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Free Shipping at Milligram Stationery (No Min Spend) E.g. Mondial Paperclips 100 Pieces $0.89 Delivered


Free shipping storewide at Milligram - no minimum spend.
Extra 10% off when you subscribe to their mailing list. Edit: code THANKS10.

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Montverde Ballpoint pen refills from $2.95
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    Just ordered some ink refills.

    10% discount code is THANKS10


    Why is this pen $549.00? Am I missing something? https://milligram.com/lamy-2000-ballpoint-pen-black-amber


      Yeah, it comes as a box of 2000. What a bargain!


      It’s 399, before the code and the trs.

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      It's a pen collector's thing. As with most collecting it's pretty hard to justify to someone who's not into the hobby.

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      1. It's an anniversary limited edition that's made of steel instead of makrolon (plastic) used in the original
      2. The pen is usually a fountain pen which is expensive. They always make a ballpoint and mechanical version to match that are often slightly cheaper
      3. The original fountain pen is $200 if you're lucky. It's expensive because of its history, design and it uses a platinum coated gold tip so it's super smooth
      4. It's a LAMY, so it's German and is over-engineered

        The Lamy 2000 steel model is close to $350ish on a very good day. Mighty fine pen I might add.

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    Here’s the link to everything on sale:



    Thanks OP. I ordered 700 paperclips for 3.13 delivered. Should last me a while :)


    Free shipping ended?


      Free shipping ended yesterday 11am but looks like there’s still a sale going on.