Receive a BOGOF Movie Voucher with Purchase of Arnott's Shapes @ Arnott's



Purchase any specially marked Arnott's Shapes at any retailer in Australia (including online) and fill out the claim form with the unique code found inside the Qualifying Purchase product. All valid Claims will win a prize (entrants will be instantly notified as to which prize they have won).

Max 1 claim per person per day.

Purchase Period (AEST): 00:01 1 June 2019 to 23:59 31 Jul 2019
Claim Period (AEST): 1 June 2019 to 23:59 20 Aug 2019


Any specially marked Arnott's Shapes including but not limited to:
Shapes Original BBQ 175g
Shapes Original Pizza 190g
Shapes Original Cheddar Cheese 175g
Shapes Original Cheese & Bacon Original 180g
Shapes Original Chicken Crimpy 175g
Shapes Original Savoury 185g
Shapes Nacho 160g
Shapes Vegemite 165g
Shapes BBQ Original Value Pack 250g
Shapes Pizza Original Value Pack 270g
Shapes Original Chicken Crimpy Value Pack 250g


Gold Class movie voucher (Village/Event) $42 3,574
Adult movie voucher (Village/Event/Greater Union/BCC/Reading/Palace/independent cinemas) $22 14,296
'Buy one get one free' movie ticket voucher (Village/Event/Greater Union/BCC/Reading/Palace/independent cinemas) $22 7,076,510
'Small Combo' voucher - small popcorn and small drink (Village/Event) $11.50 53,610


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  • +25 votes

    Over 99% are BOGOF vouchers. Telstra thanks -> 💯 (free)

    Expected value (99x0$+1x42$)/100=0.42$

    Cost of shapes 3$

    3$ - 0.42$ = expected loss 2.58$

    • +2 votes

      The expected loss is unthinkably high :(

      • +1 vote

        The expected loss calculation here is not quite right as:
        0.99*22 = 21.78 and the threshold is only $3

        It depends on how you value a “win”. Given only 1% equates to a non-BOGOF, it’s straight forward without having to calculate.


      Telstra thanks program was renamed to Telstra Plus.

    • -5 votes

      who goes to the movies alone?

      • +6 votes

        … Many people?


          Listen assuming rational people buy this item.

          • Out of 100, 90 go with another whilst the other 10 let the prize expire
          • Using a binomial model with a 99% chance of receiving a BOGOF and 1% chance of the gold 89 people receive BOGOF, with 1 receiving gold and rest expire losing -$30.
          • Average prize won is (89 x $22)+(1 x $42) = $22.2 per person out of 90
          • ($22.2 x 90)+(-$3 x10)+(-$3 x 90) = $+1698
          • their other buys a ticket for $22 x 90 making a loss of $1980
          • 1698 - (2* 1980) = effectively costs -$2262 for a normal outing for 180 people = $12.6 per person
          • Let's say you manage to find a ticket for $10.. uh oh

          Anyway's majority go movies every week with another and pay $16-$30 so this is a deal thanks please don't judge taking mods :)

    • +1 vote

      I'm sorry but i don't understand what you're saying.

      What is a 3$? Is that a phone or car model?


    ****! Threw the receipt away >:(


    where is the unique code? I can't seem to find it inside my pack.

  • +5 votes

    Why praytel do they need your phone number and date of birth? Bloody cheeky. They'll be getting neither from me.


    This is why….

    The Promoter collects personal information ("PI") in order to conduct the promotion and
    may, for this purpose, disclose such PI to third parties, including but not limited to agents,
    contractors, service providers, prize suppliers


      I think that is perhaps partly an answer to my question. They may be sharing contact information in return for financial reimbursement?

      Edit: didn’t read the above properly, sounds like they’re only sharing information for the purpose of conducting the competition and not selling it.


      Restricted to the purpose of conducting the promotion.

      You're probably ok, though of course you're not. No one is ok, ever. Especially here as they're seeking your DOB which is irrelevant to the promotion - it may influence what movies you see, but you can still claim.

      Mod: Comment Signature Removed


      This is why….

      Well duh …

      Note that may = will.


      Its pretty standard for all promotions to prevent fraudulent entry.. not really a big deal.

  • +4 votes

    0.25% chance of getting a standard standalone or Gold class ticket. Giving this one a miss

  • -1 vote

    How much would this have cost Arnott’s in order to run through this promo? Event would want reimbursement for their BOGOF tickets; sure they have at least one person buying a ticket when they might not have ordinarily but they are still losing out on that other ticket sale, so you’d think that they’d want something in return. So, if we assume that Event take a hit on the second ticket price and write off half of the normal ticket price, which at worst (for Event) might be $11, do we then think that Arnott’s are buying $35M odd worth of movie tickets for this promo? That’s an insane amount for a promo. I know Arnott’s are a big company but that’s a huge amount of money, and that’s assuming it would be half price. Am I way off with my thinking on the cost, or is that not a particularly large amount for a promo? What do people think?

    • +7 votes

      They would be paying approximately zero dollars for the bogof tickets.


        Why would Event gift Arnott’s 7M odd tickets? I’m curious, I can understand writing the tickets down a bit, but just giving them away?

