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[PS4] 12 Mth PS Plus $55.95 | DualShock 4 Controller $49 | PS Hits $19 | God of War $35 | Spider-Man $35 @ Target


Just saw this deal on Press-Start.

Target is first cab off the rank when it comes to revealing their Days of Play PlayStation sale. The sale will be hitting all Australian retailers between June 7th and June 17th.

We’re assuming that in addition to the below, all PlayStation Hits will be $19, but we’ll keep you posted on this.

DualShock 4 controllers – $49 (Save $29)
PlayStation Plus 12 month membership – $55.95 (Save $24)
God Of War – $35
Spider-Man – $35
GT Sport – $24
Ratchet and Clank – $19
Little Big Planet 3 – $19
InFAMOUS Second Son – $24
PlayStation 4 500gb Console – $319

Days of Play promotion

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +13

    Controller price is okay but the rest just looks like last year’s prices

    • +23

      PS Plus is a good price

    • Does Target have a variety of colours for their controllers? All I see in the website is boring black, blue and white.

    • +1

      No, Spiderman is not last years price.

    • Last years prices nect week are still decent prices compared to todays prices.

    • -4

      @miq typical stupid comment found on here.
      Any cheaper and they are giving these games away also so what? Do you want to buy the game adhesion if you got it on a great salr list year?

      Yeah, stupid.

    • Any controller price is okay? Trying to get a 2 for 1 dumb comment?

    • The best controller price was that EB Games last year, where you trade your old ones and get new one.

  • +1

    I thought there was going to be a days gone deal

    • +1

      There will be on the PS Store

  • DualShock 4 controllers – $49, EBgames will price match this yeah? Still got $250 voucher from controller trade in to spend.

    • +3

      It depends on the store. My local one will only price match a store if it's in the same shopping centre. I don't see why it would make a difference, but they said it was store policy.

      • My local one will only price match a store if it's in the same shopping centre.

        Mine will only price match if it's on the same level in the same shopping centre.

        • within eyesight was the latest one!

        • -2

          @jv yeah I doubt it, you're just saying silly crap.

      • +1

        I hear a few people say this, you'd think every store would have to follow the same rules but my one doesn't even check if it's in stock. I just hand my phone to them and they look at what store it is and say ok. Never been turned down and I've price matched from places 30k away.

        • +1

          Yeah I always hear this, but have never had it happen to me - from like at least 10 different ebs.
          I have had a few ring to check stock levels.

        • Whichever one you're going to is pretty good. The one I go to, and I've done this at least 5 times now on different games, always checks if it's 1: in stock, 2: competitor is not online-only, 3: in same suburb.

          JB are a bit more lenient so I always go there now.

          • @Blitzfx: I guess it must be up to the individual store managers? Which is strange for this type of business. I only match actual brick stores, usually Harvey Norman. But one time they definitely didn't have stock which it said on the screen when I handed her the phone and she just said Harvey Norman cool and matched it.

            • @ImpatientTurtle: I suspect it is. I read comments on here about rookies price matching when they shouldn't have, so I know their system can handle it. Nothing stopping a manager from doing the same thing.

              They're just shooting themselves in the foot because I'll just take my business elsewhere or online.

        • Yeah. I can only pricematch stuff that’s in local stock:

  • I hope some vibrant colourways like last year make an appearance.
    Alpine green is alright though. Will trade in my standard black controller.
    What’s everyone gotten for V2 black PS4 trade in?

  • +3

    Can you buy the PS Plus subscription online and get the code emailed? Or do you have to go in store?

    • IIRC ps store had a deal like this as well. From memory it was this price and you didn’t need to be unsubbed or new member.

      • +1

        From the 7th they will be doing their days of play sale, so you'll have to check in then

  • +1

    Thanks, can finally buy back my Dualshock 4 after trading my only one to Ebgames during the April promo, been going without since.

    • So how have you been using your ps4?

      • Obviously he has more than one controller

        • He traded in his only one.

          • @Bryanalves: His only Dualshock 4. There are other controllers out there.

            • @mekktor: See he sold his one and only controller.

              • @Bryanalves: Ha OK. Obviously I had no idea what his situation is. I was just pointing out a possible explanation for what he said that you seemed to miss.

      • So how have you been using your ps4?

        I actually haven’t.
        Multiple reasons:
        - Got a Switch
        - New bub
        - Uni

        Still bought a few PS4 games since tho so better start working on that backlog when things calm down.

  • Pretty sure that ps plus deal is 5 dollars cheaper than last year?

  • anyone know if eb will price match the plus price?

