Origin LPG Invoice Fee Error?

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone knows what the LPG Equipment fee is for with Origin Energy. We moved into a rental last year that has 2 external LPG tanks and after 4 months went empty. Got them refilled with Origin (cost about $200+).

Then 5 months later we just got another bill for another $84.00 stating LPG Equipment Fee $38.18 x 2 + Tax. What is this fee? We had tanks that weren't theres when we moved in and all theyve done is refill them?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Sounds like a rental fee (which they do charge) - sure way to find out is to give them a call?

    • I did and thats what they said. But it makes no sense when the 2 bottles came with the house already and we were with Origin.

      • While the tanks may not be theirs, they aren’t yours. Origin and others use tanks of other companies, and likewise those companies sometime use origin tanks. I don’t know how they reconcile this use. They could even pay a rental fee to another gas supplier, that they collect from da

        • As below I assumed that the owner bought bottles originally and now gets them refilled like swap a bottle. So does the renter pay the fee or the owner / real estate?

  • But Origin will own the bottles, fact they were still at the premises is somewhat academic.

    • Aghh this makes more sense. I just assumed that they were the owners as iv previously just bought my own at a previous dwelling.

  • I think you will find that unlike the smaller BBQ gas bottles which you can buy it may be a case that in most cases the larger bottles are just "hired". No doubt very lucrative for the likes of Origin, etc to charge a rental fee. Maybe you should look at actually buying your own cylinders, for sure it would be a winner over the longer term

  • Pretty sure origin owns them (that's why previous tenants /owners didn't take them)

    You could call up saying you are new owners and they should give you first 12 months free rental

    Otherwise try another company like elgas. They usually do good sign up deals like free rental and some upfront credit

    • I know for a fact that Elgas do charge monthly rental, albeit they may give you a few months free as a new customer