expired Nikon D3500 AF-P 18-55 VR + AF-P 70-300 VR Nikon KIT $499 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Part of Amazon mid year sale. Seems a good price better than last year dealhttps://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/420250 as this include the tele lens too.

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    Great price. I remember paying around $600 in 2012 for the 70-300mm VRII zoom, which is heavier and probably not as good. This lens is great for sport.


    Sorry for noob question.
    What does this sort of equal in a 'X/times' zoom?
    I have a a 'bridge' camera and love its standard 40x zoom. I am wanting the other benefits of a DSLR camera though, so am thinking of upgrading. but i would like to be able to do the same zoom shots without breaking the bank if possible

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      I'm no expert but it all depends on the minimum focal length of your camera, AFAIK.

      If your camera has a minimum equivalent focal length of say 18mm, at 40x it would be 720mm.

      If it's baseline is 21mm, it would be 840mm…. etc etc

      The whole 40x, 65x zoom etc listed in specs isn't really helpful. If you look through the specs of your camera it might list equivalent focal length range.


        Ahh yes, thank you i knew there was something about the 'times zoom' being a bit of a misleading measurement.
        From that you have put me on the right track to figure it out. In the manual for the camera its says its equivalent to 22-825mm. So this ozbargain is less than half the zoom (close to a third of the zoom).
        Damn, i guess theres no way to have super zoom on a DSLR for cheap then, as all higher 'mm' lenses seem pretty expensive.
        Maybe i'll see about higher end 'bridge' cameras as i have heard some of the sensors in those were getitng up there in size, close to DSLR.


    what is the cash back from Cashrewards on this? It looks like it is 4.5% from Shopback, but does it fall under the "electronics" category (3.5%) or "other products" category (7%) for Cashrewards?