expired [eBay Plus] Oral B Gold Sakura Limited Edition Toothbrush Genius 9000 $126.65 Delivered @ Shaver Shop eBay


Top of the line toothbrush ..Usually selling for over $169 on sale .. Good price when combined with eBAY code

Original 15% off on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members eBay Deal Post

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      Just out of interest which toothbrush do you use? Would be good if you could add some substance to your comment rather than giving an opinion which is not warranted.

      I previously used Colgate plastic tooth brush and switched over to a previous version Gen 8000. I must say that I was amazed with the difference in just 3 - 4 weeks as its power rotation does a lot of work for you which helps lose plaque.

      I then bought one for my dad (Aged 71) and it has been helpful for his sensitive teeth and gums,as they have a warning light that acts as an alert if too much pressure is being applied.It has genuinely made him feel better with less pain whilst brushing his teeth ( Not many i must say !)

      I also bought a lower end version ( priced approx $30) for my kids who are reluctant to brush their teeth and these seem more fun for them to use.

      TBH IMO .. they are genuinely priced reasonably for your oral health .. and would definitely avoid a dental bill in the long run.

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    I own a cheap Oral B toothbrush and it's good enough. I also have a WaterPik which is definitely a worthwhile investment over a more expensive toothbrush! My dentist guessed that I used one because my teeth are so clean!


    i love my 8000


    Good price. Bought a black one for the gf last week for $140!


    Good price
    Have a black 9000 I also paid much much more for.
    Only ever use the the one setting. And the Bluetooth is a gimmick.
    The 5000 is probably where I'd stop. Heaps better than the more basic ones, and has a cool bathroom clock. Otherwise anything other than the vitality is the way to go, as long as it has the pressure sensor.


    Has gone up in price $20 as of a few minutes ago.


    Is this over now? It’s priced at $169 which is $143 with 15% off.

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