Village Movie Tickets

What's currently the cheapest way to get Village Movie Tickets?

There have been similar forum topics on this in the past, but they are quite a few years old.

I used to get them for about $12.50 each via Telstra Thanks (loyalty program for Telstra customers). About a month or so ago, Telstra changed the loyalty program over to Telstra Plus. Supposedly, the promotion is still available under the new loyalty program but this never works ('internal payment error' will be displayed when you try to pay via any card / PayPal). There are plenty of other customers reporting such issues and Telstra staff only say its Village's fault.

So does anyone else know of other good options to get discounted Village Movie Tickets?

I know Village VRewards members get $15 tickets. I don't think you get cheap Tuesday tickets anymore (at least not when booking online). My workplace used to sell discounted tickets but not any more.

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    People on gumtree who sell discounted tickets, that's how I normally get them

  • Here you go. Free tickets

  • Telstra works for me.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I'll give them another try the next time I'm off to the cinemas. Didn't work for me when I tried last week (third movie i've tried to book through Telstra).

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    Are you member of RACV ?

    Discount Village Cinemas are available :

  • I have two.

    What are you willing to offer in exchange?

  • Thanks everyone for the advice!

    I go pretty frequently with a small group of friends. I'm usually the one who books on our behalf. A longer term alternative seems to be the RACV members discount. I'm not a member yet, but I will be soon when my current roadside assist package ends next month :-)