        • +8 votes

          The vast majority of the BOGOF tickets will never get used. Those that do get used presumably will be from people who might not otherwise have visited Event but did so because of Arnotts. Win win for both companies so no need for each to pay the other.

        • +4 votes

          It's gets people in seats for event cinemas. With that comes one paying customer and two potential up sells at the candy bar.

          Its a win win, which is why there's so many of them and much less of the single adult movie voucher, yet they have the same 'value' as prizes.

    • +2 votes

      It is actually very clever promo I recon budget is less than 50k

      Arnott is Not buying $35M tickets they only either pay insurance or cover cost themselves. I’m pretty sure BOGOF vouchers are free for big companies. With everything else the cost is just 0.20$ per package from expected value calculation in my first post.

      If they sell 100000 packages the actual cost for them would be 20000$ Plus marketing company margin 30000$


        But I don’t understand how that works from Event’s perspective? Aren’t they losing money by giving away tickets? It doesn’t seem like the initial ticket is more expensive than it normally would be to cover the cost of the second free ticket, so I can’t understand why they would just give away free tickets?

        I mean what are Event getting in return?

        • +3 votes

          My friend, Events margins on tickets are so high, that they can easily distribute BOGOF vouchers.

          Very likely that Event pay licence 30-35% from ticket sales. This means that BOGOF cost them only unsold seat in a movie Theater, but extra people buy popcorn etc on which Event doesn’t pay licence


            @evgpek: So they basically cover the costs by having higher profits ordinarily anyway? That would make sense.

            How would this work from a businesses books though? Would they have to classify the second free ticket as a write off? Or would they only write off their cost? So if the ticket actually only costs Event $5 but they charge us $22 would they say it cost them $5 or actually $22 in lost revenue?

            Edit: just saw your update, so they’d probably just write it down as a $5 loss, but they make back that loss through the candy bar? That does make sense.

            Thanks for your replies :)

        • +1 vote

          Aren’t they losing money by giving away tickets?

          No unless the ticket is replacing a paying customer I assume.

    • +3 votes

      Event still profit from BOGOF. Their typical ticket prices are $7-13 daily anyway (ie Groupon) - $22 is about what 2 tickets usually cost.

  • +4 votes

    I accidentally ate my code…

  • +4 votes

    $3 and your personal details and time to get a BOGOF voucher, when cheap tickets are easily available elsewhere?
    No thanks.

  • +4 votes

    High vis vest with paint stains and a toolbox in your right hand. Walk in like a boss while pretend to be on the phone and swear a few times. The 15 year old gatekeepers will not dare ask u for a ticket.

    • +6 votes

      I reckon plumber is the best option. If challenged, you're here to unblock the toilet in the disabled facilities. Nobody is going to mess with you

  • +1 vote

    So this is more like a raffle instead of a bargain unless you actually consider a BOGOF voucher to be a bargain.

  • +3 votes

    Oh how I wished I read more than the title before upvoting lol.

    Look, I guess when they are next half price I might grab a pack of shapes for $1.50. If I get a movie ticket out of it, good. If I don't, I wasn't buying it for that reason anyway.

    • +2 votes

      Oh how I wished I read more than the title before upvoting

      Click the votes tab and then click “revoke” to revoke your vote. If you revoke five times you get a badge!


    Who need to go watch a movie when you have netflix :)


    I was cutting shapes at the premier of the new Disney's Aladin just the other day

  • +3 votes

    Apparently you have to upload a receipt for proof of purchase, I don’t keep receipts.

    Here’s a code if anyone wants it…



    If anyone can test it, how much are the bogof reading tickets? Because they are $11 each all the time. Are they possibly $11 and $1 admin fee for two tickets with this voucher?


      Looks like Reading is $12 but Village is $24 - I've just asked them why Village is $24 for two when the everyday price is $15 for one (vs what looks like correct Reading BOGOF pricing)


    These end up being everyday Groupon prices…?


    can yo use the bogof and a groupon voucher to purchase the ticket?


    Keep getting buy one get one free. Has anyone entered recently ? Have they started giving away the other vouchers yet. ?


      They'd have all of them available from the start until allocation is exhausted. It'd just be a chance-based awarding system


    From the email they send

    "A Movie Voucher refers to a pre-paid voucher, issued digitally and valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the date of issue, which entitles the holder to redeem a movie ticket from a specific participating cinema for a standard (2D) movie session.

    You will be required to nominate, at the time of Claim, the cinema where you wish to redeem the voucher. After making this selection, you will only be able to redeem the voucher consistent with such selection and you will not be able to amend this selection.

    This voucher allows you to purchase two (2) movie vouchers for the price of one (1). The price is based on the RRP of a full priced movie voucher.

    You will be charged $23AUD + $1 administrative fee/ $18.50NZD + a $2 administrative fee.

    In order to use your movie 2 for 1 voucher, please click here and make your purchase by the 20/09/2019. Purchases will not be accepted after this date.

    Doesn't mention VMAX etc


    Be sure to purchase these tickets WELL in advance. the vouchers they send you will not be valid or activated for 2 business days afterwards.

    Got a single chance to see a movie, figured I'd get them a few hours beforehand, nope. Not valid, cinema wouldn't accept them either.

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