    • +4

      They might be offering the same price themselves during the Days Of Play sale without needing to match.

    • +3

      Yeah, the prices are set by Sony I believe.
      I like Target because I can use fly buys

      I remember getting ps4 headphones for 60 bucks in 2017.
      They're not doing much hardware apart from controllers?

      • +1

        i got the 7-8% gift card from suncorp :D so i tend to buy from eb if possible lol

  • Thanks, I need a spare DS4, glad I waited. Might grab a PS+ sub too.

  • +10

    Some pretty unremarkable prices here. God Of War was cheaper than that late last year, best price on Spider-Man to date but only by a few dollars, and $19 for PS Hits is barely a discount (especially considering most have been cheaper in the past).

    • +8

      Infamous Second Son is what, 5 years old, $24 is a joke.

    • Yeah I think i got it for 25 at christmas?

      • Yeah, it was $29 over black friday then $25 around christmas time.

    • You can't compare a sony days of play sale to a black friday / boxing day sale though.

      Black friday and boxing day normally biggest in the year. This is just a random sony one.

  • +18

    Good price for God of War. That game is worth its full price, let alone discounted.

    • +1

      Couldn't agree more - bought it full price as part of a buy 2 get one free deal, and it's now my favourite game. Can't recommend enough - especially at $35!

    • Bought God of War on Day One, game was absolutely amazing. No regrets on paying the full price.

      • I bought it at $25 and didn't enjoy it much at all.

        • You can probably sell it for the same price, or more.

          • @Kontiki: Don't get me wrong, I'm not even saying it wasn't worth the $25. Of course the game wasn't bad. It just wasn't what everyone had hyped it up to be. That's why I offered a different opinion on it.

  • +3

    Hopefully Amazon price match spiderman. Spend my $30 voucher from the WD HD price error

    • +2

      They will. Sony is doing their days of play discounts with the distributor. Not a target exclusive.

  • Good timing on PS Plus - mine finally ends in 10 days after I stacked a couple a few years ago.

    Also, can anyone confirm whether the DS4’s can end up getting Bluetooth connection issues with age? I have an OG white controller that’s 4.5 years old that drops inputs quite often now. Might be time to replace it with a V2.

  • +4

    Gonna finally pick up Spiderman

    • It was good.

  • Can I buy a bunch of ps plus vouchers and use them year after year?

    • +2

      If you mean PS Plus memberships then yes you can stack them.

    • +1

      Yeah i think you can stack up to 3 years. Mine expires a while off :)

    • You use them all at once the time stacks , so buy 2 and you sub will expire in 2 years.

  • Goddamn my membership auto-renew'd itself 2 days go :(

    • If you worried about loosing ps plus games, ypu can extend for 1 months then get the ps plus 12 months card, you can still save some money. I hope.

      • +2

        You never 'lose' the games, they just become locked and you can't add any new until subscriber again, but thry are still on the account for when you re-subscribe.

        • oh didn't know that. because of it, last year had to pay full price as there was no promotion.

          • @V003: Ouch.
            Yeah so for instance, my subscription ran out the end of last month, I already have the hadsome jack collection and not interested in sonic, and so I'll wait and see if next months games hold interest for me before I resubscribe.
            Until then I can't play any of my 'plus' games, but once I do, all games Ive added over the years will be unlocked again for me.

            In saying that, I'll buy a 12 month subscription when they go on sale to activate next month, maybe the month after, or whwnever they offer something I'm interested in.

            • @Spiderboy: i gonna buy those discounted vouchers from target to avoid the bullshitry,
              unless they offer me 3 months of netflix or psn.

  • Will this be only instore? or online aswell

  • -1

    Though not the cheapest price, God of War and Spider-man are definitely worth getting

    • When was spiderman cheaper?

      • My bad, not the cheapest for God of War only

  • +3

    I love a good Target games sale, but they never ever have stock in store.

  • +1

    Im pretty sure the PS Plus will only be instore as you cannot buy it online, pity because I would have liked to try use Afterpay.

  • +1

    Waiting for big w, Jbhifi, Amazon etc, This is pretty poorly priced although I have all them games anyway.

  • Should be same price Digital. Looking forward to finally getting Spiderman

    • Me too, been after for long time but would not pay full money

      • Its a good game, a lot of repetition but the storyline is great. I was happy with it for the $40 I bought it for from target last year, then sold it for $35 after finishing.

  • Nice, PlayStation Plus 12 month membership is where it's at!

  • PS plus
    And controller worth buying…. Games not so much

  • Need more different controller colours.

  • Just noticed GT Sport is 20 at Big W

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