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Xbox Backwards Compatible Game Sale: The Witcher 2 / Radiant Silvergun $7.50


Saw on the dash. Couple of hundred games on sale. Xbox 360 / live arcade games all play on xbox one. Enjoy

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  • I have the original Red Dead Redemption from back in the day and decided to install it on my Xbox One X. There was a large update that scales the game to 4K (not native, some trickery used) and I was fairly impressed with how it looked on my 4k OLED TV after the patch.

    If there are other games that Microsoft have Xbox One X Enhanced patches for to bring their resolution up to 4k I would recommend.

    Here you go guys, a list of what can be "enhanced" on the Xbox One X from the old 360 titles:

    • Just walked out of EB with RDR and saw this sale… oh well, only 2 bucks more for physical when you count Undead expansion.

      That isn't the 360 games that are XBox One X Enhanched list, it is the XBox One X Enhanched list

      • Let me help you break down the information in the above link:

        Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 games:

        • Assassin's Creed (4k patch)
        • Crackdown (4k patch)
        • Darksiders (4k patch)
        • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (4k patch)
        • Fable Anniversary (4k patch)
        • Fallout 3 (4k patch)
        • Forza Horizon (4k patch)
        • Gears of War 2 (4k patch)
        • Gears of War 3 (4k patch)
        • Halo 3 (HDR patch)
        • Mirror's Edge (4k, HDR patch)
        • Ninja Gaiden II (60fps patch)
        • Portal 2 (4k patch)
        • Red Dead Redemption (4k patch)
        • Skate 3 (60fps patch)
        • Sonic Generations (4k patch)
        • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (4k patch)
        • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (4k patch)
        • Some has been Remastered for Xbox One, some are available for the PC.

          So the following are those 360 games, Enhanced for XBox One X, but not available for the PC:
          - Red Dead Redemption
          - Crackdown
          - Ninja Gaiden 2
          - Skate 3
          - Gears of War 2
          - Gears of War 3
          - Forza Horizon

          If none of these are on the Game Pass, they might be the 360 games worth picking up if you have an XBox One X, but you also have a gaming PC.

  • They don't seem to have the normal 'Was, Now' on the product pages? are they actually discounted or it this like the new price?

  • Sale has ended, prices back up to normal :(