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Recycled Paper Cat Litter 9L - $3 (Was $7) @ Kmart


Looks like Kmart is discontinuing their 9 liter recycled paper cat litter. On clearance for $3 (was $7).

The pellets are pretty similar to Breeder's Choice. Maybe slightly smaller.

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  • Is this any good? ie. Odour control etc.

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      I've only just opened a bag yesterday, but I'd say it's pretty on-par with Breeder's Choice so far. Should be ok if you only have the one cat, but might get stinky quickly with multiple cats.

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    Wood pellets are better. But yeah this is cheap if you want to stick with paper pellets. Although you can usually get 30L of back 2 nature (same company that makes breeders choice) for around $12 on sale at petbarn.

  • none at Kmart Sunnybank Hills Qld

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    We use horse and pony pellets from your local produce store I picked up a 20kg bag yesterday $14.95. Just don't give it to your horse afterwards. Works out quite economical.

    • Which brand are these?

    • I hadn't heard of pony pellets as kitty litter, but along the same lines, we've converted to vegetarian chicken crumbles from City Farmers. I think they are probably similarly priced to the pony pellets and they are incredibly similar to the expensive wheat litter we used previously.

  • Our cat have decided it’s too cold to go out doors so I have just started buying litter. I am gong to try the horse pellets so thanks for that idea!

  • didn't know you could get paper cats. nice to know they get recycled but not nice to see people are littering.

    • yup, I didn't notice the 'litter' on the second line so I was going to click on this just cos I was curious was 'recycled paper cat' was…