crispy, smooth and not too strong.

    • they are only 3% iirc

  • It's saying Australia?

  • Worth a try at $10

  • +3

    This is a nice clean tasting beer. My favorite mid strength too. Refreshingly crisp.

    Unlike the premium Asahi, this Chinese brew doesn't suck.

    Curious how long this deal will last, been this price for at least 2 weeks now

  • +10

    Just picked it up. Says brewed and made in Australia

    • +1

      Drove past their factory/warehouse near Ipswich QLD. Was surprised seeing a big Asahi sign beside the highway.

    • @18

      what % strength and expiry?

  • Regardless made in China or Japan, cannot go wrong six bottles for $10

    • The ones I got yesterday are made in Australia

  • Most of the time, the ozbargain community has very poor beer taste (they like Corona and other such beers that merely taste of dish water), but I might give this one a go.

    • +1

      Dishwater! Ha! Coronas etc are bland but inoffensive beers, easy to drink for most. But I usually wouldn’t buy them either.

    • +5

      Did you do your taste test of dish water under controlled conditions?

    • +2

      This is part of OzBargain's terrible beer taste

  • Nice always want to try this …cheers!

  • -1

    I'd need to be paid to drink a low strength macro lager

    • +2

      No one is asking you to.

  • Not into beer, but willing to try it. Does it taste like Vb / XXXX etc?

  • Is it free delivery by any chance?

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