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Closing Down Sale: Half Price Metal Detectors $53 / $24.50 + Shipping (~$8) @ Goldcart


Metal detectors, good to have if you like outdoor / camping

Good for kids play or entry level for professional gold hunting.

Closing down, limited stock.

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    This link a coat hanger store



    Hope this link helps.

    To who has purchased, the next dispatching day will be Friday morning.

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    I read it as Mental Detectors and thought 'This would be great for the mother in law'


    Any professional gold hunters here?

    i had a chat to a fella once who said he was a dedicated hunter. He was a bit older and im sure retired. but he said he finds small pieces here and there.. not enough that one would quit your day job. but enough for the thrill and i guess the hope that one day something big will turn up.




    I actually only 2 weeks ago got my first unit, the Garrett Ace 400i, then last week picked up my pinpointer, the Garrett ProPointer AT Z-Lynk. While pinpointers aren't 'necessary' I do highly recommend you get one with your metal detector, because it makes recovery time soooo much quicker, like, wowwee!


      Thanks for the info SySalem, I was wondering if the pinpointer was worth it. Is there any point buying these cheap detectors? I have the impression that you need to buy better quality?

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        No worries, M8TY! I was the same at first, watching videos and reading reviews, then decided to just get the detector by itself. It wasn't until after I had gone for my first sweep and then I watched someone on Twitch live stream their detecting (as it's something I am getting set up to do myself) and seeing them actually use the pinpointer that I knew I should have bought them together. It 100% isn't required, but I cannot stress how useful it really is and the amount of time you end up saving.

        As for the cheap detectors, as MaMan above had said "toys" hits it very close on the head. Do they work? Sure. But is this what you would start on if you wanted to get into the hobby? Personal opinion? Nope. The Ace 400i goes for around $650~ but the two lower models, the 200i (being around $350~) and the 300i are both pretty similar, and very fine to start with. The differences aren't massive, and if you're not too sure on how you'll like the hobby, starting on the low end is completely fine! The Ace series for example is actually a more beginner series anyway as a whole. The products here, are very much the kind you would get a kid if you wanted them to come along with you to have a little fun/keep them occupied (How well are they sized for children though?)

        In the end it all comes down to exactly what you're after (features and purpose), and how much you're willing to spend. If you want to go as cheap as possible, just to have some fun in the backyard, or maybe just for the summer trip to the old farm or something one off, this could have its uses. If you're actually interested in the hobby of detecting, then save up for a solid entry model.


          Thanks again for your advice SySalem 😃. It always good to have a fellow Ozbargainer share their experience!
          Have a great day!


    All orders paid by Paypal has been dispatched last Friday. Thanks guys.

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