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Board Games EOFY Sale on Assorted Games ($55.79 Catan, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders, and Others) + $9 Delivery @ Board Geeks


Board Geeks are having an EOFY sale on many titles!

Games are priced competitively! However for some games, Amazon with Prime would have done it cheaper historically. If you find anything on our store that's cheaper elsewhere currently, we will try our best to price beat!


$24.99 Decrypto
$51.99 Splendor
$32.99 Keyforge Age of Ascension 2 Player Starter Set
$12.79 Keyforge Age of Ascension Deck
$84.99 Blood Rage
$47.99 Secret Hitler
$28.00 Machi Koro
$73.99 Fury of Dracula
$69.99 Viticulture EE
$38.99 Viticulture Tuscany EE
And more!

Enjoy puzzles and escape rooms? Take a look at our EXIT and UNLOCK collection which are all $18.29 a piece. Enjoy a 1 hour board game escape room with 1-5 friends, compatible with a phone app!

Note that as we are a small scale business, shipping of most orders will occur from 10th June onwards.

If you're new to the board game hobby, come have a chat with us on our Facebook! We are very passionate geeks and we will endeavour to find the right game for you and your group!


Pickup is available in Canley Vale, message Facebook or email [email protected] to arrange pickup!

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  • Did Azul just sell really badly? It's on clearance everywhere but was really highly regarded.

    • Theres 2 versions. Azul and Azul stained glass. Azul is meant to be the superior game

      • Oh, thanks for the heads up. I had no idea

        • Also. Axial has been a top seller for Plan B for months now, maybe everyone that wanted a copy has one now.

  • Great prices! Haven't tried your store before but best of luck. I have everything I need atm. Cant recommend Blood Rage / Secret Hitler and Viticulture enough

  • Any Secret Hitler players out there who would care to justify $48 for a proper version over the free Print and Play version? I've kept an eye on the price for a while but I'm hard pressed to justify >$40 for a game that I can get for free.

    • +1

      High quality components is the main reason, it's very well made, aswell as supporting the creator. I used the print and play versions so much I bought the physical version because I played it so often and enjoyed it so much.
      You won't be disappointed, but it doesn't add anything to the game the free version doesn't have.

      • +1

        Hmm that's pretty much what I thought. Maybe I'll have a couple of goes and then see if I want to make a donation haha

    • +2

      agree with room temperature - its a high quality game, the components are beautiful and will last forever.

      I would invest in it if you play a lot.

  • What surburb in South-West Sydney is the pickup location based? Some great prices on here!

    • Canley Vale!

  • +1

    The sale has been updated to include Catan Titles, Ticket to Ride Titles, 7 Wonders, and Azul!

    • no sale on Brass? :)

      • You asked, and we'll deliver! Scythe games added, Brass Birmingham and Lancashire added. Note we have LIMITED stock on these.

        • Thank! hopefully they last 24 hours as I only just saw this and its time for bed. work all day tomorrow so only after work I can hop on to order :(

        • Must ask what Scythe is like?

          Also for a first timer is the original Brass now Birmingham, and the sequel Lancashire? Or would you recommend either, or are both needed (or standalone each?)

          • @SaberX: I was surprised by how much I liked Scythe but it's worth noting it is an engine building game - not a combat game (despite what the minature mechs and giant game board/map would have you believe). It's all about "what can I do this turn which is most efficient and also sets me up for an efficient next turn". Combat is lacklustre and thematically it's a bit odd and some mechanics exist only because of balance with no thematic reason behind them. But I have played it 10 or so times and still enjoy it.

            Birmingham is widely regarded as an improvement/refinement over Lancashire (Lancashire was originally released just as "Brass"). I have only played the original but am looking to pick up Birmingham soon.

            • @get-innocuous: Engine building (Scythe) similar to Agricola and also having played Wingspan in recent times?

              Regarding Lancashire (original Brass) - how did you find this? Is this quite a geek /board game enthusiast heavy game not suitable for whipping out on a saturday night with friends (who just board game on odd occasions)?

              If it is really full on then may go Viticulture.

    • Ah geez, time to start my collection! Used to be pals with a boardgame cafe owner interstate but I don't have a collection since I moved. Been meaning to kick it off.

      Any recommendations - usually 2 - 4 players, max 6, most of my friends are casual.

      Catan is a must, I like 7 wonders and Waterdeep a lot, I used to like Mysterium but can't remember if it's got much longevity. I think I used to like Citadels too but I forget how it plays.

      Viticulture has my interest, as does 7 wonders duel.

      I have Risk in the cupboard but that's it. Friends have Secret Hitler, CodeNames etc so I am covered on those.

      Importantly - limited on cupboard space!

      • 7 Wonders Duel is a great game, my wife and I play it all the time :)

        • Viticulture Essential Edition is best enjoyed with the Tuscany expansion board, as it enhances the gameplay in a rewarding manner for players. Depending on your budget that may be too much of an investment however.

          Personally I took the plunge, it was well worth it given you enjoy Catan and Waterdeep.

          • @Alzo17: I have played Unfair, abit of power grid… have 7 wonders, pandemic, agricola (haven't played). How do these compare to Viticulture? With unfair we were touching on the edge of patience with non gamers and I wonder if Viticulture is one of those 'indepth' games loved by board gamers, and not so much your casual mates on a weekend? Or is it an indepth game like Agricola?

            one reason I was umm'ing and err'ing about Food magnate…

            Can the Viticulture EE be played on its own and enjoyable without Tuscany? Still max 6 players in that case?

            • @SaberX: @saberx
              Ill address this post and your above post here.

              Scythes a bit more deeper than the games you've said above. You can check the product page for my thoughts on it.

              The original is Brass, and Brass Lancashire is an amended version of that. Brass birmingham is a bit more free-er than lancashire and a bit less daunting to get on the table.

              Viticulture features worker placement, similar to Agricola but far less punitive than Agricola. In Agricola, players often find themselves in a tense situation to feed their family, and many starve. Lol

              Pandemic is a cooperative game which can be enjoyed assuming there are no alpha-players dominating the actions of other players. This is not similar to Viticulture, so you would not be overlapping by owning both.

              Tuscany is not required to get a taste of what Viticulture is like. It's a sound game for 1-6 players. However, should you find you DO enjoy Viticulture, than its an absolute recommend to then acquire Tuscany.

              The above is my opinion only.

  • Dang Brass has sold out

  • +1

    Escape rooms board games have been added at $18.29 a game!

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