Looking for a Cheap Tool Chest

Hey guys,

I'm looking at buying a cheap tool chest.
It won't get used very much so I'm not after something expensive. Just something to store my tools in nicely.

Just wanted to get anyone's opinion on which I should get, or any others out there that I may have missed.

~$220 as I can use the YOUI rewards for 15% off giftcards, and maybe the 2% for Cashrewards (not sure if that will work)



The Super Cheap one has a lot of bad reviews but the Daytona has no reviews that I can find.

I also see that the Super Cheap one has sold for a fair bit less a few years back.



    Supercheap seems to have this one as well - $149. Might be rubbish tho.



      Looks like it has 2 less drawers and it's slightly smaller.


    As long as its got ball bearing slides….and the drawers come all the way out. You're good to go

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    I use flexi tubs for most things or a packout.

    Tubs are good for power tools and can be stacked so I generally bring a few extra tubs stacked to my worksite and the extra tubs are used to cart waste.

    I'm not a tradie but I do 2-3 hours of construction work daily.

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      Milk crates are good too for power tools.

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        I use those too. Perfect size to place a circular saw.


    How do you use your tools and what type of work do you do?

    I use a 6 drawer tool chest similar to https://sydneytools.com.au/product/daytona-d6dtc-26-heavy-du...
    It's not full and it's still a heavy bugger to move - about 40-50kg (I can easily dead lift a 25kg bucket of mud above my head out of a pit and it's a lot heavier). If you tend to take your tools to different places there's a high risk of back injury.

    If you need the tools then the SCA unit is good value but based on my first kit, half of it will never bee used.


    Trojan 680 x 460 x 1520mm 16 Drawer Tool Chest And Trolley @ $570 from Bunnings

    I bit more than your budget but I bought one of these about 6 months ago, Quality is great and it is massive. The weight of the things gives a good sign of the quality.

    I looked at the cheaper ones in Supercheap / Syndey Tools and decided even though they are very cheap, they just won't last. The drawers on the ones in store were already giving up.


    Just an update:
    I went to buy something like this yesterday and was surprised how short it is but also the lack of depth.
    The draws don't open all the way either. They stop at least an inch short.
    It honestly looks like a toy.
    They have sold for as little as $160 a few years ago.

    This one looked a hell of a lot better. Although it seems to be discontinued as there wasn't much stock around.
    It also doesn't come with any tools.

    I'll be holding out for something better.
    I was thinking something like this which, although has less drawers, I believe would actually have more total space. Plus you can always buy the top later.
    It has sold very cheap in Feb which I must've missed at the time. $190. What a bargain that was.


      I'm interested to know what you settled on, if you have purchased something and how is it holding up?