Refurbished Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with Sony's refurbished headphones. Are they still pretty much the same as brand new?


  • Depends which seller. If directly from Sony they're pretty accurate to the description of the condition.

  • I've bought refurb camera equipment from sony before and they're as good as new. I imagine they'd treat their other products in the same way

  • Got mine during the last Sony $319 refurb sale. Had the same experience as others which was opened box taped shut with a brand new set inside. They work great and I'm glad I pulled the trigger despite a bunch of posters saying not to.

    • I gotta ask, did you NEED them? I find myself wanting them a lot, but… ugh lol.

      • No one NEEDS $300+ ANC headphones hahaha

      • Haha! I have enough trouble justifying my purchases to myself let alone others :)

        They are very good. If you fly fairly regularly as I do they will ensure you hear practically nothing but what you're playing the whole flight.

        If you have to join meetings from time to time as I do also, the microphone is really good and I am always told they can hear me clearly.

        If you are on the fence, go to a Sony shop and try them on. My only gripe is they are a bit heavy for long use. That said, I think they are great.